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The Estate (Gotham´s outskirts)

The powerful legs of She-Hulk jumped one more time, leading her and the motionless body of Wonder Woman close to the main gate of the Estate, origin of an strange energy pulse on the vicinity of Gotham, city, one of the last free cities on Earth.  

On her way, a few para demons had tried to stop them...which had been a bad idea. The massive 6'11'' jade titaness had broken them in pieces in a savage orgy of blood and guts.  

    Her almost psycho  rage for the para demons grew and grew at any into her soul since that terrible day...the first day of the invasion. A boom tube had opened in the blue line on New York underground, gulping wagon after wagon with its passengers...and one of them was Jennifer Walters.  

  Changing into the massive 667 lbs of pure muscle called She Hulk, the avenger slashed horde after horde of those infamous para demons that menaced to capture hundreds of the other passengers of the wagon. But finally, Desaad, the evil lackey of Darkseid, and his special storm troopers had beaten her using against her thousands of neuro-needles, that inflicted her almost a lethal agony. Somehow, the Desaad cruelty wasn´t finished. 

At his mercy, the lieutenant of Darkseid forced her to see as all the civilians that she had been protecting, were slaughtered in front of her among screeches of agony. Then, he and his minions raped her during hours, reviling her body and breaking her soul. But, even after that, Desaad didn´t kill her. As an example about the evil Darkseid could get, she was returned to Earth, nude and devastated.  

  In such a condition, sobbing on a corner in fetal position, one woman found her.... Diana, Wonder Woman, the princess of the warrior amazons. In the past, She Hulk had considered her a cold, arrogant brat. Somehow, without a word, Diana, understood what had happened with her, empathizing with her suffering and, during an hour, the warrior embraced her...and cried for her, sharing her suffering. 

That day, the jovial Jennifer Walters died, leaving only the green titaness called She Hulk...a  mute titaness that only spoke with her acts, slaughtering every para demon at sight.     With the last jump, and protecting with her own muscular frame the body of Diana, She Hulk went through a window of the third story (she had no time to verify in the main gate was opened), landing in the middle of a bedroom, ornamented with Victorian furniture. Even, the unique source of light came from a small oil lamp.   Gently, the jade titaness placed the moaning body of Wonder Woman in the canopy bed, but, immediately, she turned to the hole to smash the incoming para demons that followed her. For last time, she stared the battered, unconscious body of her friend, ready to defend her till the end.


Mr Freeze opened the back door, entering in a kitchen. The lights were turned off, but, in the dimness, he could see  the usual furniture and appliances of a modern kitchen. He checked the switch, but the lights didn´t turned on. Well. never mind. His armor was equipped with a flashing light. 

Turned it on, he made his way to one of the doors, following the indications from his device. The origin of the strange energy was close of him, in the same building. He had just to follow the arrow and....And then, Mr Freeze heard a suffocate scream demanding for help. Dr Fries recognized the voice.-"Scarlet Witch!!!...Wanda!!!!...Where are you?".-Yelled the man.

 He could see another scream but he was unable to define the origin. With determination, Mr Freeze made his way to the first door he found, that led to a corridor. Another scream. He kept walking to the end of the corridor, only illuminated by his own flashlight. 

To his surprise, when he opened the door, he entered in a kitchen...the same kitchen in which he had been a few seconds before.-"It can´t be right...".-Thought Mr Freeze. Another scream to his right. Running , Dr Fries opened the door of his right. Another dark corridor and another door. Rushing to it, he opened again the door...and again, he found himself in the same kitchen.-"What the frozen hell is happening here???"


"Baron Von Doom. The para demons offensive has been stopped...by the moment.-".-Began to report General Lane, former NATO SACEUR.-"We lost three infantry NATO companies, an HYDRA cohort and five of our scarce battle tanks. The Disphormity Cannons are still out of line but we had to use all the stock of SPAAG projectiles to stop the Kalibak army. And worst. One of them suffered an overload and it is inoperative. We won't resist another attack of such magnitude, baron.....But".-Finished General Lane.-"But what. General Lane. This isn´t the moment to keep secrets between us!".-Roared Doom.

"Baron...our INTEL Service suspects that there is a spy...a traitor on our files with access to the secrets of the HQ.".-Declared Lane with concern.-"That is impossible, General Lane. No one of us loves the para demons...and we know the 'prizes' that Darkseid gives to his collaborators....".-Roared Doom, stared the faces of his stuff.-"I suppose that, Baron. But, in the last weeks, we have lost too much patrols than usual. Marauders had been launched against our weak points of our fortress in the north. And finally, this last massive assault. They had never attacked us in such a way and with that bizarre creatures. INTEL thinks that they wanted to seize the new cannons and its technology or, a secondary objective, verify how powerful they were. In any case, we are defenseless if another attack of such a magnitude happens. And If I am right, the spy and Kalibak know that....If I am right, The Nest is doomed."

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