We continue with the Villains and Heroes at the Museum.

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Justice League
Category DC
Previous Chapter Circe's plan, Catwoman's mission

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Cheetah and Deathstroke were silently making their way through the halls of the Metropolis Museum of Archeology and History. The sorceress had sent them for an artifact that was meant to strengthen her ability to penetrate a person's mind, making it easier to brainwash people, among other feats.

Deathstroke didn't like it. Sure, he needed the money, but he didn't like working to give someone even more power, especially more power over him. He was seriously considering sabotaging this job. His rep shouldn't suffer too much from it, since the witch didn't spend much time with his regular clients.

A voice from above him interrupted his musing. "Stand down, you two! You're outnumbered," Hal Jordan warned, pointing his ring at Deathstroke. Behind him, he had summoned a platform to support Vixen, Huntress and Ice.

Deathstroke laughed at him. "And you're still outmatched," he answered the hero. He wasn't gloating. Slade Wilson was easily as good as Batman, and that was before he had been augmented. His healing factor was so powerful that he was almost impossible to kill.

Vixen and Huntress lunged at Cheetah while Ice and Hal Jordan tried to capture Deathstroke with their powers, but he was too fast. He evaded every blasts of ice and green energy sent at him and threw a grenade at Ice. Hal had to use a barrier to protect her and Deathstroke slipped out of their sight. He reappeared kicking Hal in the back. As Hal crashed into a wall, Slade drew his sword and was about to cut Ice when he was tackled to the ground by Creeper.

Slade noticed that a few other leaguers had joined the fight, bringing with them a bound and gagged Sportsmaster and Giganta. "Give up Slade. Your friends have already lost," Zatanna declared, standing next to Fire. Cheetah had also been caught in one of Huntress' bolas.

"Oh, really!?" They could hear Slade's smirk. Suddenly Sportsmaster and Giganta dissolved into a green puddle. They were Poison Ivy's plant dummies. The real Sportsmaster and Giganta were already exiting the Museum with one of the artifacts the villains were sent to retrieve. It was only supposed to enhance one's natural sex-appeal.

Before Hal could send anyone after the two fugitives, an explosion pierced the roof and Sinestro and Star Sapphire entered through the opening. As Zatanna, Vixen, Huntress, Hal Jordan, Ice and Creeper were facing off against Star Sapphire, Sinestro and Deathstroke, Fire was suddenly thrown seemingly from nowhere in the middle of the fray. She was bound in one of Poison Ivy's plants, who appeared mounting a giant root.

Six on four. They could make it. Right?

Taking advantage of a short respite after having blasted Sinestro through a wall, Hal Jordan sent a call to the Watchtower. "Hal Jordan to Watchtower, come in."

"This is Wonder Woman. What do you need?"

"Two of the villains we went after have escaped us while we are caught in a fight. Can you send us Superman? It's his city, after all."

"Just a moment... He's not responding. I'm sending Flash. J'onn already read your thoughts and told Flash who to look for."

"You sure he'll be enough?"

"Don't worry, Hal. He'll get the job done."

"Okay, I guess. Thanks Diana. Hal Jordan out."

He barely had the time to finish talking when Star Sapphire and Sinestro ganged up on him. He took a quick peek at the rest of the battlefield. Ice was out cold, lying unconscious trapped under gravel. Zatanna was trying her best to keep Poison Ivy's plants at bay, while Deathstroke was clashing with apparent ease against Vixen, Huntress and Creeper.

Suddenly a blinding flash of light enveloped the area. Zatanna had blasted Poison Ivy with a spell, but instead of going down Poison Ivy screamed with all her might. When everyone could see again, they noticed a pink mist filling the hall. It had a strange sweet smell that felt strangely... arousing.

Both heroes and villains stopped fighting as they were all too dizzy to fight, except for Deathdtroke whose regenerative powers made him resistant to most chemical compounds. Making use of the situation, he knocked Creeper and was about to do the same to Zatanna and Huntress, when he noticed the state they were in.

The two women had slumped to the floor and were now sitting on their knees. Their pupils were dilated and they were panting raggedly. Poison Ivy's pheromone had made them compliant and aroused.

Deathstroke glanced around him. Poison Ivy had fallen unconscious after her outburst and Sinestro and Hal Jordan couldn't keep their hands off Star Sapphire. She was in for one heck of a night. Slade didn't really care. He wasn't going to interrupt them.

He had a choice to make. Take advantage of his colleagues and adversaries' state to get his job done and bring Circe her lockets or to bang the hell out of the two cuties in front of him.

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