Experiment with the bracelet on Wanda

by 0087
Storyline League of Thralls
Characters Hypnotia Scarlet Witch
Category Mind Control Female Dom F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter "Where to first?" Chooses the Avengers Manor.

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Wanda couldn't tell how much later it was when she finally became aware of everything. The last thing she remembered was the familiar, powerful pull of someone else's mind against her own, how it became a draw that her mind was sucked into. She couldn't remember much who did it, until she opened her eyes.

"Hypnotia," she said, shocked. She found herself bound in chains on a bed of a motel room, spread-eagle, with her captor looking down at her gloatingly.

"Just like old times, isn't it Wanda? Good guys vs bad guys, with bad guys obviously in the lead positon."

"But the ending score is always for the good guys, or do you villains always forget that."

"We don't forget, but who says we have to play the same game anymore?"

That worried Wanda, as she figured Hypnotia was taking orders from the Mandarin or some other Avenger foe. Fearing the unknonw, she struggled against her chains visibly, even trying to yell out or call on her powers. Her body just wouldn't respond to those requests.

"As you've noticed, your ability to use your magic or yell is temporarily gone for now. And while those things are temporary, something else will be permanent." Hypnotia spoke that last line in almost a husky tone as she ran her fingers across Wanda's cheek. The witch recoiled almost in disgust, making Hypnotia laugh out loud.

"Don't worry my dear, soon you'll come to love my touch."

"What the hell do you want you bitch?"

"Several things in-fact. I want money, more power, and my own harem of so many powerful slaves that will please me in all ways. Some will simply be sleeper slaves, subconsciously waiting to serve me, others, will have a different fate. To be honest, I don't know where I'd like you to go right now."

A wicked smile formed on Hypnotia's face as she observed the look of horror on Wanda's; she'd lied to her as she knew exactly what her fate to be was, but loved what that air of uncertainty created.

"How about for now, we stick to experimentation?"

"Experimenating with what?"

"You'll see soon enough, just look into my eyes for now."

Wanda honestly tried to avert her gaze, but found herself lacking the speed to turn her head away as Hypnotia's powers drew her back into the vortex of her gaze. Big brown eyes that made her loose all conscious thoughts, the effect of Hypnotia's power leaving her pupils swirling. A second later, she came back to herself. She wondered what had happened, why she was released from trance. Hypnotia asked a question first before the witch.

"Did my power feel familiar to you?"

"Yes" Without thinking, the redhead answered automatically.

"Did you feel overwhelmed to look into my eyes?"


"Did it feel any different from the time I hypnotized you years ago?"


"How long were you hypnotized?"

"Just a few seconds."

Hypnotia noted how her spell truly distorted time; a few seconds had actually been 30 minutes.

"Are you ready for the next test phase?" Hypnotia asked as she touched the bracelet on her arm.

"What test phase?" was what she wanted to ask, but instead she found herself saying "Yes Hypnotia."

There was a strange low hum coming from somewhere before Hypnotia's power seized her again. This time though, the drop into her spell felt deeper, much stronger and quicker than before. She even noted milliseconds before she faded how Hypnotia's always-confident expression changed too. Someone had snapped their fingers and she was out of trance, almost reluctantly now. She noted how she was unchained and moved to sit up, but feeling as if she'd woken with a slight hangover. She tried to use her magic again, but hypnotic suggestion kept that ability at bay. She saw Hypnotia sitting in a chair nearby, wearing only panties and a bra, looking pensive instead of wicked. She moved to leave the motel room, or smack the hypnotist, or both.

"Lick my pussy Wanda."

Wanda moved with the same speed, but only to end up kneeling in-front of the blonde and licking her as commanded. Hypnotia smiled, but not as much as she would have had she'd not discovered something - the bracelet did make her more powerful, but in turn, placed her in a trance-like state too. Given the nature of acquiring it, she couldn't help but conclude that was an important function of it. Brainwashing through tech was prevalent with CIA and KGB types, and no doubt Chekov had access to such things. Hypnotia noted after a few hours of testing the more power she used with the bracelet, the more vulnerable she became, and she had no idea if any possible suggestions had made their way into her subconscious already. The plot was definitely thickening. This was something to deal with very soon, but Wanda's tongue was bringing her to a more sexual vulnerability, and finished her off with an interesting tongue motion.

"Oooh, good girl."

Despite herself, she ended up saying "Thank you Hypnotia."

Hypnotia removed the bracelet from her wrist, and used her natural powers on Wanda again. "Thank you Mistress Hypnotia."

Hypnotia's stare mesmerized her yet again, and Wanda took to the correction. "Thank you Mistress Hypnotia."

Hypnotia kissed her slave passionately and whispered in her ear "Welcome to the League of Thralls."


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