She Hulk while during a court case is hit with a blue light making her feel strange.

by Gorel
Storyline Marvel Wendigos
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“And that is why my client is innocent.” Declared Jennifer Walters as she made her finishing statement in court. The tall amazonian beauty made her way back to her table and waited as the jury spoke quietly to themselves, her smile broadening as she heard whispers of some of the people behind her commenting on her green physique. She wore her favourite purple suit for her case today, the one with the short skirt and low cut blouse that showed off her deep green cleavage, which she made an effort to show off to the front six men in the jury.

“Do we have a verdict?”

“Yes your honour we, find the defendant no-” Suddenly a small blue ball of light shot into the middle of the court room, the thing hovering around over the people like a bird as the judge tried to keep order in room. “What the hell is that thing?” Wondered the Sensational She Hulk as she stood ready for anything it was about to throw at her when it stopped and loomed right over her. She wasn't prepared for when it darted straight at her and going right into her chest. “Aaah!” Screaming in fear she gasped and darted her hands to her chest and body, looking for anything burnt or wounded or harmed on her. Sighing in relief when she found not a single thing wrong she looked to the rest of the court, who stared at her in trepidation. “Miss Walters are you alright?” Nodding slowly while panting from the excitement she calmed herself down and sat back in her seat.

“Uhm... Well anyway... We find the defendant not guilty.”

With cheering and applause the crowd on the defendant's side thanked the green skinned woman for all of her hard work and help to their family, and with another victory under her belt Jennifer felt like celebrating. Later at night she had changed into her skimpiest dress and decided to dance the night away at a local dance club, during that whole night she felt strangely hungry, starved even for her. Eating enough to feed a group of four all to herself, even drinking half a keg all on her own. Yet even with all that she felt great, she was on cloud nine and if she wanted to indulge herself than who cared how much it was?

Dancing in the middle of the floor as the music pounded away, She Hulk laughed as she gained the attention of a lot of men at the club, even some of the women. Her heart was booming in her chest as so many wanted a night with her, licking her lips she made a wild decision as she pointed to three of the closest men in front of her. “Why don't you boys come with me into the washroom for a REAL party?” Turning to leave for the men's room at the back of the club she looked over her shoulder and wiggled her hips as she slowly stepped away from the crowd. Shoving the men's room door wide open she waited as the three rushed in and she locked the door behind her. “Well well looks like your eager to please the jolly green giantess...” Leering at the men in front of her, her breathing hitched as she slowly pulled her dress off, her breasts heaving with every breath as she took just as she pulled one man up by his shirt and forcefully kissed him. She didn't catch any of their names, nor did she care as she pulled away from the kiss and leaned down to open his fly and reach into his underwear for her prize.

“Shit this is totally hot.” Laughed the one behind her as he grabbed her by her hips and started feeling her up. Looking over her shoulder She Hulk smirked as she grabbed the thong she wore and tore it clean off, slapping her shapely ass invitingly. “Don't just stand there stud, get to work.” Holding the cock she had in her hands she licked her lips again and dove down on it, making the man in her grasp wince as she sucked him off. Laughing around the cock in her mouth she felt another plunge into her pussy from behind, the third had decided to pull his out and pump himself off in front of her face. For more than half an hour Jen's gangbang went on, and the longer she went at it the wilder she got. Two of the men had slumped back to catch their breath as She Hulk leaned against the sink and cried out. With her muscular legs wrapped around the one mounting her over the counter she wailed and moaned as he plumbed her depths, his hands wandering to her wide hips to her massive green tits.

Then tensing up he grabbed hold of her legs and grit his teeth as he came hard into her, the green woman arching back and screaming as she felt him pump cum into her belly. Then she felt something happen to her, it felt familiar like when she first turned into the She Hulk so long ago but this was even better. Moaning from her own orgasm she hugged her current lover close as she felt her muscles throb all around her. “Ah FUCK my back!” Cried out the man in her grasp as her finger nails suddenly grew into sharp claws and scored bleeding claw marks down his back. Ignoring the man's cries she felt herself start to grow; bigger, taller every inch of new mass made her feel more alive by the second. Leaning forward she moaned as she felt something sprout out about her rounding ass cheeks, a tail quickly grew out and flicked like a cat's behind her as gained length and girth until it as long as she was tall. “Argh.... FUCK YES!” Jen nearly roared as green fur began to spread over her body, her ears growing to points as her teeth sharpened into fangs. Rearing back she moaned as her breasts swelled off her chest nearly doubling in size, along with a new pair of tits swelling under her original ones, and a third pair under those. Now sporting six heavy breasts lining down her chest she smothered the poor man in her grasp as he muffled out a plea of release.

Now over 10 feet tall the man in her grasp cried out for help as the other two tried to jimmy the door open, but She Hulk's massive leg kept the door locked and shut as she continued to grow and change. Shutting her eyes and clenching her fanged teeth a pair of gnarled horns jutted out of her head, completing her transformation as she panted out a second orgasm. “WENDIGO!!!!!!!!!!” Panting in exhaustion she looked down at the three panicking men she had trapped in the cramped space, a smile on her blackened lips as she eyed them like a wolf at a flock of sheep. “Well well well, guess who's still hungry?”

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