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Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Black Cat She-Venom
Category Chimeric Symbiosis
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"Hmm... lets see just how far this thing can go, I wonder what Cat would be like merged with Venom." A few clicks by Peter later and the program was off to work.

An error window appeared with the message Subjects Gender Mismatch. Please specify resultant gender.

"Female of course," which he entered into the program, and then was given many more options to toy with.  Peter set appearance options to make the merged being even more of a knockout than Felicia had been, while also being completely devoted to him.  He upped her sex drive a little above average, and added in a few extra fetishes to her personality to spice things up.  As he got to the end of the list, he checked the retroactive changes box, and in his hurry to finish, forgot to uncheck auto-save.  A progress bar moved across the screen and then a result window came up.  The world had changed around him and only Peter remembered how it had been.

Merger Complete
Evie Hardy/Miasma

Evie Hardy had been a spoiled rich girl with a distant father.  She lost everything when her father got put away in prison for a career of burglary, and hated her father for it.  She tried to start a new life as a newspaper reporter and hoped to use press resources to uncover more of her fathers past.

Evie became increasingly interested in the hero Spider-Man, developing a crush on him and devoting most of her reporting to stories about him.  This led her meet the photographer behind all his pictures, Peter Parker.  They hit it off, becoming fast friends, working together frequently, and eventually more than friends.

After getting desperate to know her father's motivations, Evie tried a burglary herself. Spider-Man, now in his black suit, caught her in the act, and instantly recognized her. He began yelling and screaming at her, while removing his mask to show her how he knew her.  He stopped himself, realized his suit was affecting him, and fled.  Evie, distraught at the events, could do nothing but try and follow.

She followed him to a bell tower, where she heard painful screaming from inside.  She collapsed in tears outside, and her father came to mind. This was all his fault. Her life had been wrecked twice now by him.    Her life was ruined, a mess, a miasma.  Evie's mind hung on that word, and it was then that she noticed a black goo, the alien symbiote, slowly covering her.  She panicked at first, but gave into both how good it felt, and the suggestions it was making in her mind.

Her hatred for her father became central, as well as her love of both Peter and Spider-Man, further amplified by symbiote's own desire for the man.  If it could not have him directly, it would have him the closest way possible.  Evie accepted the bond fully, and became a new enhanced being, calling herself Miasma, so she would always remember.

"Woah, that is some heavy stuff there" Peter said, "but it looks like it worked out pretty well."

A breathy double voice from behind Peter surprised him "What worked out, our Spider?"

Peter jumped slightly and quickly turned off the screen. "Shit! I must have hit auto-save by mistake.  She must block my spider-sense like Venom used to. Better roll with it though" he thought to himself. "Oh, just a news story about some of the Avengers."

Evie spun him around in his chair and leaned over with a grin on her face. "Mmm, you're hiding something from us, Spider.  But we'll find out, we always do" She said with a hint of playfulness as she traced a sharp finger along his jawline to his chin.

For the first time, at least in his mind, Peter got a good view of the new person standing in front of him. Evie was wearing the symbiote, and much better than Eddie ever had.  It gripped her tightly, so much more than Cat's costume used to.  The shiny symbiote material showed off all her curves and left nothing to the imagination.  Her feet and hands ended in claws, though longer and sleeker than Venom's had been.  As he looked Evie over, his eyes hung on her chest for a bit longer than they should have.  She had the white spider symbol on her chest, though the upper parts of it were distorted and squeezed between her massive, perfect breasts.  Above the spider, there was no costume, giving a wonderful view of her cleavage and leaving her shoulders and most of her face exposed.  Her plump lips smiled as Peter looked her over, light bouncing off their glossy black surface.  Her eyes were covered by a band a symbiote with white patches for the eyes, that seemed to change appropriately to reflect her emotions.  All this was topped off with her stark white hair running down behind her in a large ponytail.

"Well well Spider, it's like you're seeing us for the first time.  We're feeling a little frisky after that." Evie licked her lips with a slightly longer than normal tongue while slightly turning, letting Peter see her plump but firm ass as the symbiote gripped tightly against it.

"Fe..." Peter caught himself "Evie, there is som-" She cut him off with a taloned finger above his mouth and grabbed his hand with her free one"

"Shhh, our Spider, shhh.  We can talk later." she said as she pulled him over towards the couch.  She fell down onto it and pulled him in with her. "Now, let us drag you down into our miasma."

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