Ming Ka chases the women humping Drake and kidnaps the stud for herself

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter In the middle of the fight, Mr Pimp joins to the fray.

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Ming Ka, with the speed of a leopard,  rushed to the horny women that was rapping the man...HER MAN. The enormous bust of the petite Asian stripper bounced and bobbed wildly on her chest.-" I hate you Pandora...I will make you suffer...I will destroy you and your boobs. But first...".-Thought in rage the woman. In seconds, the fight between Mr Pimp and Pandora had left behind of her, and the man that her insatiable libido required was within reach of her hands.

"Get out of my man, bitches!!!!".-Roared the nude Assian stripper.-"Hey!!! How you dare? Wait for your tuuuuuurrrnnnn....".-Began to say one of the women but Ming Ka, grabbing her by her satin blouse, lifted her over her head, throwing away ten yards.-"I said...GET OUT!!!!"-Roared the busty woman again. Scared, a pair of horny business woman, dressed in Prada, run away as pursued by the Demon. 

Somehow, two more, apart from the two that kept fucking hard HungHorse, remained on their heeled steps.-"I don´t think so, little cow. The stud is our and you have no right to aaaaarrrghhhh....".-Replied the first of them. Seconds later, her body, launched easily by the air by Ming Ka, went through the large window of a sex shop.-"So. You want to fight, yeah? I warned you, busty bitch. I am expertise in.....".-The last woman, a famous wrestler, didn´t finish her sentence. 

Infuriated, Ming Ka  charged against her with her huge boulders first, hitting the chest of the boasting woman, which flew back away another ten yard, landing heavily over a Ferrari. Breathing hard, Ming Ka, looked at her stud, just a massive muscular greek god, was just a rag doll shaken with the sexual thrusts  of a pair of females in heat. 

Furious, the busty Assian bombshell grabbed by their necks the whores that were fucking HER STUD, removing their moist, dripping cunts from the erected, massive rods of Drake with a resounding POP.-"What the....".-Screamed the women, startled. With fury, the enraged Assian stripper crushed their faces against her massive, hard mammaries, knocking them out, with their faces covered in blood. -"At last!!!! Drake HungHorse is mine!!!".-Thought in triumph Ming Ka, seeing as the muscular man collapsed to the ground. Somehow, the petite 5'4'' busty stripper lifted easily the 350 lbs of pure muscle of the 7' man, carrying him over her shoulder. Then, she disappeared by a side alley.


Pandora rolled over her voluptuous side one more time, dodging another blast of concrete from her foe. The midget lord of the whores was, literally, red of rage. Lucky or not, he was so angry that he had forgotten that he could become in stone or use his evil glance. And, fortunately, Pandora was plenty of Lust-E...and focus on the fight. 

Taking advantage of one of the pauses between attacks, the busty heroine (That night, playing game had already finished), rushed to him, unleashing a hard kick against her hot, unfocused foe. Due to the size of her adversary, while her right foot hit her groins, her knee hit his chin. The final effect was a perfect goal field ten yards away. 

Then, as a furious banshee, the full nude busty heroine rushed to him. The few witness that remained on the streets become horny, seeing as the firmly rounded bust bounced wildly on her chest with every stride of her chiseled, ballerina legs. With deadly, precision,  Pandora kicked again the groins of the fallen Mr Pimp, sending him, howling in agony, into the window of the Twister Titties Night Club, a rival strip joint. Pandora´s, satin, tanned skin was covered in sweat...but it was over. 

With confident, the exuberant blonde heroine approached to the broken window.-"Well, well, tiny boy. It is time for the little go to bed....or jail....".-Jeered Pandora, trying to peek, the body of Mr Pimp on the dimness of the club.-"Hello??? Hello Mr Pimp? Are you aaaarrrgghhhh"-Screeched the busty  stripper when, as a cannon ball, the evil lord of the whores fisted her enormous mounds of flesh, pushing her back hard to the street.

"Now it is my turn, my future whore....".-Said ominously Mr Pimp, appearing from the dark became in a 3'6'' statue of living stone. Pandora began to get over her bare feet.-" Beating him wouldn´t be so easy now. Mr Pimp was now focused on the fight...".-Thought Pandora. 

Mr Pimp tackled  wildly against her with a screech of rage.  Still aching, Pandora could react on time. With fury, the granitic midget jumped  against her. With difficult,  her short legs applied a legs scissors under her bust, meanwhile his small arms tried to embrace her ample, rounded boobs. Pandora´s blue eyes wide opened in surprise by such a attack. 

But worse was to come.-"Look at my eyes bitch...Look at my eyes and learn the meaning of pleasure....".-Whispered ominously Mr Pimp, applying his will on his perverse mental attack.

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