Experiment with a collective structure within a male dominated harem, a hive dominated by a King.

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Experiments of the Ultra-Terrestrials
Characters Absolutely Everyone Batman
Category Absolutely Everything
Previous Chapter The Reluttyn

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    In a Reluttyn lab, a scientist named Dr. Kennyx shook his head as he watched his colleague showboat.  Dr. Clinda's idea certainly had merit, and he had to admit the non-traditional situation would add interesting variables.  He could already guess what was going to happen, though.  The Spider-Man clone would immediately decide that the whole thing was just an erotic dream he was having, which he would then use to free himself from the guilt of his responsibility.  After all, what happens in a dream cannot affect reality.  

    Dr. Kennyx shook his head.  He'd discuss the idea with Dr. Clinda later.  In the meantime, he had his own experiment to run.  

    The idea was simple enough, fully in line with the ideals of their species, so he was able to get funding for it easily: the subject would be placed in a collective structure, a harem dominated by a single male, and things would proceed from there.  He was able to get a variable added, though, in the form of a study subject that was sexually repressed.  In this case, the Batman.  Dr. Kennyx felt that placing a male like this in charge of a hive of beautiful women from various worlds,  all dedicated to his pleasure, would make things interesting.  

    He made the finishing touches on his little world and placed the clone of Batman inside of it.  This clone had Batman's memories up to a recent point where the Joker and Darkseid were fighting over a dimensional bomb that could potentially destroy the world.  It had gone off, but hadn't blown the planet up.  For Dr. Kennyx's scenario, however, it would have.  "Subject inserted," he said.  "Beginning scenario in three, two, one..."


    Batman awoke with a start.  Still in full costume, he got up and looked around, finding himself alone in a Roman-style garden, with large, sweeping arches, fountains, and white statues.  

    Batman, in his dark costume, felt absurdly out of place.  He stretched, working out the kinks, as he looked around, trying to remember what happened.  And then it came back to him...



    The dimensional bomb...

    He fell to his knees, cursing both villains as he mourned what he thought was the fate of his city.  But maybe... Maybe there was a way out of wherever this was...  Pulling himself together and then to his feet, he looked around.  The style appeared to be Roman, but there was a strange alienness to it all.  Batman assumed he had either been shunted to an alternate reality or to another planet, one with similar flora to Earth.  He began examining the statues, all of which were of beautiful women with large breasts.  The pools of water contained no traces of pollutants, and were very refreshing to drink.  The fruits in the trees were all Earth-based plants, with no unnatural pathogens in them.

    It was then he noticed the tower in the center of the garden.  Heading over to it, he began to read it, confused.  

    "Welcome to the Garden of Kings, a peaceful place for the new chosen King to relax away from his duties," Batman read.  He had a sudden sinking feeling he knew where this was going.  "If you are reading this, then congratulations to you, for you have been saved from the moment of your death to live out an eternal life of luxury as the King of a world filled with hundreds beautiful women, all from various worlds, all whom willingly chose to become a concubine.  Welcome to your permanent home!"  

    Permanent? Batman thought.  ...Well, crap.

    He read on.  "The duties of the King are simple: Keep the women impregnated so that your lineage will continue and this world, which is at least fifty times the size of your former home, will become populated.  Any of the women with special powers will have their abilities boosted while pregnant, so that they can protect you from those who would dare try to take your throne.  You will have the stamina to keep all of the women well pleasured, have been modified so that bodily waste functions have been removed, and will have unique abilities given to you in order to pleasure many of your concubines at once.  Enjoy yourself, oh King!  You're going to be here a while, so it might as well be a pleasant stay."  

    Batman frowned at the monolith, folding his arms.  Well, this is certainly not the type of scenario I thought I would end up in, he thought to himself.  He jumped back, startled, as the monolith sank into the pool it was in, disappearing and being replaced by an apple tree.  

    Batman scowled.  All right, fine.  Let's review our options.  I can try to examine the grove further, find any more clues as to what's going on, or I can risk heading out into this... this harem world, for lack of a better term, and see what's what.  If what the monolith said is true, then I shouldn't be in any danger.  He didn't trust it, though.  That lack of trust had kept him alive on more than one occasion.  

    He sighed, and made his decision...

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