They bang each other on the stage

Storyline Pandora Queen of the Boob-verse
Characters Pandora, Queen of the Boob-verse
Previous Chapter The boob duel takes place.

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Pandora crossed her slender arms under her great orbs which enhanced her magnificence.-"I didn´t need your help Hung-Horse. Now, Ming Ka didn´t know that I am the best stripper on the city....".-Roared the blond, busty stripper with a grim on annoyance on her beauty face.-"Did you really think that I am unable to manage this busty nasty brat? And the henchmen that, most likely, she had infiltrated of the local? You have disappointed me....little boy."   

 "Easy, Easy, Sweetheart. I was just...walking around the neighborhood and...and thought that me...and you...well...you know. Then, I saw a pair of guys on a van, waiting for something and then...well...You can imagine the next....".     "Yep!!! I imagine the rest...".-Said Pandora with scorn, approaching her nude body to the black haired, muscular male in front of her.-"...you decided to plat  the role of the white knight at the rescue of the jeopardy damsel...".-Roared Pandora, staring with intensity the green eyes of the man, now, at inches of her own blue ones.

     Drake, feigning an unbreakable self confidence, smiled. Somehow, having a woman as Pandora so close to him....that satin, tanned skin, her sculptural buttocks, her enormous, firmly rounded boobs within reach of his huge hands, turned him on as hell. It was a torture for him the fight against his primal instincts. And worst. If fact, maybe he had made a mistake offending her. That busty woman was capable of taking care of herself even among an horde of criminal. 

    "You were a silly....".-Roared again Pandora enraged. Then, as fast as a lightning, the busty nude stripper placed her hands on the sides of that Greek god, smiling with affect..-"...but I appreciate the gesture....Drake.".-Then over her tiptoes, she kissed gently his right cheek.-"...unfortunately, I have a previous date...with a lot of narcos on the docks. They are trying to disembark a few tons of shit....and I can allow it...".-Said the woman, trying to control her own instincts. That man was able to make her horny in a way that she was unable to understand. Not only by his impressive frame..or his monstrous cocks. There was something indescribable that attract her. And If she began to excite, Pandora will lost the Lust-E that gave her strength and resilience...strength and resilience that she would need later.   

   "Come on. Just one fast bang...in gratefulness. Then, I can help you with the narco-scum...".-Smiled Drake, placing his huge hands on the hips of Pandora, filling the firmness of her dancer flesh. Then, gently, the muscular titan pulled her pelvis against his own body. Pandora´s body got in touch against the massive hard body of the man. By the moment, at the limit of her Lust-E, the blond voluptuousness was much stronger than him. "You have no decide, Drake....".-Said abruptly Pandora, grabbing firmly his wrists, pulling his hands away her buttocks.-"I...have...the control.....".-Finished the woman, guiding his big hands over her enormous breasts. Pandora smiled in lust, filling the pressure of his bulging, throbbing cocks over her body.-"To the hell with it. This stud turn me on as hell. And what the fuck!!!! Exciting narcos to regain Lust-E is a piece of cake.".-Though the woman.   

  "You owned me one, Drake...".-Whispered Pandora, pushing him back against the stage. Drake gulped, impressed by the strength of that small (to him) busty body. Fast, he unzipped his pants, and the objects of desire of Pandora were exposed in all their massive size. -"...don´t fail me...".-Roared Pandora, grabbing  every cock with every one of her long fingers. Drake heaved, trying to control himself, laid on the middle of the stage...as Pandora had made the first time they fucked. Then, she sat over his pelvis, leading his virile members right into her crotch and anus..-"oh my....".-Exclaimed Drake when his rods went through the intimate flesh of Pandora.     And finally, Pandora began to ride him as a stallion. And, though she didn´t need help, placed his huge hands on her waists, raising and dropping at unison her body over his massively erected manhood's while his eyes admired, totally mesmerized, as her enormous, rounded knockers bounced wildly on her chest...so close and so far of his mouth.  

   Pandora screeched in ecstasy and, though she felt that her Lust-E had vanished almost completely, the sexual arousal that went through her body was as intoxicant as the power she got with that energy. And, under her, the muscular, 7' man called Drake, also heaved  in pleasure, overwhelmed with the sexual impetuosity of the "small" woman over him.  

  Somehow, at few yards of her, Ming Ka had regained consciousness, and, with reluctance, heard as her foes fucked each other as animal. In fact, Pandora was fucking him....something that Ming Ka had always desired but no got it. It was a chance. She was conscious again and they were distracted. What could she make now?

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Evva, of course Babs is going to be Dick's harem lover. The real fun is in getting her to beg him to make her one.
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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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Jtreat :) really liked how the story started :)
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Interesting zig zags at the moment, GAV. Will she, won't she... be in the harem.
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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