The 3 batgirls are the greatest specimens of women kind and I will have them all. Starting with the blonde beauty.

by Grumbeard
Storyline Enslavement
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown)
Category Mind Control
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(Kudos to misbegotten2 for the fabric disassembler which served as the inspiration for this piece.)

Batgirl tried with all her might to break free from her restraints but it seemed like a hopeless cause. She cursed herself for letting this guy get the drop on her. How could she have not seen that trap coming? Abandoned warehouse with knockout gas was such a cliché. ‘Keep cool batgirl you can do this. You have been in this situation before and you will get out of this one. You just need to ask this latest psycho why he is luring out batman with you.’

She was in a right predicament. It looked like she was in a small lab dominated by a steel door to her right and several computers and screens on the wall in front of her. A sturdy metal railing was holding her spread eagle with her feet touching the floor, making sure both her arms and legs had no way to move. She was standing on a round platform about a foot high and four feet in diameter. Four towers were spread around the perimeter eight feet tall and bend inward at the top.

The only other thing of note was the bad guy sitting in a comfy chair working on the computers. She had only seen his black hair and nothing more. He had not responded whatsoever in the 10 minutes since she had regained consciousness.

“Are you just going to sit their behind your computer until batman finds me and kicks your ass?”  She taunted him trying to let him slip something.

Once again he didn’t say anything and she kept trying to free herself. This went on for a couple of minutes until the man shut down one of the screens and turned his chair to look at her.

He was a handsome young man in his early twenties. Tall and dark haired with aristocratic features and very dark eyes. He was dressed in an old fashioned nobleman’s garb that looked very expensive. He smiled to her, almost affectionately and it gave her the creeps.

“Hello batgirl. It fills me with great joy that I am able to talk with probably the greatest heroine of this world.” His voice was quite pleasant actually. Intellectual but not cold. However his words sent alarm bells ringing in her mind. What was his angle?

“Why did you kidnap me? Another psycho who wants to capture Batman?” She asked bluntly.

He looked amusedly and gave her; was that a loving smile? Now that was creepy.

“No. Although I consider Batman the greatest hero of this world and respect him deeply he doesn’t really interest me at the moment. No Batgirl, you are my ultimate goal.” He stood up while he spoke and sedately made his way towards her his hands behind his back.

‘Okay this is getting freaky what does this bastard want?’

“Me? What do you want with me?”

“All in good time my dear. But where are my manners. I am Radu Tepes count of Pretsina.” At the last part he gave a courteous bow. 

“Families of Dracula?” She scoffed.

“Unfortunately my uncle twice removed has made our family name quite…… infamous.”

“Do you really expect me to believe that you are over 500 years old and family to that vampire? I have fought him and I don’t see the resemblance.” Although immortals did exist she really didn't believe this man was one of them.

“You won’t believe me now but soon you will.”

‘Okay that sounded ominous.’

“You see my dear batgirl. Like many men I sought immortality but I would rather kill myself than become one of the demises of the night. In the end my acquisition of immortality was very much benign. All I had to do was restore and protect the shrines of my patron goddess Istraia. A local pagan goddess of fertility during roman times. As a boon she gave me immortality. Over the 547 years I have walked this earth I pursued my greatest interests, knowledge and wealth. I succeeded in acquiring both while keeping to myself. However something was missing, something that has made my life increasingly hollow.” Radu told his story never letting his eyes wonder from the heroine. 

“What was it?” Batgirl encouraged it. She was filing away everything he said. Anything could be useful when she got the chance to escape. 

“Companionship. Over the years I have had friends, companions all died of course as is the lot in live of an immortal. I miss them terribly. I have also had lovers but I have never married nor sire children. None of the women I found could drive me, inspire me or make me fall in love with them. Istraia told me that several remarkable women would show themselves in time. I scoured the earth for them and as this age of heroes started I knew it was the time.”

Now batgirl was getting a bad feeling.

“However I was actually disappointed. Women who need superpowers to be special don’t interest me. Some men might fall for the likes of Wonder Women and Power Girl but not me. I have come to appreciate the power and drive of humans. The power to use their mind, train their bodies and build their tools. That is what I was searching for. And then I found you.” At the last part he smiled lovingly at her.

‘O my god he is not serious is he?’ She thought. A stalker kidnapper really? This was going to be a pain.

“I know you aren’t the first. You are the third that has gone by the name batgirl. One has disappeared but the other now known as black bat is still around. I will be making all three of you my wives.”

“Well that might be a problem you see, it begins with asking out a girl and not kidnapping her. As for marrying 3 women? You are such a man. No way am I marrying you.” She taunted him. Not the wisest decision but she thought this was ridiculous.

He sighed sadly and moved his right hand to a small control board that was to the right of the contraption she was in. “Sadly Istraia told me that none of you would be receptive to my advances. I have stayed away from what we humans call evil all my immortal live. It pains me that I will have to do something repugnant to ensure my happiness for possibly thousands of years.”

Radu looked at the control board and clicked several switches. A humming sound started. It made batgirl tense up instantly. The man looked back at her, this time with a stoic look on his face. “I created this device to be used on the worst criminals in my land. A form of permanent mind alteration, completely irreversible even by this machine. You see, it hacks into your brain through the largest organ in your body, the skin. The machine will stimulate all the nerve endings on your skin overwhelming the brain who will then be susceptible for programming. It may sound awful but it is actually quite an enjoyable experience.”

Batgirl stared at him wide eye before trying with all her might to get out of her restraints. Panic set in. “Batman will be breaking in here any minute now creep! He knows where I am!”

“You are speaking about the tracking beacon in your belt which is still in Gotham. Or maybe you refer to the sub dermal gps tracker in your arm. I already short-circuited that the moment I captured you.” He spoke evenly as he adjusted several leavers on the console.

Now she was really afraid. This bastard was going to mind alter her! “Noo! Don’t do this!”

“It will be over soon and a new life will begin for you.” He spoke sedately once again as he apparently activated the final switch. The areas of the towers facing batgirl lit up in a neon blue color.

Again batgirl tried to struggle with all her might but it was futile. Slowly she began to feel the effect of the machine as her body began to heat up. She felt totally mortified as her nipples stiffened and her lower lips moistened. To make matters worse it felt like she was being gently caressed everywhere all at once sending her senses haywire. Her breasts, her ass, her butthole, her pussy, her clit and even her scalp and face were being stimulated. She tried to clear her mind from the stimulation but it was no use, slowly she was getting horny. 

“Nooooo!” Batgril tried to scream between the pants and moaning of her increasingly responding body. However it came out more as a sexy drawn out moan. 

“Don’t fight it beloved. I know from experience that it is quite enjoyable. I might be doing a very evil deed at the moment but after that there will be only love. I made sure about those alterations on myself.” He encouraged her gently with a loving tone. 

“Wah…you…did this…to…yourself?” Batgirl got out between pants, moans and the steadily fogging of her brain.

“Yes, most assuredly. It wouldn't do if my future wife would have been the only one to go through this ordeal. I am not an evil man.” Once again he spoke with great affection for her. 

“Well you could have fooled ooooohhh!” She tried to finish her sentence but a spike of pleasure shot through her. “Oh god!”

“Embrace it beloved, let it wash over you.” Radu once again encouraged.

“Oh god no, no Nooooooooo!” The beautiful woman screamed as the tension was finally released. Shocks of pleasure rocked her body as her muscles contract giving her the strongest orgasm she has ever had, hands down. None of her lovers had ever been able to make her cum. It felt so good. However it didn’t end there. The stimulation didn’t stop for one second and it was prolonging her orgasm by a significant amount of time. So much so that her now very sensitive organ was almost painfully stimulated. It also made her very susceptible to orgasm again very soon after she rode out the last one. It was getting very difficult to think.

“Please….make….stop.” She spoke through half lidded eyes, panting and cumming. To Radu it was a magnificent sight.

“Patience beloved. You are about to enter the second phase of the field. It has a very amusing side effect.”

Something did happen. The lights on the tower became slightly brighter. She didn't know if it was her own senses becoming numb or if the setting on the machine lowered. She still felt the effects of the machine making her horny as hell and on the brink of cumming but just that. The blond haired heroine felt very tired and completely humiliated but oddly hopeful. 

‘Okay calm down you can handle this. The bastard was probably bluffing about mind control. Seriously make me his bride by raping me like this? Mhh perhaps I can use this. If I fake it at the right time I might be able to take him by surprise. I hope this happens soon, god I am so tired.’

At least he didn’t unmask her. Several villains had had the chance to expose her secret identity but they never did. Lucky for her. It was the greatest fear of every superhero with a secret identity.  

She was just about to implement her plan extremely tired as she was when she felt her cape detach from the back of her suite and fall down behind her. Batgirl blinked as she turned her head to see the garment on the platform.  “Wait what?”

Then she started to see small black flakes drift in front of her eyes and her suite was getting airy in some places. She looked down at her suite and was shocked. Very small hairline fractures began to form all along her suite, boots and gloves and she finally realized that the flakes were coming off, her cowl. Wide eyed and very afraid she looked at Radu. “What is going on?”

She would have shouted but she felt so incredibly tired and horny that it only came out as a hoarse question.

“Ah yes the secondary quality of my invention. It seems that clothing and other none human fibrous material do not cope well with the field.” For the first time he spoke perversely and it really made her afraid. 

It was actually morbidly fascinating to see her costume disintegrating before her very eyes. For several seconds it went on, hairline fractures had formed all over her costume and her cowl was slowly crumbling. Suddenly her entire suite fell to pieces. Unraveling like countless invisible hands were pulling on every individual thread at the same time. 

Stephanie Brown was revealed to her capturer in her black sports bra and panties. It took several long seconds for the blonde women to comprehend her new situation as the individual threads and flakes of her former costume slowly fell down to the platform floor. 

“Noooo!!” She screamed hoarsely and turned her head away from her tormentor but it was no use. To make matters worse she was once again beginning to feel her arousal rise.

“No! Stop! You can’t do this to me!” She screamed with what strength she had left but it was no use.

Radu just smiled and enjoyed the little show. She was slightly slick with sweat from her ordeal and he could see that her panties were completely soaked. A small stream of fluid was going down her inner tights downwards.

For a moment Stephanie tried in vain to get out of her restraints again all the while not looking at her capturer. Sadly the intensity of the field was getting to her again sending her once again over the edge in orgasm. Even worse she could feel the field work on her bra and panties.

Indeed, the same hairline fractures appeared on her underwear only it went way faster this time. Within seconds the garments had fallen apart leaving her toned and fit body completely exposed. Small tears formed in her eyes as she closed them tightly. Both to shield her from the nightmare and from the great feeling of coming once again. She had never been so humiliated in her life. 

“Oh my, so young so beautiful. The most exquisite woman I have ever seen in my centuries of life. You will make a most stunning mate.” Radu looked amazed at the young naked women in front of him.

Stephanie was a young woman not even out of high school with the body of an athlete. She had powerful long legs, slender arm muscles and a flat taunt stomach. Her breast were not impressive in size but well-proportioned and round with big pink nipples. She was also clearly a natural blonde as the mound of darker blonde curls showed.

“In moments it will be over beloved. The third phase of the field has already been implemented. The numbness you felt to the fields during the second phase sounded the successful lowering of your minds defenses. In a few seconds the field will rewrite your brainwaves to the specific programming I put into the computer. You will be mine.”

<span style="font-size: small; line-height: 1.6em;">“No. Oh god please no! I will do anything just please stop this!” Stephanie screamed as she felt the field completely blanketing her in pleasure, building up to the greatest orgasm of the entire ordeal. She writhed, she screamed but she could not stop it. The waves of pleasure crushed over her mind like a wave leaving her mind totally clouded and fogged over to the changes happening to her. 

Stephanie had lost.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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