Back in Wayne Manor, Pamela can't resist taking advantage of the lust-addled Maven

by Shendude
Storyline Super-Polygamists Party
Characters Poison Ivy Fantastic Four Doctor Doom Namor Pepper Potts Alfred Pennyworth
Category Absolutely Everything M/F F/F Harem Mind Control
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Having completed her test, Pamela should've come up with some excuse and sent Maven on her way. But she hesitated. It had been years since she'd last enthralled someone, and she'd forgotten how intoxicating it was...and how arousing. It had been almost as long since she'd had proper sex with another woman (furtive licking and groping during group sex didn't count), but she hadn't forgotten how good THAT felt. True, in a few hours she would be rectifying both of these in spades, but nonetheless she hesitated.

Now that Pam thought about it, she was pretty keyed up by the anticipation. Bruce might get suspicious if she didn't find an outlet to relieve some of her nervous energy. And while Maven's looks couldn't compare with Pam and her sister-wives, of course, she was fairly attractive. Yes, she'd be a nice little treat.

"Maven," Pam purred, while posing seductively on the bed. "I hear you gave Mr. Pennyworth a demonstration of your oral kills. Is that true?"

Maven, hypnotized by Pam's nude loveliness. swallowed, and then nod. Pam smiled and crooked a finger.

"Well, my dear, why don't you give me one as well?"

She spread her long legs wide. Maven whimpered, and then dove right in...


Sue Storm was annoyed. She and her husbands were gathered in the Baxter Building's hangar, ready to head out . So were Ben and his wives. Her little brother Johnny and HIS wives, on the other hand, were nowhere to be seen.

She began tapping her foot impatiently. Her second husband, Namor, wrapped his strong arms around her and nuzzled her neck. "While we wait for your brother, my love, perhaps we can find other ways of occupying ourselves?"

Sue rolled ehr eyes. Normally, she found Namor's ardour charming, but now was not the time. They were supposed to swing by Gamma Base to pick up Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters and her spouses, plus Jen's cousin Bruce Banner and his wives, on their way to Wayne Manor, so they couldn't afford to wait.

Her third husband, Victor Von doom, snorted. "Hmmph. Doom will make the young whelp hurry, if you wish it, Susan."

Sue shook her blonde head. Victor had mellowed since their marriage, but his people skills remained..limited. Instead she turned to her first and favorite husband, Reed Richards.

"Reed, be a dear and look in on Johnny, would you?"


As Pepper exited the room where Tony was getting it on by Rumiko, she was confronted by two of her sister-wives, Justine Hammer-Stark and Sasha Hammer-Stark. The pair noted Pepper's thunderous expression. and moved in for the kill.

"Is something the matter, Pepper, dear?" Justine said in a friendly tone that they both knew was false.

Pepper sighed. She had neither the time nor the patience to play games with the Hammers right now. Fortunately, she knew how to distract them.

"Tony is apparently too horny to get ready for the party," she said.  Mother and daughter stiffened. While they were more-or-less reformed, they remained inveterate schemers. Instead of accumulating wealth and power, their goal now was to maximize their access to Tony's cock.

"Care to elaborate," Sasha said.

Pepper suppressed a grin. She had them. "He's busy fucking Rumiko in there." 

The pair frowned, irritated that a prime opportunity for marital relations. Pepper turned and left, noting them entering the room she'd just left, no doubt intended to make Tony and Rumiko's quickie into a foursome.


Silver St. Cloud was slightly frantic.  This should be a piece of cake. In her career as an event planner, she'd been in charge of much larger and more elaborate parties, and Wayne Manor was an excellent venue that she knew very well. But this wasn't just another party; tonight, Bruce would officially introduce her as his sixth fiancee, which as far as Silver was concerned, meant that it had to be even more perfect than her usual excellent standards.

Unfortunately, despite their engagement and the fact that she'd uncovered his secret identity years ago, Bruce refused to expose his friends' identities to her until the last minute. Which meant that she ahd only a vague idea of who the guests were. Fortunately, she was being assisted by Alfred and Selina's PA Maven, both of whom were hypercompetent and more than able to make up for this shortcoming. Except that the two of them had goen off and disappeared somewhere.

She had nothing against the two getting together, but wished they'd chosen a better time. Which was why she was searching the servants quarters instead of giving orders from her command post in the kitchen. She finally found Alfred, sitting on his bed getting redressed. He had the grace to be ashamed at his dereliction of duty, but had no idea where Maven had gone off to.

(I hope you don't mind my padding out Bruce's harem with the fiancee bit)

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