Spider-Wendigo and MJ go at it in an alleyway like animals.

by Gorel
Storyline Marvel Wendigos
Characters Spider-Man Mary Jane Watson She-Hulk
Category Marvel M/F Growth Transformation Pregnancy
Previous Chapter Meanwhile Wendigo-Hulk returns to her apartment feeling bloated.

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Storming out of the back exit of the restaurant as the patrons fled for their lives out the front door, Spider Man and Mary Jane panted and laughed leaning against the alley walls. Despite the mad fear the rest of the restaurant were going through they had little to worry about since the two newly awakened Wendigos only had an appetite for what was on their plates, and the neighbor's plates and THEIR neighbor's plates. They had picked clean 5 tables before they felt like leaving once the crowd became too loud and rude. "What a night hey Red?" Laughed the six armed beast man as he hugged MJ close to him, her plump breasts pressing against his chest and abs. "The food was good but the company was awful! I can't believe they didn't want to share their food."


Going deeper into the dark alley Peter moved up and pinned Mary Jane to the brick wall, nuzzling and kissing her cleavage and neck as she giggled from the attention. "That's right Tiger, suck on my tits, suck on all six of my fat tits!" Mewling and purring from the attention MJ wrapped a muscular furry leg around his waist and pulled him closer, raising his face up to kiss him before shoving him back down to her stiff nipples.


Growling in arousal Peter grabbed her other leg and hoisted her up to line himself up with her, his raging cock bobbing under her pussy as he pressed up to enter her. "Want... Want to fuck you... Want to MATE with you, gotta..." Finally driving himself into her folds he practically roared as he began thrusting hard into her, his six hands busy groping MJ's breasts as her hands rubbed his back and rear. "Mmm do it Pete, make me YOURS!" Biting playfully on his muscular shoulder she giggled and moaned as he thrust harder, plumbing her depths as the two growled in heat.


Eventually they found their peak and roared out into the night, scaring away every cat for blocks.




Groaning as the sunlight cut through the broken windows of her former suite turned nest She Hulk rubbed her eyes and lifted herself up from her ruined sheets and cloths. Stretching her clawed hands up in the air and yawning like a jungle cat she idly scratched at her chest and noticed her breasts seemed even larger.


Looking down she was pleasantly surprised to find all six of her breasts were almost twice their size from last night, her nipples puffy and dark as she felt a moisture build at her stomach. "Oooh still swollen from last night?" Rubbing her sore stomach she smirked as she found it had grown along with her tits, almost completely round and solid as a rock it forced her legs apart as she sat up to rub it. "heh... Even my ass is wider, guess I shouldn't have eaten all the chicken wings there." Laughing at herself admittance she continued to rub her swollen stomach until she felt a jolt. Gasping from the sensation she traced her clawed finger at the spot in her stomach it came from and felt another kick somewhere else at her tummy. "I'm... I'm..."




The word floated in her mind for minutes as the kicks and bumps came all at once, her eyes fluttering at the sensation as both of her hands roamed over the dome of her womb. Already her imagination wandered; was it a boy or girl, is it twins? Triplets? When was she due? Feeling a growl at her hungry stomach Jennifer moaned with pride, she felt alive, more alive than she had ever felt in her life! She wanted kids, she wanted a... A litter of kids, a pack! Feeling her stomach growl again her eyes shot open and she looked outside, looking over to the city below her priorities had suddenly changed. She was hungry, and she wanted to make sure she had a healthy litter of kids after she ate her fill.


Getting up to her clawed feet the Wendigo Hulk stalked out of her nest to find something to eat and help her unborn children grow stronger, she couldn't wait to get her first meal.

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