Batman enters Poison Ivy's cell to copy her powers

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Poison Ivy
Category DC M/F
Previous Chapter Batman visits Arkham Asylum to replicate the powers of some of his foes

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Poison Ivy's cell was nothing like the others. Instead of padded walls that kept the prisoners from hurting themselves, the walls of Pamela Isley's cell were made of bulletproof glass strong enough to withstand even special armor piercing bullets. They were meant to be a completely hermetic barrier between the female villain and the outside world. A necessary measure, since Ivy could enslave any guard using her pheromones and force him to free her.

The interior was furnished like a greenhouse and contained dozens of plants that Pamela grew to pass the time. Even the roof was made of glass to let sunlight through. There was a unique entrance through the roof that was used to toss supplies by helicopter into the cell. The walls were high enough so that Poison Ivy could neither climb it herself or make a plant grow up the glass.

But Batman's equipment allowed him to enter and exit her cell at his leisure. He made his way down and glanced at Poison Ivy who was sleeping on her side in the nude. Her cherry red hair and green vegetal skin made her an otherworldly sight. Her lithe figure was complemented by a pair of voluptuous breasts and a mouth-watering rump. She definitely didn't need her pheromones to attract men's attention.

His presence stirred her from her slumber. She looked up at him and smiled devilishly. "Well, well, well. Look who's here," she announced in mock surprise, graciously standing up. "I don't think I've ever seen you on this side of the wall," she joked with a light giggle. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" she asked, walking closer to him with unhurried seductive steps.

Batman, loyal to his mannerism, didn't answer her question. He just observed as she strolled up to him and wrapped an arm around his neck, drinking in the sight of her beautiful body. Although her gestures were inviting, the intent was completely opposite. Contact with Poison Ivy's skin was fatal. She could literally kill with a single kiss. Even with his nanites working on copying her abilities, Batman might die before Ivy's immunity to poisons kicks in and starts protecting him from her deadly touch. Fortunately he had flooded his bloodstream with enough antidotes and anti-toxins to survive until his own body became as poisonous as hers.

Pamela kissed him lustfully, running her free hand over his muscular chest. She was surprised when he passionately returned her kiss, holding her with on hand on her waist and the other one on her ass, squeezing gently. But she was bewildered when he didn't show any signs of sickness and instead deepened their contact, bending his body over hers while pulling her closer to him.

Ivy started to panic. Her powers seemed to have no effect on him and, although she wasn't a small woman, she was no match to his imposing stature. Without the advantage of her chemical powers, he could easily have his way with her. She tried to push him away but to no avail. She was trapped in his embrace and her knees were trembling, ready to give way under his erotic assault. An unwelcome yet darkly pleasant sensation was developing at the base of her thighs.

Bruce raised her with one arm under her knee and lowered her on the floor. He used his heavier body to hold her on her back, while he divested himself, leaving only his cape and cowl combo. Pamela was still trying to loosen up from his grip, but she was also getting increasingly wet from arousal.

Batman pushed two fingers inside her pussy and stroked her inner walls. She writhed and moaned under his assault. "Nooo! Batman, please, stop," she complained weakly, jerking her head from right to left.

"You don't like it, Dr Isley?" he asked in mock concern, as he pressed his thumb on her clitoris, making her hips jerk from pleasure. He could feel her cunt tightening on his fingers announcing her impending orgasm. "You seem so wet though."

"Please I don't want to-" she started. Although she could barely speak between pants.

"You don't want what?" he growled.

"I - I don't - don't... NOOOOO!" she screamed and squirted all over his hand. She shuddered in his hold as he gently kissed her to ease her down from her climax. Her eyes were half closed in surrender.

"Do you want me?" he whispered in her ear and bit on her neck.

"Yes," she replied feebly.

"Say it," he ordered rubbing his groin against hers. He pulled on her hair when she didn't comply and growled his command louder.

"I want you," she moaned out. She was getting excited from his display of dominance. Because of her poisonous touch, there weren't many men who could survive having sex with her. As a result, she hadn't had many intimate encounters since she was turned into a human plant hybrid.

"You want me for what?" he asked harshly before locking their lips in a bruising kiss.

"Fuck me. I want you to fuck me, please," she pleaded when he released her lips, rubbing her pussy lips against his length.

He penetrated her roughly, forcing a loud howl from her mouth. He pounded her hard with his throbbing cock, juices leaking from her wet cunt.

"Oh fuck, you're so tight, babe," he groaned through gritted teeth. She was answering his every thrust with her own jerk of her hips.

"YES! YES! FUCK ME BATMAN! You feel so good inside me," she wailed out in ecstasy.

The only sound matching their groans and moans was the impact of their hips. "OOOH!" - slap - "AAAH!" - slap - "YES!" - slap - "MOOORE!"

They were panting raggedly as he pounded his hard dick into her squishy pussy. He felt her tightening on him and knew she was close. He was close himself.

"I'M CUMMING, BATMAN! You're making me CUUUUUM!" she wailed out in release, spilling her cunt juices all over his groin. Her inner walls clamped on his shaft and he came with a loud growl, spurting his semen inside her.

He rolled on his back next to her and waited to regain his breathing, while she curled up on the ground with a satisfied smile and let herself fall asleep. When he had regained control of his lungs, he stood up and put his armor back on.

He was ready to go.

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