Madame Madeleine commands Drake to rape her

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter Drake, still under the influence of Madame Madeleine, beats Caterina.

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In fact, Pandora realized that her former stud was totally mesmerized, submitted to the will of Madame Madeleine. 

“Drake!!! You have to recover yourself!!! That bitch can´t control you. You are a hero, not a puppet of a flat, dressed-in-negligee dominatrix!!!”.-Yelled to him the busty, blonde heroine, trying to keep on her bare feet. 

But Madeleine, approaching to the naked greek-god-like man called Drake Hunghorse, laughed ominously.

“That´s the best you can do, Pandora?.”.-Said Madeleine, grabbing one of the massive cocks of the man.-“Which of us do you prefer, my dear slave? Pandora…or me?”.-Asked Madeleine, caressing gently back and forth his virile member, which grew and throbbed out of control into her hand.

 Drake stared the nude body of the voluptuous Pandora with his blurred eyes, sliding his glance over her firmly rounded boobs, his flat abdomen, her well- defined ballerina limbs, her tempting groins and crotch. But soon, Drake, heaving in pleasure, turned his eyes to Madeleine and tried to kiss her.

”I…I am your…your slave… my mistress…I…I am yoooohhhh….ahhhhh…yeeeeessss…ooohhh”.-Screeched Drake, feeling his cock on the point to explode in a orgasm. 

 Madame Madeleine put gently one of her long fingers on the lips of Drake, stopping his kiss.-“I knew that, my slave but, if you want to enjoy of my affect tonight, you should rape your friend. Will you do that, my slave?”.-Demanded Madeleine to her massive slave, releasing his throbbing, dripping cock.    

“Your desires are commands for me, my mistress…”.-Answered Drake, staring to her former lover with an ominous look of lust on his mesmerized eyes.  Then, the nude, muscular, well-endowed man made his way to the defenseless busty stripper.

“Drake!!! Drake!!! We are lovers!!! Do you remember it!!!! We have made love many times…freely.  You don´t need to rape me…You have to fight her. She is controlling you!!!!”.-Screamed Pandora, backtracking inch by inch over her bare feet, though she knew that, in her current, weak condition she wouldn´t escape of him…or even of Madeleine.

“Beg as you want, Pandora. I don´t know how you have been able to resist to me.  My…charms has always submitted my preys into a total enslavement at the first time. But I am sure that when your…friend…finish with you, the great Pandora will be so weak...so spend that I will be able to submit you, ha, ha, ha…”.-Declared Madeleine with rejoice, staring as her muscular avatar of submission approached slowly to the busty heroine, with his enormous 12’’, fully erected cocks, aiming to her cunt.

 Pandora´s rounded buttocks touched the brick wall of the alley. There were no possible retreat for her, no hiding place to escape of the muscular titan that was approaching to her with ominous intentions.

“Sorry Drake, but you need this…”.-Said the voluptuous Pandora, launching her left hand in a massive slap….that Drake, with a sinister smile on his lips, stopped in the middle of air, grabbing firmly her wrist. Though surprised, the blonde voluptuousness tried to reach her real targets, which hung between his chiseled groins, with her right hand.   “Noooo!”.- Screamed in despair Pandora when she felt as her other wrist was painfully grabbed too. Though mesmerized, Drake remembered perfectly the dirty tricks of her former lover. 

 Abruptly, Drake unleashed his knee against her groins in a massive strike. Pandora howled in agony. Her legs, unable to resist, folded under her weight. Somehow, still grabbed by her wrists, she didn’t fall to the ground.  Hanged as a rag doll by the muscular, powerful arms of the 7’ man, Pandora´s 132 lbs body was lifted easily a feet over the ground and turned to face off the wall.  Then, Drake, grabbing both wrists with his huge right hand, used his free right one to grab his large, hard, erected cocks and led them into her anus.

“No!!! You can´t!!!!”.-Screamed in despair Pandora when she felt as her anus was pierced in such a way.  Pandora and Drake had never tried such a trick. Sometimes, due to the enormous size that his cocks could reach, the coitus was painful…his two erected cocks ramming her anus at the same time would be an ordeal!!!!

Deaf to the pleas of her voluptuous former lover, Drake began to ram Pandora with wild, savage impetus.  As a rag doll, Pandora’s massive breasts and waist crashed painfully one time and another against the harsh, hard surface of the brick wall, crushing cruelly her feminine attributes. But that pain was nothing compare with the agony that she felt on her anus…an agony that went through her spine and hit not only every fiber of her busty ballerina body but also her will. Her anus, stretched to indescribable limits by the combine thickness of those massive cocks, seemed on the point to be tearing apart with every ram of Drake. Even, it seemed that those monstrous, thick spears could be able to impale her body from side to side.

Desperate and defenseless, Pandora´s body shivered and screamed in pain, but Drake, untiring, kept ramming her with his enormous, throbbing, dripping cocks one time and another and another and another till, five minutes later, Pandora became flaccid at the hand of Drake which, somehow, kept ramming her inert body one minute more. Then, with ease, the nude, muscular titan tossed the busty, molested heroine against the opposite wall of the alley. Her nude, voluptuous body hit the brick wall with her back first. Then the unconscious blonde stripper bounced against it, falling heavily to the ground and rolling by the dirty surface till she stood face up, with her enormous, bruised mammaries flattening her chest.

Seconds later, Pandora´s blue eyes fluttered in a massive effort to open them.-“Have you got enough of Drake, Pandora?”.-Said Madame Madeleine with a sinister smile on her lips, sliding her whip over her battered boobs. Pandora felt spent beyond any description.  She could fuck men  during hours, one day and another and another. She had lost the count about how many different men she had fucked in the last year. Sometimes, even she had practices hardcore sex sessions with them but it can´t be compared with what Drake was practicing, mercilessly, with her. For the first time on her career as heroine, putting her life on the line one night and another during a year, Pandora felt that night could be the last of it, but though physicaly powerless and defeated, she will not give up so easily...

“Nn…nnooo….nnoooo…”.-Began to say Pandora.”.-“No more, Pandora, do you say? Do you surrender to me?”.-Asked triumphant Madeleine.-“Nnnooo….nnnnoooo….su…surrenderrrr….”.-Replied Pandora.-"that's.. the best...you...you can do...Drake...Madeleine? You...you won´t....won´t brake me...with..with this....". 

 Madeleine´s eyes wide opened in surprise. That blonde busty bimbo was resisting her attempts to dominate her!!!! .-"Drake...Rape her cunt till she screeched in agony!!!...Destroy her crotch!!!..Tear apart her pussy!!!!".-Yelled Madame Madeleine, losing her ordinary, seductive calm.

 Pandora, though totally spent, smiled her  in rejoice. Then, the super busty heroine threw a glance to Drake which, mesmerized, stared her with a deep, ominous, insane look of lust on his eyes, grabbing with a hand his monstrously erected cocks. Then, the dominated hero fall heavily over her, sheathed both Giant Johns simultaneously deep and rough into Pandora´s unprotected womanhood, tearing apart a deafening scream of agony on Pandora.

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