Batman Awakens...

by alexbanger
Storyline Ivy's Indoctrinated Ingenues
Characters Bruce Wayne (Amalgam) Poison Ivy Batman
Previous Chapter Ivy gives Batman her own special commands.

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Ivy raised her hand and snap her fingers, at once Bruce came around opening his eyes and Ivy saw that instead of the whites of the eyes there was a pink mist around the blue, the expression on his masked face was of love, lust, desire for her. Then he knelt down before her "my queen, I'm your servant what is that bidding?" Poison Ivy smiled "rise my Knight" Bruce did "follow me" he did along with Cat-woman, soon they was back at Ivy home she order Selina to go get some sleep and don't come until she called. Once Selina was gone Ivy took Bruce hand and lead him to her room. There Ivy went to the closet while Bruce stood there and got dress in a green gypsy like outfit; a strapless top and a thong g-string panty with green flowing veils attached to the front and back of the panty, she turned around to face Bruce "I order you Bruce to undress yourself but leave your mask on" he did and soon with only the mask over his face stood bare in front of Ivy. She examine up & down the form of Bruce Wayne reaching forward to touch the mussels and scars across his body, they show a strong warrior, who isn't afraid of fighting but would be it on, a perfect man, her man. Then Ivy brought her hands to the base of the mask over her knight head, slowly pulling it up and off, revealing the very handsome & sexy face of Bruce Wayne his short black hair was just long enough to be a corp, Ivy ran a hand through it, before moving that hand to Bruce's cheek "so handsome, so strong and smart…" she brought her lips close to his before finishing "and all mine" then she clasp her mouth on to his and with in a second Bruce was kissing back slow and lovely. Ivy felt Bruce's arms wrap around her back pulling her body closer to his as she wrapped her own arms around his neck and brought his head closer to hers, she felt Bruce's tongue against her bottom lip asking for entrance, she granted it. Ivy gasp as Bruce tongue darted into her mouth and she decide to retaliate with her own assault, as the tongue battle wage Ivy felt Bruce's hands rub up and down her back then a slap on her butt, this distract her long enough for Bruce to get the upper hand in their tongues and he roam her mouth. Pulling away from the kiss Ivy looked at Bruce with shock and he just smile, soon Ivy smiled back "you are very tricky Bruce, but…" she grabbed Bruce's hair hard causing him to gasp and open his mouth wide "this battle is mine" Ivy said smashing her mouth against his and it was her tongue now to roam, pulling away again Ivy return to stare at Bruce, who smiled before he bared his face in the crock of her neck "I wanted you for so long" Ivy said as Bruce kisses and lick the skin of her neck "now I do and the funny thing is I don't know what to do" She continue "my first time was by a man who used me" Bruce mouth stop "he turn me into what I am, made it so I could never have a child of my own and I thought I could never love another man without the fear of betrayed" Bruce pulled his head back to gaze into Ivy's eyes and found tears form from them, taking his hands he cupped her cheek and gently wipe the tears away, he spoke in a deep soothing voice "I'm not that monster, I won't ever be that to use you, I love you with all my heart and I won't ever hurt you, if I do then hell damn me" Ivy looked up at this man "you truly love me for what I am?" Bruce answer "my heart beat for you, I love you for everything you are and everything you think you are not" with that he gently kissed her lips, after a few long moments she kissed back, it slow as Bruce again wrapped his arms around her back and her around his neck, he felt her body relax in his grip as he slide his tongue out to meet with hers, but there wasn't any battle only them kissing as one. When the need for air came they broke the kiss but still held each other, Ivy spoke slowly "Bruce… please… make love… to me" Bruce nodded moving his hand down to her thigh and she respond by jump and wrapping her legs around his waist. Bruce carried Ivy to the bed, he was about to set her down but Ivy didn't release her grip around his body, so he climbed into and hover over her, before leaning down to rejoin their lips, when it was down Bruce moved to her neck, he heard the small rumble of moan in Ivy's throat as he lick and kiss it. Continuing down her body when he reached the bikini Bruce reached his hands up to unclasp the bra, pulling it apart to reveal perfect size breast, Bruce cupped the cleavages and began to massage them as Ivy moan and gasp, she never felt this good and it got better as Bruce mouth closed over her right nipple sucking and kissing it while his other hand played with her other breast, then he switched to the other one giving it the same respect, this man was a angel, a white angel sent from above to her. Once the breast was done Bruce moved on, smiling as he rubbed his cheek against Ivy's stomach and was rewarded by her giggling, then he reach her hips, looking back up at Ivy who nodded yes looked back down as he removed the paints, Ivy breath catch in her throat as Bruce gently touched her clit, then stuck out his tongue and licked the opening "ohh" Ivy said as Bruce did it again & again, Ivy felt as those… there no word for it except for amazing. Then came the finger and Ivy felt as those a 100 bolts of pleasure had shot through her, Bruce slowly thrust his finger in her puss, then did the second finger, the 100 bolts turn to 300, then came the third 500, when the fourth finger enter Ivy felt as though 1000 bolts was racing through her whole body, the slow pace of the fingers inside her increase in speed and got into a fast rhythm, Ivy felt herself losing it resolve, she tried to hold her orgasm back but that idea was tossed as Bruce mouth was added to the group Ivy lose it and screaming release her liquid into Bruce's awaiting open mouth. Bruce smiled as he drank the sweet white liquid, once he was done he waited for Ivy to catch her breath then asked "are you alright?" Ivy raised her head to look at him.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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