Stephanie Brown's date with Tim Drake

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Harley Quinn Nightwing Absolutely Everyone
Category Mind Control
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"Have you made the phone calls?" The Rubber Queen asked.

"Yes your majesty," Harleen curtseyed.

"Get changed and collect the fools," The Rubber Queen dismissed the thrall.

"I was not aware that there was so much night life in this city that you had a dinner for lunch meals at midnight," the Rubber Queen smiled, "But it turned out that the owner was more then willing to join my service.  Of course so many of my club's patrons feel obliged to patron his dinner as well.  Now Oracle, I have a slide show for you to watch..."

The room went completely dark then strange strobing lights started as images of women and men in latex serving rubber queens and princesses started to flicker across the screen.


The Warehouse on 7th

Robin dropped down to the entrance, right on schedule the lock clicked and Stephanie opened the door.  She almost didn't look like her self.  She was wearing tight leggings, and a hoodie all flashing the emblems of the 7th Street Raiders.

"You have to work fast," Stephanie said in a hushed voice, "The boss of this place has some sick and twisted plans for anyone who breaks in."

"Which way to the drugs and weapons?" Robin asked.

"Down this row and take a right at the intersection," Stephanie smiled, "Hurry up, I have to be seen making my rounds, I'll be back in ten minutes to let you out."

"Be careful," Tim kissed her.

The TASER connected with the unprotected part of his neck at point blank range.  Stephanie herself felt the shock but she held down the trigger until they both collapsed.  Soon some of the other 7th Street Raiders, ones who already were in service to the Queen appeared.  They pulled back their hoods to reveal their latex faces and started removing the gang cloths from Stephanie revealing the latex catsuit under them.

"The Queen wants this one taken to the re-education complex below the club," the senior drone informed the rest of the crew.

They removed Robin's belt and started stripping him.  As soon as he was naked, the drones put him in a latex sleeping bag and tossed that on stretcher and took him away.


Later near the redlight district

"Bats," Nightwing called into the commlink.

"Go Ahead," The commlink responded.

"Looks like the phone tap was good," Nightwing looked at the three men below, "Larry, Curly and Moe are here.

"That's not there names," Batman sneared throw the link.

"That's what the other clowns call them, besides," Nightwing responded, "Besides, Harley doesn't normally call out the Three Stogies when Joker is in Arkham.  Normally she teams up with Ivy, calls in the Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy."

"Aside from Ivy they are all in Black Gate right now, keep your eyes peeled."

"I got a Buick," Nightwing called out the approaching car, "Looks stock, and there is the blonde at the wheel.  She isn't even wearing a clown suit.  From this angle, a sweater and jeans are all I can see.  Yeah it's Harley, she just stuck her head out the window."

"Get the plates and go check on Oracle," Batman ordered across the commlink, "She hasn't logged on since taking the lunch break with Batgirl."

"What about Harley and the Three Stogies?"

"No clown suits, no crime tonight, they must be planning still."

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