Di's Happy Days: The former Wonder Woman spends her days consumed with self-pleasure to porn and memories of time with her beloved Dee Dee

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Wonder Woman New U Salon
Category DC Corruption Masturbation F/F
Previous Chapter Cassie's Unhappy Days

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Standing tall and erect, the Wonder Tower skyscraper was a center for those blessed with wealth, fame and luxury.  No expense had been spared in the construction and decoration of the lavish apartments.  Starting from the 40th floor up, each penthouse suite offered excessive space and luxury offset by a spectacular view of Gotham City.  Within one of these excessive domiciles, the walls shook to the hard, driving bass of a popular dance track being pumped through the top-of-the-line, wall-mounted speaker system.  Only the extensive soundproofing of every address within the Wonder Towers complex protected the neighbors from the incessant beat, as well as the screams of pure carnal ecstasy rising above the music.

The former Wonder Woman lay back on the bed that she and Dee Dee now shared and moaned desperately, her hands moving to her enormous, augmented tits.  Gritting her teeth, Di pinched and pulled on her rock-hard nipples while keeping her lidded eyes glued to the seventy-inch wall-mounted TV in front of her.  Dee Dee had ordered Di to do one thing and on thing only, which was to pleasure her new slutty body nonstop while Dee Dee spent her days at the New U Gotham.  The perverted and obedient Princess of Themyscira didn’t want to disappoint her Dee Dee so she had done just that.  The sexy stylist had supplied Di with all the porn she could ever want, plus a variety of playlists featuring rappers and pop stars whose lyrics and themes treated women like their personal fuckmeat and property.  It was all designed with the express purpose of tearing away that strict Amazon upbringing, which denied Di the pleasures of the flesh and forced upon her the idiotic concept of fighting for female equality.

Yet, this wasn’t just any porno from the local sleeze den’s discount bin.  Nothing so common could make Di’s perfectly-manicured hands slide from her magnificent set of tits, past her slightly less-defined abdomen, to the moist folds of her pussy.  Di licked her glossy pink lips and looked on, her breath almost catching in her throat, intently focused on the DVD from her lover’s personal collection playing before her.  Some lucky stud had his enormous cock buried deep in Dee Dee’s bald cunt, ferociously fucking her from behind.  Dee Dee looked absolutely delicious dressed in nothing but black thigh-high stockings, red seven-inch pumps and dangling diamond earrings.  The man’s strong hands gripped the stylist’s tan hips, while Dee Dee’s perfect tits jiggled with each thrust of the meaty cock pounding into her snatch.

The former heroine’s blonde mentor and lover’s moans turned to screams of ecstacy and were so loud they were rising over the chorus of the Rihanna song, ‘S&M.’  The wanton sensory overload of sexist, auto-tuned lyrics, combined with Dee Dee’s cries of pleasure vibrated within Di down to her very core.  In the back of her mind, Di knew that the old her would have despised this kind of music, especially when played at this volume.  She would have found the pairing of that level of noise with a television on full-blast simply ridiculous.  And yet, under Dee Dee’s influence the former heroine now believed life should be completely devoted to excess and the further she got away from the frigid, tight-assed bitch known as Wonder Woman the better!

Di’s beautiful, heavily made-up face scowled in disgust, the thought of her former life as the heroic Wonder Woman filling her mind with absolute contempt.  To quell this unwelcomed memory, Di lazily reclined back into the delightfulfully soft king-sized bed and let the plush sensations calm her thoughts.  It didn’t take much effort as she continued to lewdly slide her fingers in and out of her slick bald pussy.  She opened her legs as wide as they could go to the fantasy of a throbbing cock pumping in and out of her just as was happening to Dee Dee on the TV in front of her.  All unwanted thoughts of her former life soon fell silent under the tingles of pure elation rippling throughout her perverted body as she recalled the past week, which had marked the beginning of her new life with her lover and mentor, Dee Dee.

It had all started with that fateful and life-changing trip to the New U Salon.  The body that she had spent a lifetime training and honing to fight for good and to protect the innocent had been augmented to the sexual plaything she was now and Di was forever grateful to her beloved Dee Dee!  Di groaned wantonly in rapturous desire as the memories flooded into her mind.  The very first thing that Dee Dee had her do after she was shooed out of the backroom in that ridiculously sexy and skintight mini dress was to eat out Mera, the Queen of Atlantis who had apparently found her way to the Salon after Di.  Di shuddered in rapture remembering how she had crawled over to Mera, her ass high in the air wiggling about in an overly slutty manner.  To Di’s disappointment, Dee Dee hadn’t given the Atlantean royal any physical changes but had conditioned her to become a loyal New U Salon client and had made several advanced appointments for her handmaidens to be given similar treatments.  Di had been in absolute awe of her mentor at how in one afternoon she had turned two heroines away from the selfless act of crime fighting and to the life of sinful pleasures of the flesh!

Then came the call from The Joker.  With the madman hiring them to turn Batgirl into his new piece of arm-candy, Di remembered how deathly-worried Suzie had been just from the idea but Dee Dee was a little more cavalier about the situation.  The Joker was just a man and even if Di's newly gifted charms didn't work on the psycho, she would admit there were benefits to being an Amazon by heritage.  Di would crush his head between her thighs before he or any of his demented little circus threatened her lover or what she valued.

However, before any of that could happen, Dee Dee had welcomed the former Wonder Woman to the New U Salon family with open arms and Di wanted to prove herself.  The former Wonder Woman had volunteered to help in any way and Dee Dee wasted no time in ordering her to write a flowery letter to Barbara Gordon proclaiming how amazing a makeover at the New U Salon truly was.  Suzie had insisted on supervising to make sure that Di’s new wicked personality didn’t shine through too much in the writing.  Once Di had done her best prudish and boring Diana impersonation through her letter, Dee Dee had grabbed the side’s of the former heroine's head and pulled her in for a long, tongue-filled kiss.  Di had melted into the petite slut’s arms, not having a care in the world she had just sold Batgirl out.

From there, it had been a whirlwind trip to Gotham for the slutty trio.  Suzie had left Dee Dee and Di to their own devices for much of the week so she could meticulously prepare for Barbara’s appointment.  The very idea of The Joker or Harley Quinn popping in sent shivers of fear down the receptionist’s spine and she barely budged from her task.  This allowed the slutty couple of Mistress and apprentice to take full advantage of their free time.

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