Nightwing and Raven start having suspicions about Batman's behaviour

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Nightwing Raven (DC) Batman Catwoman Cheetah Fire Ice Wonder Woman Zatanna
Category DC M/F Harem
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Nightwing was sitting in the control room of the Watchtower working on a computer. With his features stuck in a deep frown, he was reviewing all the information the League had on Ra's al Ghul's recent activities. Something just didn't seem right.

"Hey, Raven. Can I have a word with you?" he whispered to the half-demoness, though loud enough for the other people in the room to hear. He purposefully made his tone flirtatious so that they would assume it was a booty call. Raven nodded and stood up after him, following Nightwing out of the room. They went to her quarters and Dick had her pinned against a wall as soon as the door was closed.

"I assume you didn't bring me here just to have your way with me," she interrogated him almost breathlessly after a passionate kiss.

"There's something that's been bothering me about this business with Lex and Ra's," he responded as he started fondling her thighs and buttocks. She moaned into his mouth when he squeezed her flesh in the middle of a hungry kiss. "If the League of Shadows attacked the Amazons, how did Themyscira discover Luthor's involvement in this affair?" Nightwing asked as he freed Raven's breasts and started fondling her soft perky mounds.

"Didn't the Amazons simply uncover this from the weapons they took from the dead assassins?" she asked with a throaty gasp when he nibbled on her nipple. She whimpered softly as he sucked and licked her chest.

"Unless they did it on purpose, Ra's' goons would have covered their tracks and left no evidence for us to exploit.," he explained, before he kissed her again, enjoying her muffled scream when he sneaked two fingers past her uniform inside her moist pussy. Her musky juices dripped all over his hand as he finger-fucked her.

"Also, how did the Amazons know which facilities to attack?" Raven caught up to his reasoning as she slid her hand into his pants to reach for his manhood and free it from its confinement. He groaned in pleasure when she started jerking him off.

"Exactly," Dick breathed out huskily as he pressed his thumb over her sensitive clitoris. "Someone has managed to set up both Ra's and Lex and led the Amazons to his weapons factories," he continued as Raven moaned and groaned while she rocked on his fingers.

"And you believe it's your father," she said between two gasps and Dick grinned at her perceptiveness. He kissed her as he kept driving his fingers into her slurping snatch. He could feel that she was close, so he took his fingers out of her core and lifted her knees to his hips.

"I do," he replied before impaling her dripping wet cunt over his hard throbbing cock. She cried out his name and hugged him tightly as he stated riding her against the wall. "Several of the facilities that were attacked weren't known to the general public, only the League and some secret agencies knew about those," he breathed out, while he panted heavily from thrusting his hot rod through her squishy pussy.

"I gather no one transmitted this information from up here," she managed to ask while she ecstatically writhed in his grasp. Cunt juices gushed out from her core to coat his invading shaft, as she moaned and wailed enthusiastically.

"No. And no one could have hacked past Mr Terrific's firewalls. It means Themyscira received its information from another source," he explained with a groan as she clawed at his back. He responded in kind by increasing his rhythm with more powerful thrusts. "I bet Batman's the one who transmitted the location of Luthor's facilities to the Amazons from the cave," he added, but she was too caught up in the act to care about the conversation.

"AAAHHH!!! DICK! Don't stop! You're making me CUUUUUMMM!!!" she cried out in release, spilling her juices all over his thrusting rod and clamping tightly on his shaft. It didn't take long before his semen gushed out from his throbbing cock inside her milking pussy. They exchanged ravenous kisses as they rode through their orgasm. They panted heavily in each other's embrace. Nightwing unsheathed Raven from his softening manhood and let her stand back on her feet. "So... What do you want to do now?" she asked with a wide blushing grin.

"I think we should pay my old man a visit."

Meanwhile in the Bat-Cave, Bruce looked over Zatanna's work. There were a few good ideas, but he wasn't exactly convinced by the present results.

Selina's battle outfit was nice, but nonetheless he decided she might use more protection. Replacing leather with Nomex-Kevlar seemed like a good idea. Boots and gauntlets with metallic cat claws would also make a nice addition to her arsenal. The design however didn't need any further changes. She already looked like a female cat-themed version of Batman. He only modified the front zipper to run even lower between her legs for an easy access to her pussy.

For her home outfit, he made her wear sexy black lacy panties and a matching see-through nightie, that barely covered her rump, with no bra. It was an even sexier version of the outfit Selina used to wear when she knew Batman would be visiting her. She completed her outfit with a pair of black high-heels.

Bruce then inspected Diana. The exposed chest would definitely be a problem during a fight. Besides he didn't want any other men to be able to ogle his women. He wondered if it was Zatanna's idea of a joke. Diana changed back into her Bat-themed Amazonian armor with the silver elbow-length gauntlets, knee-length boots, bat-shaped breastplate, tiara and armored belt. Her bodice and battle skirt were black like her Lord's cape and she had no underwear under her armor.

As a home outfit, Diana put on a short Grecian gown with one golden clasp on her left shoulder and a matching golden chain in place of a belt, completing the set with classic Grecian sandals. It stopped just under her buttocks and revealed quite a lot of her chest on the sides. It was made of a white material that was almost transparent. She used to wear a longer version of this toga when she lived on Themyscira or when she was alone at the embassy.

Bruce then went over Zatanna's outfit. She had put on an even sexier version of her usual, with black half-transparent stockings that climbed up to mid thigh and were held by a matching garter belt, hidden under a black skirt that stopped just over her stockings, showing off a thin line of skin. On her feat she wore simple black high-heels. She wore a white shirt and a black jacket. They were buttoned up so that her three layers of clothing were visible below her ample cleavage: black lacy bra, white partly unbuttoned shirt and black jacket with only one button clasped under her breasts to show off her assets. Although she wore no panties, she had still completed her outfit with her usual magician's top hat.

Fire and Ice's outfits were satisfying for now as he was more concerned about undressing his prison guards and welcoming them to his harem. As for Cheetah, his prisoner was better off naked.

"Is it better now, Master?" Zatanna asked.

"Definitely!" Bruce exclaimed in his usual gruff tone that made all his women shiver from head to toe.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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