The symbiote gave birth to MJ again

by heisonso1234
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters venom Mary Jane Spider-Man
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Peter was very angry, and he said," What did you do to Mary!" 

Evie said," I can explain."
She forced Peter on the floor and took off his clothes with her symbiotic tendrils. She then opened her mouth and swallowed his whole dick, and she held Peter's hands and forced them onto her DD-cup breasts. Peter's anger was interrupted by the body of Evie, and he gave in, and started to fuck with her. Evie started to orgasm as Peter forced his dick into her pussy, and shot out a load of cum. She then said to Peter in a seductive tone," You want to try out this symbiotic costume?" Peter immediately agreed, and Evie revealed her alien form. She was now a woman in a skintight symbiotic costume, and she ripped a hole in front of her chest with all of her might. She then pulled at the costume at her legs and her back, and she finally left the symbiote. Peter immediately leaped on top of the alien biomass, and it stretch out tentacles, and fully enveloping his slender-built body. He then stood up, and screamed," I AM VENOM !" Then, he felt something was moving inside the symbiotic costume with him. He made the symbiote form as a puddle, and he noticed that MJ was in the costume as well!
"Oh, you're here, in the symbiote." he said. MJ then blissfully said to Venom,"I'd like to have a symbiote as well." Venom pushed MJ on the ground and said," Of course, but this comes with a price." Evie gasped and walked towards Venom,"Why do you fuck her? Why not me?" Venom simply swiped at her with his claws, and she was cut into halves. Evie was dead. "Where's my symbiote?" MJ complained,and Venom said," Let's start fucking." He stretched out his symbiotic tendrils and they entered her pussy and asshole, and she screamed in pleasure. He then forced his mouth into MJ's luscious lips and kissed her passionately, as he forced his hands onto MJ's breasts. MJ orgasmed, as Venom pumped his seeds into MJ's pussy.

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