mary jane and merge evie

by Danknoodle420
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"W-what have you done? Let MJ go!" Peter pleaded for his wife.

"I'm sorry lover, I'm afraid I can't. You see... WE are your lovers." The merged being licked her lips, swatting off the saliva left from the kiss. Evie's platinum blonde hair grew slightly longer as it turns into streaks of red near the end. Evie always had a fine ass from the beginning, but she couldn't reach the level of greatness of MJ's chest area. Now that Evie have her traits, her breast started to swell up. Heat filled the inside of her flesh as it grew bigger and bigger. Peter watched, horrified from his couch.
"Oh god what is happening?! MJ please tell me! Felicia! Please! Anyone!" Miasma turned around to see the terrified brunette. 
"Who's that? Forget it, they're not important. I'm the one you need. Right Spider?" She walked toward Peter as he shuffled backward. She crawled on the couch, on top of Peter.
"S-stop. Please..." He closed his eyes, hiding himself. Or rather hiding the monster in front of him. 
(Short chapter so there are more branches, I don't want to force everything into one.)

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