Amora prepares for Peter's return

by C.King
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Amora the Enchantress Spider-Man
Category Marvel Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter Amora makes her own changes.

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 Amora had made some more changes and made some additions to the harem, but were leaving it for later. She was now making sure that Peter would be coming home to a night of erotic pleasure and intimate love. She had changed into an outfit more becoming for her desire for her man. She was dressed in her signature green and gold, as she had looked up the internet and see spiders coloured both green and/or gold. Why not blend them together for her clothing designs.

 She had decided on a costume, so as to work... closely with her lover. As the changes he had made in her had added an element of heroics to her where she wanted to work to help people like her beloved. Not completely out of a desire to help people, though the changes had created a small element of that. Very small. No the reasons she wanted to fight crime was for the thrills which would occur, the occational hero worship and the more common beauty worshippers, as well the ability to make her love happy as he did something he wanted to do.

 She had based her costume off of a mixture of her one of her more common outfits with some spider designs. Her feet were covered by boots the shade of harlequin with symbols resembling those of her beloved 'Spider-man' with the front four leg tips touching the rear four leg tips above it on her boots in the shade of yellow. Her heels were pointed to a fine tip which was metallic black in nature. The edge of the boots whent up to her upper thigh, which was perfect for making a strip tease.

 Her body was covered in a leotard the same shade as her boots, cut low for the neckline which showed off the perfect curves of her bossum as well as leaving the arms to be free or covered with something else. Fine yellow threads running through it in a webbing form which matched the one on spider-man's costume. Around her waist was a thin jeweled belt which was made to look like weaving strings of webs with jeweled spiders on them.

 On her arms were handless gloved which moved up her arm to her bisceps, which matched her boots with the spider designs. It left out her hands which were well manicured with harlequin shade nails on them of medium length. This could allow her arms to perform a similar teasing act as she could do with her boots.

 On her forehead was a harlequin shade of fabric made of the same substance as her clothes like her traditional tiara head pieces. Save this one had an design with four downward pointing points highlighting her face while four more moved upwards like points on a crown.

 Amora smiled as she knew the hidden secret behind the belt which she wore. For it was the enchanted girdle of Aphrodite, the Cestus. A belt which could charm anyone, even to a state of being a love-slave due to arosing love and sexual passion in others at the wearer's will. It was also capable of neutralizing or transforming any weapon of war into objects that can be used for peaceful purposes. It could also change it's appearance to match any wardrobe, like the spider theme. A tool great for disarming villains as well as proof of Amora's superiority in the real of love and desire. Especially since she had used the Master PC to make her the undisputed champion in magic, beauty, love, and sex. She had retroactively gave her the power to charm women as well as men and gained by Cestus by seducing the goddess who once held it. She had even been an apprentice under Karnilla, the norn queen (until the Enchantress become her better). As well as learning under Mistress Love, the incarnation of love in their universe. Her outfit was shiny as if made of PVC or Leather, but was made of magical materials which gave it strength and sheen.

 The table had a delicious dinner with aphrodisiacs which should act like mystical Viagra so as Peter would be willing and quite able to provide and receive multiple orgasms. The bedroom was ready with toys play with, films to inspire, and lighting to make the perfect mood. The Master PC was used to make sure no crime happened in this night.

 All was ready...

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