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Latveria. The Nest. 

On his small lab, Reed Richards had tried to learn what was wrong with the Disphormity cannons that he had developed. During the last attack, he had discovered that a few, hidden relays of the targeting system had been replaced by damage ones. There was a failure hard to find. But worse. It implies that the General Lane´s spy was on The Nest and, if he had knowledge enough about how to sabotage the cannons, maybe he had also knowledge enough to build one. Somehow, there were something more. 

The detection of the damaged relays hadn´t been detected by the detection program. Reed suspected that the spy had also modify the code of that program.-“You are really clever, my friend. But I am better than you…”.-Muttered Reed, reading fast the umpteenth lines of code of his own program. Finally, he found what he was looking for…a new secondary subroutine had been added to the code.-“Well, well. Let´s have a look to you, little bastard…”.-Hissed Reed, running the subroutine. 

Suddenly, on the HD screen began to appear complex, fractal forms, illuminated by stroboscopic lights while, from the speakers, an almost inaudible white noise began to sound. Reed´s body became numb immediately. His eyes and mouth wide opened in a grim of stupefaction. Minutes later, a woman came into the lab and smiled.

 Her little trap had worked perfectly, hypnotizing the impressive Dr Richards.-“So, you have tried to catch me again, Dr Richards. But I am much better setting traps...”.-Said the woman to the mesmerized man.-“Do you like my opto-virus? I designed especially for you. This combination of complex forms, lights and sound only affects to brilliant individual…as you.”.-The woman, approached to him and kissed his cheek.-“And the best of all, you have been falling in the same trap night after night during this weeks. But, I am sorry, my dear Dr Richards.   This night will be the last.  I would like that the things would have been different between us. You have been really collaborative with me…giving and explaining me every detail and blueprint of the cannons and sabotaging your own creations. Well, I know that you were mesmerized and suggested to follow my commands but, sincerely, I appreciate you, but I have to say you goodbye, but first…”.-  

 “But first you will make your way to a cell…traitor!!!”.-Yelled a voice behind her.-“Mayor Thompson?”.-Yelled the newcomer in surprise when the traitor turned to face her.-“Why?”.-“My dear Black Cat. I must admit that I am surprised to see you here. General Lane suspects on me, his loyal assistant, or you just following Mr Richards?. Well. That is not important now.”.-Said the middle aged woman, staring the muscular frame under the black, extremely low-necked attire of Felicia Hardy.-“That´s right…bitch. If you don´t talk with me I will lead you to others that make you explain it all about your business”.-Said Black Cat, approaching to her.

 Fast and agile as a cobra, Mayor Thompson attacked Black Cat, which, thanks to her combat skills and modified agility, was able to dodge a lethal hit against her heart by an inch. The woman smiled.-“I have expected this moment during years, Black Cat. I will enjoy it…”.-Said ominously miss Thompson. Black Cat didn´t understand the meaning of such a strange sentence and she had no time to learn it. In seconds, Felicia was fighting for her live, fighting against a foe as skilled, maybe better skilled than her.   

During long minutes, both women fought around the lab in a murderous dance of punches, kicks, grabs and throws. Black Cat, sweating, could believe that mayor Thompson could be so skilled.-“Nor army…neither SHIELD special agents were so good!!!”.-Thought Felicia. Black Cat had used every martial art and trick imaginable of her ample repertoire of attacks but, one time and another, the woman was able to counteract her blows and counterattack. With every hit or her that reached the target, Black Cat received two or three. At the end, her arms and legs were numb and tired, her black suit was tore apart in many parts of it, exposing her left breast and thighs. Black Cat had never faced against such a formidable foe. Unless…”Time to lose one of your lives, Black Cat….”.-Said Mayor Thompson, extending the fingers of her right hand, ready to nail them on the throat of Felicia. Gathering her scare energies, Felicia unleashed a mule kick that hit the soldier in the middle of her chest, launching her back against a corner. Black Cat was breathing hard due to the effort, but she was satisfied.-“It is enough, Mayor Thompson…Or I should say…Black Widow?”.-Said Felicia, realizing that only the super spy could be her equal in a fight. 

Mayor Thompson/Natasha Romanov, sat on the corner, smiled. Touching her watch, the holographic cloak that hidden her identity disappeared, revealing the gorgeous body, dressed in a clingy dark grey suit, of the red haired spy.-“Not but, Hardy. That kick really hurt me. Somehow, you are not rival for me..”.-Said Black Widow, shooting a small dart from her bracelet. Black Cat moved to her left side in an attempt to avoid the dart but, to her surprise, it was a flash dart, which exploded close to her face with a blinding blue light. Black Cat screamed in surprise, staggering back stunned.-“Damned bitch!!!! You will pay for this!!!!”.-Yelled Felicia. Seconds later, her eyes began to see again…just in time to see as Black Widow was in front of her. Before she could react, the Russian spy shot a pair of darts against her breasts.-“Oooooohhhhh”.-Protested Black Cat, whose muscles became flaccid immediately. Though conscious, the neuro toxin had paralyzed her body. But she didn´t fall to the ground. Black Widow held her on her arms.-“Why, you asked? I make this for the Earth, really. I have been giving information about The Nest to Kalibak and Mandarin, tempting then to attack to get this high tech cannons…the ultimate gun. I have finally convinced them to come here with the new horde to claim the triumph and the prize. This time, they will success. The nest is not prepared for a new attack and I have prepared protected routed for them. But, when they get the cannons I prepared them to suffer an accidental overload. The energy source of these cannons is really dangerous, Black Cat.  Everything and everybody in a radius of four miles will be vaporized by a massive explosion. Kalibak and millions of his infamous para demons will die.”.

Felicia was confused, and such confusion could be seen on her eyes.-“I bet you are wondering why I am going to kill my mentor, Right?. Simply because I am a double agent…at the service of AIM. I will give them the blueprints, schematics and software of the cannons…and other things. We will replicate and improve them. AIM will lead the humanity to the triumph over Darkseid.”.-Black Cat was stunned. Black Widow and AIM were insane!! She had to stop her, but the heroine was unable to move and inch of her muscular body. She tried to talk, but only a trail of dribble left her lips.-“Don´t beg for mercy, Black Cat. You and the rest of the defenders of the nest…or even the own latverians, are expendable. The assault will take place in two days. Mr Richards will not say anything about my plot. In fact, he will sabotage the cannons to overload them. But the effect of the neuro toxin will not last so much time. Sorry, Black Cat. But you must admit that I I have to kill you…but I regret it...”.-Said the cold spy, kissing Felicia passionately. 

  During almost a minute, Natasha´s fleshy lips ate the opened mouth of the paralyzed Black Cat. Her tongue played with the tongue. At the end. Natasha felt as her womanhood tingled in excitation. But she had no time to such a distractions.    

Then, Black Widow slid the body of the paralyzed Black Cat till her head fell between her breasts. Then, mercilessly, she applied an unbreakable breasts smother over her, keeping her face firmly against her cleavage.-“Good night. Black Cat….”.-Said Black Widow while she suffocated her defenseless victim.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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