The Wizard

by hyperion
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Previous Chapter The Marvel Universe

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Bentley Whitman sat at his computer making sure all his gadgets were working properly. His computer was expansive with a multitude of capabilities. After all, he had created it himself. He was a genius, at least he knew that, even if others, like Reed Richards did not accept that fact.

He clicked open his internet browser, one so private no government agency could possibly snoop. Surprisingly, for this brilliant scientist, he was intently interested in celebrity pictures. But he only had one woman in mind, as he clicked through myriads of images from gala events. When he saw the blonde beauty Susan Richards in a red dress on some red carpet, he stopped. Something about one of his enemies, and the wife of his greatest enemy excited him immensely. His cock lurched in his pants as he looked upon her body. He began to rub himself, even though he hated doing so. To be honest, he couldn't remember the last time he even had sex, let alone with a woman like her. Actually never with such a beauty. If he could only have ONE night.


As if answering the wish in his head, the doorbell rang. Who would know where he was? And at this hour. He called up the security cameras to ensure it wasn't police of a team like the Fantastic Four or the Avengers. Instead, he found an empty front deck, save for a small package. Curiosity got the better of him, and he scanned the package with his X-ray machines. Inside was a small disc. It seemed to have NO viruses at all, and if anyone could detect such things, even with an unopened disc, it was the Wizard.


Minutes later he sat at his computer with the disc in hand. He knew he shouldn't insert it into his system, as there maybe a backdoor program into his lair, but something inside of him told him to see what was on it. He opened his CD drive and inserted the disc. The machine whirred to life, and a program came up..."Master PC".


The blank image of a man, with no features came up. The options asked "Create your own Hero", "Create your own Heroine", "Create your own Villain", "Create your own Villainess".


Intrigued, the Wizard pressed "Create your own Villainess". Normally, he wasn't into childish games, but he was rather bored, and maybe it would keep his mind off of "other" things even MORE childish to him, he thought, adjusting his crotch. He hit enter and the screen whirred again with a "busy" signal. A blank female figure spun around next to several options he could not click on. The next prompt asked an even stranger question. "Would you like to create your own Villainess template or input an existing one". Even more curious, he hit "input existing template".


The computer whirred to life once again. This time a small box with the words "browse" next it appeared causing the rest of the screen to dim. He hit "browse" and was brought to an internet search site, unlike one he had ever used. "Enter name" appeared. He thought long and hard, or at least for him, long and hard, which was only seconds. "Susan Storm-Richards" he typed, and hit enter. The machine buzzed and had a "busy" signal once again. Just then the blank female form became a CGI version of Susan in her Fantastic Four uniform, twisting before him in all her glory. Several of the "options" began to auto-populate with her entire life, down to her history, biography, her personality, her likes and dislikes, and her measurements.


The options finally became selectable. "What would you prefer to change" was the next prompt. The Wizard laughed, he hit "costume", and began to create the perfect match for his own costume. A purple skirt, and guanlets, and cape, with blue high-heeled boots. The CGI image began to display his every instruction, until he was MORE than pleased with the results. The next prompt asked if he wanted to "finish" the template or make more changes. He now believed this was some "porn" game, but he was alone and bored, and wanted to continue this charade, despite his misgivings. He hit "more changes".


He went into her likes and dislikes. He chose "magic" and "science", and "geniuses". Then he chose to look at her "attractions". Instead of typing in a long lengthy description, he merely put "The Wizard, Bentley Whitman". He then hit enter.


"Do you wish to finish template"? The prompt asked. He hit "yes" and the machine asked what the Villainess's name would be. Whitman entered "The Apprentice". It was fitting. He then hit "finish". The computer hummed, and remained that way for minutes. And error message came back. "You must be within five miles of existing template".

Bentley scratched his chin. Could this be real? What did it all mean?


He was so excited that he didn't even check to see the disc's authenticity. Instead, he grabbed his laptop with wireless internet and set out for the Baxter Building. Within the hour, he had set up only a few blocks away on rooftop. He opened the small computer, and turned on the disc, which had been saved to his specifications. Again it asked...."Finish?" He clicked "yes".


The whole computer seemed to move as it whirled. A few minutes later it stated....."Starting transformation of template.......run time....24 hours....."


He smiled looking at his watch. What was going to happen.

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