Batman returns to Gotham the next day with Diana.

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Batman Wonder Woman The Amazons (DC)
Category DC M/F Romance
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For the first time in a very long while, Batman woke up feeling rested. Better yet, his ever storming mind was at peace. All thanks to the woman sleeping curled in his embrace with a blissful smile.

He loved everything about her. From her gold-hearted purity to her unrelenting warrior spirit. From her lustrous dark hair to her plush ruby red lips. From her bursting bosom to her lusty rump.

She stirred something primal inside him. The beast within him that howled every night for vengeance now yearned for her touch. The Bat needed to claim her.

Without waking her up, his hands traveled the length of her back fingers brushing through her silky locks. Reaching her bottom, he caressed and squeezed her buttocks and the back of her thighs, sneaking his digits between them. She stirred slightly when he grazed her slit but didn't wake up. He ran his palms up and down her inner thigh, brushing her pussy at every run. She hummed at every touch unconsciously rubbing her breasts over his torso.

Getting bolder after a while, he finally pushed a finger between her wet folds. "Bruce," she murmured his name in delight, still sound asleep, as he dipped steadily in and out of her juicy cunt. She started creaming for him when he added a second finger to his assault.

Her hips were swaying in time with his probing digits, her pussy greedily sucking on them. Her breathing caught up to her jerking tush and her sweat coating his body. He knew she was close to release when her inner walls tightened on his fingers.

He removed his hands from her rump to cup her face in his palms and connect their lips in a long sensual kiss that sent shivers through her spine. That woke her up. "Bruce," she whispered, slightly confused and extremely aroused, as her eyes slowly opened. He didn't say anything when he turned her around and laid her front side on the bed. "Bruce," she mock protested as she twisted her head to look at him covering her body with his. She did nothing to actually free herself from his grip.

She shuddered at feeling the length of his throbbing erection pressed between her buttocks. She ground her ass into his crotch trying to make herself come, as she was already on the edge of climax. "Bruce," whimpered weakly, stunned to find herself in such an intimate position upon waking up.

"Diana," he breathed hoarsely in her ear and nibbled on her earlobe. "I'm sorry, Princess, but I need to fuck you so bad right now," he emphasized every word with a jerk of his hips and bit gently on her neck. "I'm going to pound my cock into your cunt and fill you up to the brim with my cum," he grabbed her wrists to set them above her head as her insides quivered at his lewd proclamation. "And I won't stop even if you beg me to. You'll have to make me," he growled into her ear, as he clutched at her hair to bend her head backwards.

"No," she inhaled audibly and his breath was stuck in his throat, ashamed that he was about to force himself on his lover. "No need to ask for permission, my Knight," she turned a sexy grin at him. She rocked her hips, squeezing his member between her butt cheeks and jerking him off. "Remember, you are mine and I am yours," she exhaled huskily, her eyes alight with need and desire. "Take me, Batman. Make me yours again," she wailed, arching her back and raising her ass to give him better access to her slit.

A fire ignited inside him. Still holding her wrists and hair in his grasp, he straddled her rump, kissed her hard and, with no warning, plunged his rock hard cock through her tight juicy cunt, making her scream loudly into his mouth. He thrust passionately inside her as she writhed and squirmed under his heavy body. It didn't take too long for her to come.

"Oooh Hera, I'm coming, Bruce. You're making me come," she cried after they disengaged their lips. He gritted his teeth as her squirting snatch clamped on his shaft. She moaned and shuddered helplessly as he powered through her orgasm, sending shock waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Her insides were wet and slippery from her juices, letting him thrust in and out of her as fast as his body was able to. She was coming after every few dives of his cock, making her pussy tighten and tug on his member, forcing him into climax.

"Dianaaa," he growled like a beast, flooding her pussy with the ropes of come that spurted out of his throbbing dick.

"Bruuuce," she wailed like a banshee, squirting all over their loins and thighs while her quivering cunt milked and slurped on his cock for his seed.

He sneaked his arms under her waist and hugged her close to his body as he collapsed on his side taking her with him. She turned around in his embrace to face him and gave him a kiss full of adoration and gratitude. They gently caressed each other's shivering bodies, enjoying the aftermath of their climax. They enjoyed the tender moment between ragged pants and warm kisses all over their faces, necks and shoulders.

"That was" - "Wow" - "Amazing," they exhaled as their breathing settled down.

"We should probably be getting up," Diana said after a moment.

"Uh huh."

"The others must be waiting for us to join them," she added.

"We're fine on our own," he replied.

Their conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. "Princess Diana?" a female voice sounded from the other side.

"Yes?" Diana answered.

"Queen Hippolyta has asked for your companion to join her for lunch," the Amazon explained.

"We'll join her as soon as we are ready," Diana promised.

"Understood," her sister's voice sounded, followed by departing footsteps.

"Do we have the time to clean up?" Bruce asked when they didn't hear anything anymore.

"Yes. But just to clean up," she eyed him suspiciously.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Diana laughed and Bruce chuckled at their inside joke.

Lunch with Diana's mother and the rest of the present Justice League members was the epitome of chaos. While Bruce and Diana were comfortably chatting with Hippolyta, Wildcat and J'onn, while Clark seemed to experience a nervous breakdown. He was trying unsuccessfully to thwart the advances of the Amazons he had pleasured last night and Diana had to remind them he was a taken man.

Shayera and Kara, who looked slightly flustered, were sitting with their new Amazonian friends planning a training session followed by a sparring match for next week.

Wally was flirting shamelessly with half a dozen Amazons he had pleasured the night before. They were clinging to him like a group of love-stricken fan-girls as he promised to come back regularly to rock their world, earning himself a number of happy squeals after Hawkgirl explained that he was promising them more sex. He also got a lot of dirty looks from surrounding Amazons who were not happy about that male corrupting their sisters, although they seemed quite pleased with his type of corruption. Diana realized she needed to have a little chat with Flash later on.

Now was the time for the Justice League to depart from Themyscira. Batman sent his Bat-Wing back home on autopilot and boarded Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet with Diana, while the others climbed back into the Javelin they had used to come here. The larger group headed back to the Watchtower as the couple flew after the Bat-Wing in the direction of Gotham City and Wayne Manor.

Diana wanted to see Bruce out for his patrol before teleporting up to the Watchtower. She hoped she would be back in time to welcome him back home.

Both planes soon landed into the Bat-Cave. When Bruce and Diana came out of her jet, they were greeted by strange erratic noises, and the bats were not at fault. Getting ready for battle, the heroes rapidly located their origin in the medical bay. As they neared their destination, they realized the moans and groans and pants were sounds of carnal delight.

They all came from the person standing in the middle of the room and the two redheads sitting on their knees in front of him. Batman and Wonder Woman had just caught his son Nightwing getting his cock sucked dry by his fellow Teen Titan Starfire and the half-Amazon Grace. All three of them were in their birthday clothes. Bruce's frustrated sigh and Diana's shocked gasp alerted the trio to their presence.

Different complaints such as "What the Hell!" or "Oh my God!" and "Holy cock-blocking peeping toms, Batman!" filled the cave before everyone went silent again.

"You do remember you have a room upstairs, Dick?" Batman calmly asked after a long uncomfortable silence.

"I - I - that is..." sputtered Nightwing who still rested his hands on the women's heads.

"Get out!" Bruce's firm command sent the trio running out of Batman's lair and up the stairs that led to the manor.

"That was weird," Diana commented once she had regained her composure.

"I just hope they won't be seen by either Tim or Cass," Bruce said, never having even shown any signs of shock or surprise.

"Or Alfred," she added. Bruce's only reply was a nod as he made his way to his computer to check out the news and prepare his patrol.

Bruce had settled in his seat and Diana was affectionately rubbing his shoulders while observing his reactions. "What's wrong?" she asked when he frowned.

"A report from Barbara about someone hiring a group of supervillains. Nothing unusual there except that Catwoman is among them along with three people who have a personal vendetta against me," he explained.

"Do we know who hired them?" she sounded concerned.

"No," he answered simply, "and I have a bad feeling about this case. We better keep tabs on the team Oracle sent on this case."

He got up and they walked to the Batmobile, stopping just in front of it. They looked into each other's eyes and shared a loving kiss.

"I'll be back as soon as I can," she promised breathlessly.

"Me too," he breathed out and climbed into his car.

"Be safe, my love," she wished him, her eyes shining brightly.

"Same here, Princess," he finished with a tender smile before the canopy of the Batmobile closed and the Batman sped out to protect his city.

Wonder Woman watched him leave before striding to the teleportation platform and entering the code that would send her to the Watchtower.

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