Pandora and Drake make their escape through the front door but run into Ming Ka outside of the strip joint

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
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"You!!! Idiots!!!! Fucked  Good-For-Nothing!!!! They are escaping!!!! Take Them!!! TAKE THEEEEM!!!".-Roared Mr Pimp, the tiny big boss of the underground, from the top of a table, aiming to the running figures that made their way...to the back stage of the strip joint. 

But his henchmen were too busy, overwhelmed by the army of full nude Pandora´s that filled completely the place.  There were Pandora´s dancing on the stage...on the bar...at the top of the tables....There were four Pandora´s surrounding every one of his muscular, massive henchmen, wiggling their nude, voluptuous bodies in front of the men...rubbing deviously, sensually her boobs from his legs to his chests...Just one Pandora could be too much for many men. 

Those tough, merciless men, had been indoctrinated to resist the charms of the sexual slaves of Mr Pimp...or even, during a short time, the charms of the own Pandora. Somehow, the impact over their minds the view of almost a hundred of suggestible Pandoras surrounding them had been too much for them. Horny as hell, their eyes jumped to one for another Pandora....from her eyes to her knockers...from her crotch to her lips...The tough men, totally mesmerized,  rubbed every boob and buttock within reach of their hands, which though there just hard light illusions, reacted moaning in bliss, inflaming even more the libido of the men. 

To the desperation of Mr Pimp, the men that he had deployed along other places of the night club had gone to the main stage. Now, all his twenty henchmen had fallen under the claws...or boobs, of those busty doppelgangers of the heroine-stripper. Some of them, even, they were undressing them to fuck with those ilusions....

"AAAAARRRGGGGGGHHHH.....".-Roared in rage Mr Pimp, kicking the large rounded boob of one of those illusions that danced in front of him.-"You will pay for this HungHorse!!!!!! You will pay for this Pandora!!!! Mr Pimp swears you!!!!!!".-Yelled the hobbit, staring as the stage of "The stars and stripe dancing club" had become in the film set of an orgy taken from a hard core porn movie

. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

With the screams of rage of Mr Pimp and the heaves of pleasure of his men behind them, Pandora and Drake reached the main stage of the joint. The sounds and neon lights of the bustling Red Strip of Mega York hit their senses..-"Well. Sweet heart. We are save for....now".-Muttered Drake, but then, he realized that Ming Ka was in front of them.

 In fact, not only the small, busty, nude, Asian stripper but also a crowd of pedestrian and customers were surrounding the main gate of the famous night club, on the believing that it was a performance.  

 In fact, when the nude busty Pandora and the nude- well-endowed  Drake appeared on the gate, claps and noises of jubilee and pleasure from that multitude hit them as a tsunami. Drake wasn´t really like with that situation. Being nude in front of a woman...or Pandora, was different that being nude in front of a crowd of men and some woman, though his pair of massive manhoods were the envy of both of them. 

On the other hand, Pandora was exultant. The lust that her nude appearance had produced on those horny men were stimulating the regeneration of the Lust-E of her body, filling her firmly rounded feminine attributes.  The blonde bombshell  felt  as her strength and resilience returned to her busty body....but it would take a time...a time that maybe she and her muscular 7' partner didn´t have.-"Did you really think that you could cheat me twice with such a trick, HungHorse?  I have the sharp senses of  the most dangerous predators. You won´t  escape from me again...And you...busty bitch...I have the strength of the strongest animals of the wildlife. Humbling you is not my desire now. I want to kill you...And I will!!!!".-Roared Ming Ka in rage. 

The enormous pumpkins bounced sweaty on her chest. Drake, despite of his shame, prepared himself to fight. Somehow Pandora placed her hands on her hips and pushed forward her rounded 42HHH cantaloupes, deploying all her sensuality at the view of the crowd, whose lecherous grew and grew at any second....as her own power do.-"Come on Ming Ka. The crowd don´t want to see us fighting...err well, maybe if we would be on a mud pool...".-Jeered Pandora. The people, excited with the mental images of those two busty bombshells fighting in mud, inflamed even more their libido.-"...but..why don´t we repeat our duel in front of these good people?"-The crowd were exultant with such a idea.-"You and me...in the middle of the avenue...with this multitude as jury.....Come on, Ming Ka. I am giving you a second chance...to lose....".-Smiled sensually Pandora, sliding her long fingers over her voluptuous torso and hips.-"A few seconds more...and I will be strong enough to kick your Asian knockers....just a few seconds more....".

 "Stay back Pandora. I will manage with her!!!!".-Roared the muscular  titan called Drake, rushing against the small, busty Ming Ka.."No, Drake!!!! Watch out!!!!".-Yelled Pandora too late to stop him. On the blink of an eye, Ming Ka, with the combine speed of a cobra and a mantis, punched twice his hanging balls with the strength of  an elephant.  Howling in pain, Drake fell on her knees. Then, Ming Ka, grabbing him by his temples, crashed once, twice, three times, four times his face against her 52KKK heavy boulders, knocking him out cold on the ground.

"Did you want a duel, Pandora? Let´s make a duel. We shall see which boobs are the hardest of this city....".-Roared ominously Ming Ka. Ready or not, Pandora prepared herself to fight. 

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