Good ladies donĀ“t fuck in a museum...

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Justice League Batman Green Arrow Supergirl Stargirl Wonder Woman Catwoman Black Canary Martian Manhunter
Category DC F/F F/F
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman sends Supergirl and Stargirl to the Museum to check on Hal Jordan's team

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It was increasingly difficult for Supergirl to control herself under the combined effect of Poison Ivy's pheromones and Stargirl's groping.

"Please, Courtney. Stop," she pleaded weakly. Her friend was fucking Kara with two fingers from behind while massaging her breast with the other hand. "This is so wrong. We shouldn't be doing this. At least not here," she complained, but Courtney's only response was to start licking Kara's ear.

Supergirl was however unable to resist the pleasure coursing through her body. It started at her moist core, where Stargirl's fingers were working their magic, and spread all the way to her head and toes. Kara was panting and moaning like a little bitch in heat. Cunt juices were leaking from her pussy over Courtney's hand and the floor.

"Nooo, stop, Courtney," Kara panicked when she started feeling her impending orgasm. Ivy's pheromones were also making it easier to reach climax. But Stargirl ignored her friend's plea and thrust her fingers faster into Kara's wet snatch. "OOOH! OOOH! FUCK! I'M COOOMIIIIIG!"

In the monitor womb of the Watchtower, J'onn was having problems filtering Supergirl and Stargirl's arousal out of his own mind. Green Arrow noticed that his friend was breathing raggedly.

"Are you okay, J'onn?" the archer asked his Martian friend who didn't answer him. Oliver called him again a few times before he took a better look at J'onn. Noticing that his friend's eyes were wide open, like in a trance, Green Arrow slapped him, screaming "snap out of it, J'onn!"

J'onn shook his head at took a deep breath to regain his composure.

"Sorry, Green Arrow. I was momentarily... distracted," he tried to explain, still a little shaken by the erotic thoughts of the two teens.

"By what? What's going on down there?" the archer asked in confusion.

"Supergirl and Stargirl have fallen under the effects of Poison Ivy's pheromones," J'onn answered a bit awkwardly, making Oliver's eyes bulge out of their orbits. Although he had never encountered the villainess personally, he had heard and read about the aphrodisiac effects of her spores.

"You mean they're..." he didn't finish his sentence, but J'onn knew what his friend was trying to ask and nodded in answer. "Damn! Why am I never there when those kind of things happen?" Oliver commented like an old pervert. J'onn was slightly taken aback by his attitude and raised a scolding eyebrow, turning Green Arrow's lecherous expression into embarrassment. "I mean... What about the others?" the archer inquired in a lame attempt to change the subject.

"From what I gathered from Kara's mind before the situation turned... messy, all the people present in the museum were already unconscious or asleep prior to their arrival," J'onn explained, still frowning at his friend's less than sensible behavior.

"I guess we should send in more backup," Green Arrow said, trying to ignore the Martian's reprimanding stare.

"Go. I'll contact Batman and ask him to meet you there," J'onn ordered, looking back at the monitors.

"Yeah. Bats will want to take care of Poison Ivy himself, if you know what I mean," Oliver joked with a wicked wink, which made J'onn chuckle despite himself. Green Arrow stood up and left the monitor womb in the direction of the teleporter.

"Watchtower to Batman, come in," J'onn said opening a channel to Batman's communicator.

"Batman here. What is it, J'onn?" the Martian heard after a short moment.

"Hal Jordan's team went silent after their last request for backup during a fight in the Metropolis Museum of History and Archeology. We sent Flash since Superman wasn't answering his communicator, but Wally too went silent after he delivered Sportsmaster to the Metrotower. Finally we sent Stargirl and Supergirl to check on Hal's team, but they were exposed to Poison Ivy's pheromones," J'onn paused briefly when he sensed Batman's exasperation at the situation. "Everyone else in the museum was already unconscious or... done, when Kara and Courtney arrived. Green Arrow is already waiting there for you," the Martian finished his explanation.

"Understood. Teleport me there in two minutes," the Dark Knight replied curtly, but he didn't cut the transmission immediately. "Is Diana there?" he asked after a brief moment of silence.

"No. She went for a walk around the Watchtower to stretch out her legs," J'onn responded.

"When she's back, tell her I'll meet her up in the Watchtower after I've finished dealing with the situation at the museum," Bruce requested. "Batman out," he added before J'onn could even reply.

With a heavy sigh J'onn relaxed in his chair. There were no crises requiring the League's attention for now and he decided he could afford to take a little nap. He could feel himself slipping off into unconsciousness, slowly falling asleep... when a loud alarm invaded the room. Immediately alerted, J'onn checked the computer in front of him. Black Canary had triggered an internal alarm, signaling the presence of an intruder. J'onn rushed out of the monitor womb down the corridor that led to the teleporter.

Close to the end of the hall, he saw Black Canary and Wonder Woman fighting with Catwoman who was using Diana's lasso instead of her own whip. Wonder Woman's top was torn apart, showing off her voluptuous bosom and the numerous bleeding lacerations from Catwoman's claws.

Batman and Green Arrow entered the museum once they had both teleported from their respective locations. They both wore a gas mask to avoid being infected by Poison Ivy's pheromones. They walked down the halls of the museum taking note of all the unconscious guards and personnel. They were trying to locate their colleagues and the villains that didn't manage to escape.

"So Batman... Did you ever do Poison Ivy? She looks like a hottie," Green Arrow asked with a leer, though he winced noticeably when Batman turned to glare at him. "I guess that's a no then," he added lamely.



"Shut up," Batman ordered. Green Arrow didn't say anything else as they strolled past an empty corridor.

They soon stumbled upon the unconscious Cheetah who was bound in a bola near a collapsed section of the wall. They noticed that Ice was buried under the rubble and started digging her out. Fortunately, there were no chunks too large for them to remove or to have mortally wounded their friend, though she did have a broken arm and leg after closer examination. Green Arrow tried to wake her up but to no avail, while Batman went to check past the hole in the wall where he sighted three nude people. A sleeping Star Sapphire was lying on the ground between Sinestro and Hal Jordan who were both snoring.

"Oh my God! Is that..." Green Arrow screamed from behind as his eyes caught in the erotic display. Star Sapphire's cunt and asshole were visibly stained with semen and all three of them were flushed from their little exercise. "Damn, Hal got caught up in one Hell of a party," the archer commented almost enviously.

Batman ignored him and came closer to the trio to confiscate Sinestro's Yellow Power Ring and Star Sapphire's Purple Power Gem. He then handcuffed the two villains before removing three emergency blankets from his utility belt to cover all of them. Finally he lifted Hal Jordan into his arms to deposit him next to the still unconscious Ice whom Green Arrow had left sitting against a wall. At the same time, Oliver had dragged the two villains out through the hole in the wall to place them in the middle of the hall.

They went further down the hall and saw Creeper and Vixen slumped on the floor. They had obviously been knocked out. As Batman and Green Arrow came closer to them, they could hear strange sounds coming from around the corner at the next intersection. Cautiously, they approached the origin of the noises, bow and bat-a-rangs raised, to discover Supergirl and Stargirl licking each other's pussy on the floor next to an unconscious Fire and Poison Ivy.

"Fuck!" was all that Green Arrow could articulate. His jaw had fallen to the ground in shock. Meanwhile Batman, having managed to retain his poker face, went to handcuff Poison Ivy and put a handful of Ivy's powdered pheromones into a glass tube that he tucked inside his utility belt. Diana and I can use it later for some fun, he thought mischievously. He looked briefly at the two teens before tossing an anesthetic gas pellet at them and watched as they fell asleep in each other's arms  before activating his communicator.

"Batman to Watchtower, come in," he growled in his usual tone, but no one answered his call even after a third attempt. "Batman to Superman. Answer Kent," he ordered. Again he got no response. "O, this is B, come in," he grumbled in frustration. "Goddammit! What is going on? Batman to Metrotower, come in," he cried into his communicator.

"Vigilante here. I'm listening, Batman."

Finally. "We've got a situation here at the Metropolis Museum of History and Archeology. I need you to send a medical team for Jordan, Vixen, Creeper, Ice, Fire, Supergirl and Stargirl. Also contact agent Faraday, we've got an unconscious Cheetah, Star Sapphire and Sinestro waiting to be transported to prison. And call Arkham Asylum. Poison Ivy's waiting to be taken back to her cell," Batman instructed.

"Whoa, that's a lot of people," the cowboy commented to Bruce's annoyance.

"Just do it," he growled back and turned off his communicator, cutting off Vigilante's retort. Oliver chuckled at Bruce's customary rudeness.

"Man, you know how to talk to people," he joked. Batman ignored him like usual, though it didn't even disturb him. "So what do we do next?"

"The right question is: "what were they looking for?" and "where are Huntress and Zatanna?"," Batman remarked. Green Arrow's eyes narrowed in concern.

Back in the Watchtower, Catwoman was unleashing her rage at Wonder Woman. She had already torn apart the heroine's top.

"Is that how you enticed him, you cow? You shoved your fat ugly boobs in his face. I bet that made him hurl all over the place," Selina lashed out at Diana, but she knew better than to answer to the villainess' taunt. If Catwoman was working for Circe, then the sorceress had probably found a way to tempt Selina into doing her bidding. Wonder Woman almost pitied the other woman, but Catwoman had hurt her man and Amazons protected their mates with great fierceness.

"Nice rope you got here, Wonder Whore," Selina snarled, referring to Diana's lasso that she snatched earlier during their fight. "Bet you couldn't get him in bed without brainwashing him with its power," she sneered at the heroin, clawing at her boobs. Diana's chest was bleeding quite profusely, but it didn't stop her from hitting Catwoman in the face. She expected the villain to be sent flying across the hall, but Selina surprised her with a roundhouse kick and she crashed against the wall.

"Now I'm going to gut you, you fucking cunt," Catwoman said as she approached Wonder Woman claws raised. She however didn't expect the kick that collided with her back.

"Hands off my friend, Pussycat," threatened the newly arrived Black Canary. Wonder Woman took advantage of Catwoman's distraction to stand up and elbow her in the gut.

"Stand down, Selina. You don't stand a chance against the two of us," Diana claimed.

"You! Why are you helping that Amazonian cow? You know how close Bruce and I used to be," Selina lashed out at Dinah.

"I also remember how much of a capricious bitch you were with him," Black Canary replied before trying to kick her again, but Catwoman caught her leg and threw her against Wonder Woman.

What are you waiting for? You've got the lasso. Flee, Selina heard Circe's voice in her head.

"Wonder Whore's just in front of me. I can kill her now that I have powers," she replied out loud, failing to notice the Martian Manhunter at the other end of the hall.

You'll get your chance later. Now come back to me my pet, Circe's voice ordered.

Selina took notice of her surroundings. Black Canary and Wonder Woman were already getting up from the beating she had given them and J'onn J'onzz was flying rapidly in her direction. She was caught between two of the most powerful League members and her only way out was the teleporter behind her.

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