Miz and the girls leave and go their hotel

by SailorAirman
Storyline Extreme Enforcers
Characters Brooke Adams Layla The Miz Kelly Kelly
Category Growth Muscle Growth Body Modification Body Modification Celebrities Female Dom M/F Transformation wrestling
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Back at the hotel Miz and his girls were still in a great mood over the debut of the Extreme Enforcers.

“What was your favourite part of tonight?” Kelly asked.

“I loved the crowd’s reaction when you turned on Balls,” Layla said. “They never saw it coming.”

“I know,” Kelly laughed. “I mean why would they think that I would like a disgusting slob like him in the first place?”

“Personally I loved it when we gave him the triple powerbomb,” Brooke said. “I think it really sent a message.”

“Well I loved it when you first came out,” Kelly said. “I mean even I was little shocked at how big you were.”

“Well that was nothing,” Miz said. “Because next time out you girls are going to be even bigger.”

“It’s hard to imagine being even bigger,” Brooke said.

“Well I’ve got a little entertainment lined up for you girls,” Miz said. “But how about before it arrives we make that difficult imagination a reality?”

“Oh what kind of entertainment?” Layla asked.

“Let’s just say it’s fitting,” Miz replied.

“Can I go first,” Kelly asked.

“Of course you can,” Miz replied.

Kelly got on her knees in front of Miz and eagerly undid his pants letting them drop to the floor. Out of his boxers flopped the most impossibly large cock ever. The girls were not sure how just how Miz even managed to get it in his boxers, but somehow once it was in his boxers he was able to make it smaller. His cock wasn’t even hard and it hung over a foot long. Kelly wrapped her hands around it and began licking it, getting Miz hard. Miz’s dick swelled up to its full hard length of eighteen inches, the head was bigger around then an apple.

Kelly opened her mouth and her jaw unhinged so she could accommodate Miz’s massive girth. She began sucking and bobbing her head for all she was worth. After about a minute or two Miz blew his load in Kelly’s mouth. She eagerly drank down every last drop sucking on Miz’s cock until it was dry and had gone flaccid once more.

As she got up the other watched as Kelly started to grow larger. She didn’t get much taller, only a few inches, but her muscles bulged and hardened till she was just slightly bigger than the super ripped Batista.

“So this is what Batista would look like if he had tits,” Kelly commented as she flexed her new physique.

As she flexed her huge upper body the bra she had been wearing could no longer contain her huge chest and her big tits burst free as the bra fell to the ground in pieces.

“So, who’s next?” Miz asked as he rubbed his huge dick in one hand to try and get it hard again.

Layla dropped in front of Miz and began to go to work to get him hard and in seconds he was despite having just filled Kelly. Layla forced his huge cock into her mouth and sucked away and when Miz’s blew his load like Kelly she drained him for every last drop that she could. She stood up and a few minutes later she had an almost identical physique to Kelly.

“Well Brooke it’s your turn,” Miz said.

Like the other two girls Brooke got Miz and hard and began sucking, but when Miz blew his load in her mouth Brooke began squeezing his balls which made Miz give out a little yelp. It also made him shoot just that much more and when Brooke began to grow she was about half an inch taller and had about ten pounds more muscle than Kelly and Layla.

“No fair you cheated,” Layla whined.

“Oh it’s entirely fair,” Miz said.

Brooke flexed her hulking physique and she practically shredded the clothing she was wearing leaving her in nothing but her panties.

“Fuck I just love this!” Brooke exclaimed lost in self-worship of herself.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Oh that’s probably the entertainment,” Miz said.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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