J'onn declines Ice's offer, and tries find a differant way to help them get out of their fantasies.

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Martian Manhunter Fire Ice
Category DC M/F
Previous Chapter J'onn starts by exploring Ice's sexual fantasies

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J'onn could feel Dr Destiny's mark on the two heroines. He was holding them captive in their own dreams and was trying to add J'onn to his victims. The Martian attempted to keep the villain from corrupting Fire and Ice even more.

"I'm sorry, Ice, but indulging in your fantasies will only strengthen Dr Destiny's hold on your minds. If you ever want to wake up, you must hold back your arousal. You can't let him win," J'onn explained.

"But I feel so hot," Fire exclaimed.

"It's itching inside my pussy, I need someone to scratch it for me with a big cock," Ice cried out.

Dr Destiny suddenly materialized next to the heroes. "At ease, ladies. I know exactly what you need," he said just before four very well hung males barged into the room. Hawk and Dove started groping Ice, while Shining Knight and Vigilante embraced Fire. The two women started cooing and giggling in excitement as the four men ran their hands all over their bodies. Fire and Ice moaned huskily when the studs squeezed their breasts and ass cheeks, they squealed in delight when they had their nipples and clits pinched and they cried out in pleasure when their tight drenched pussies were stuffed with several pumping fingers.

Dr Destiny chuckled triumphantly. Those heroine sluts really loved being roughed up. The Martian wouldn't be able to defeat him this time. And with Batman at the mercy of Circe, there would be no one to knock him out cold like last time.

"Fire! Ice! Listen to me. This isn't real. It's nothing but a dream. But if you don't reign in your lust, you won't be able to wake up. You will end up starving to death or worse," J'onn tried to reach out to his two female colleagues.

Unfortunately, Fire and Ice were too caught up in the moment. Fire was on her knees alternatively sucking off Shining Knight and Vigilante. Ice was being fucked in her pretty mouth by Hawk, while Dove was enthusiastically eating out her cunt. The two women's bodies were coated with sweat and saliva, making their skin glisten.

"Don't you see, Martian. They don't want it to stop. A nightmare is something you want to escape from, but a sexual fantasy is the manifestation of a person's deepest desires. They can't help but crave for it. Your friends love it here. They'll never want to leave their dreams," Dr Destiny gloated.

J'onn watched as both Fire and Ice were sandwiched between their partners. Hawk and Dove stood up facing each other, while Ice was frantically jerking between them, their throbbing rods pounding into her hungry twitching cunt. Fire was straddling Shining Knight, while Vigilante was kneeling behind her. She was bouncing on one man's lap as the other one was humping her asshole, their big cocks sheathed inside her cunt and crack that were drooling with fuck-juices. Judging by their moans and cries of pleasure, Fire and Ice were really getting off from being fucked in both holes like two cock-hungry sluts.

Suddenly an idea came to J'onn. He took a deep breath and concentrated hard. He needed to be fast, so that Dr Destiny wouldn't realize what he was doing until it was too late.

"Think you can save them by overpowering me? Good luck, Martian," the villain chuckled. "You can't save them. Not when they love it this much. Look at it," he taunted J'onn. "Look at how much juices are leaking out of their cunts. Look how much they writhe and jerk in their holds. They love it."

J'onn was trying hard to ignore Dr Destiny and his blabber. The villain kept going for a few more minutes until he noticed a change in Fire and Ice's behavior. One moment they were crying out in pleasure, begging for more cock, the next one they starred awkwardly at their partners and were pushing them away. Dr Destiny was baffled for a while, then he turned a furious glare at J'onn, as he understood that the Martian was responsible for this.

"What did you do?" the villain demanded. J'onn returned a satisfied smirk.

"I temporarily disabled their brains from feeling any pleasure. If they don't feel any pleasure, they won't keep playing your games," J'onn explained.

"Why, you! I shall-" Dr Destiny started furiously before he was interrupted by a fireball launched by Fire.

"I believe it's enough," the Brazilian heroine announced.

"Time to cool down," Ice added as she froze the villain inside a human-sized block of ice. She then turned to J'onn. "Sorry about the mess."

"Yes, sorry we were so... caught up in the moment," Fire apologized after her friend.

At this moment, Dr Destiny's body phased out of the ice block and floated above the heroes.

"This isn't over yet. I still hold your other friends. And your trick won't work twice with me, Martian," the villain promised, before disappearing from their sight.

"Thanks again for... saving us, I guess," Fire said awkwardly.

"I think it's our cue to wake up," Ice added as J'onn merely nodded. Soon both Fire and Ice disappeared from J'onn's vision and his surroundings turned into a dark void.

Time to go save another friend. All that was left was to explore the fantasies of Flash, Giganta, Hal Jordan, Vixen, Creeper, Superman, Lois Lane, Oracle, Black Lightning and Mr Terrific.

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