Zatanna tries to struggle one last time, but it is no use

by ESchorcho
Storyline Zatanna: Demonic Collar
Characters Zatanna
Category Corruption Mind Control Marvel F/F Transformation Female Dom
Previous Chapter Zatanna continues to lick

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Zatanna knelt in front of her demonic Mistress, feverishly eating her out as her tongue flicked and penetrated the inner core of the hellish sex.  Zatanna and the demoness’ erotic moans combined into a hellishly wanton chorus as demonic juices flowed into the magician’s receptive mouth.  In the back of Zatanna’s mind she knew this was so wrong and that she needed to resist, but her pussy was becoming so wet and overheated.  She was becoming not only a slave to her demonic Mistress, but also to the intense need burning between her legs. 

That once so heroic side of her rose up one last time, and for an instant Zatanna remembered a spell from an ancient book that just may free her from what could be an eternity of bondage to this evil harpy.  She was just about to break away from the demoness and declare her spell when her eyes grew wide and she felt the heat from her loins spread throughout her body like wildfire.  Suddenly, she heard an otherworldly voice speaking in an ancient, long-forgotten language inside her head.  A low, evil hiss escaped Zatanna’s wet lips before pleasure shot through her.  She cried out in desperation as the feeling only grew stronger and her hands fell from her dark Mistress’ asscheeks and shot up to her own tits.  Zatanna’s cries of pain turned into wailing screams of uncontrollable pleasure, her body contorted and spasmed on the dungeon floor.  The demonic female watched for some time, panting from the pleasure Zatanna had given her, as her slave writhed around and groped at her own naked tits at the evil woman’s feet.

And just as fast as it started, it was done.  Zatanna was slumped over on her side, her sweat-soaked hair veiling her face.  The demonic Mistress stared down with her featureless dark blue eyes as a wry smile played upon her black shiny lips.

“Rise, my beautiful slave and accept me as your Mistress!” the demoness proclaimed, her voice promising the most exquisite pleasure as well as an evil the likes Zatanna had never imagined.

Zatanna’s hands shot out and the demoness saw that where the magician’s finely manicured fingernails had once been, now held razor-sharp black talons.  The demoness began to laugh in triumph as Zatanna raised her head, her hair falling away from her face.  To the naked eye nothing had changed about Zatanna’s face but the demonic Mistress knew better.  She only had to look into Zatanna’s beautiful blue eyes, lidded in pleasure, to see the look of pure carnal sin in them.  Zatanna’s eyes, full of the promise of things to come, never left her Mistress’ as she slowly and seductive rose to her knees until she bowed her head in reverence to the demoness.

“My Mistresssssss!” Zatanna hissed, her voice sounding low and evil.  Quickly she flicked her tongue over her lips, still being able to taste her Mistress’ divine juices.

“Such a good, pet,” The Demoness purred, as she circled the kneeling corrupted human and stroked Zatanna’s unkempt hair.  Zatanna on instinct began to purr at the cherished attention her Mistress was giving her.

“You know, Pet, you are not the first noble soul I have corrupted.  Not at all!  And just like you, they have all fought me before falling to my sweet corruption.  Now they serve me just as you will for all of eternity as my harem of pleasure maidens.” The demoness continued, “And it’s all thanks to this.”

At that the evil creature bent down and ran a hand over Zatanna’s perfect tits, causing the newly-minted pleasure maiden’s breath to catch in her throat, before she ran her own taloned hand to the collar around the former heroine’s neck.  Zatanna’s pussy was gushing not only at the news of her future and her Mistress’ cherished attention, but at how brilliant her Mistress was to take such an unworthy creature like herself and grant her the gift of eternal life in servitude to her Greatness!

“And I see that your own transformation has begun,” the demoness grinned, as Zatanna held her taloned hands up for her Mistress to see, “Rest assured, my Pet, your transformation is just in its infancy!  You have such wonderfully wicked changes are in store for you, you lucky thing!  Now, where were we before your blessed transformation, my Pet?”

With that, Zatanna rushed forward on her hands and knees and plunged her tongue between the demoness’ crimson thighs.  As Zatanna continued to lap and suck at her evil Mistress’ clit, she heard the same otherworldly language speaking to her in hushed tones in her mind.  She still couldn’t understand it but she knew in time she would.  It was her Mistress’ true hellish dialect and she somehow knew that it would rewrite her mind from a worthless mortal do-gooder to a beloved slave for her glorious Mistress!

But all that mattered now was worshipping her beloved Mistress’ body.  Zatanna’s pussy gushed when she felt taloned hands pressing against her head and bringing it closer and closer to her Mistress’ pussy until her nose was pressed up against it.  Zatanna’s eyes nearly rolled back in her skull as her senses were floored with divine pussy juice, and she moaned helplessly as she realized there was no turning back from this hellish path.  Just that simple knowledge was enough to send Zatanna over the edge, the orgasm tore through her body and sealing her fate forever as a pleasure slave for her Mistress!

Despite her mind-blowing orgasm, Zatanna never stopped eating out the evil harpy and soon, just as before, both women’s cries of pleasure filled the room.  She didn’t know, nor cared, how much of her Mistress’ pussy juice she consumed or how many orgasms she had.  All that mattered to her now was her Mistress’ pleasure.  Finally, after hours of carnal servitude Zatanna’s still mostly-mortal body gave out after her Mistress came.  The demoness glanced down at the slumbering form of Zatanna and knew that the corrupted heroine dreamt of nothing but lust, servitude, hellfire and corruption.  The Mistress closed her eyes and smiled, knowing full well that the seed of corruption her pussy juice gave off was quickly spreading through Zatanna and that it would only aid in her final fall into another of her demonic pleasure maidens.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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