Meanwhile Batman is arriving home from another patrol, exhausted.

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Batman Alfred Pennyworth Martian Manhunter Wonder Woman
Category DC Masturbation M/F Romance
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman calls the Watchtower and asks the members that the Amazons desire to come to Themyscira

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It is 5 AM in Gotham when Batman finally makes it back home. Tonight's patrol has been long and exhausting. He has been tracking a new serial killer only to discover that Black Mask has deliberately freed him from Arkham to distract Batman while the villain's men can smuggle military grade weapons.

Unfortunately for them, Batman has intercepted a police report that has led him directly to their warehouse. The ensuing battle has resulted in a lot of broken limbs, and the aren't his. Not that he has been left unscathed: two broken ribs, a few knife wounds in the upper arms and thighs, a bullet in the collar bone and a few dozen bruises.

Nothing unusual, he thinks bitterly. Maybe I should call Diana and ask her to join me for breakfast, he considers remembering the hurt look on her face when he has dismissed her advances because he has been late for patrol.

A heavy yawn escapes his mouth. Or a late brunch. He is glad today is Saturday. At least I can catch up on some sleep, he thinks hopefully before he hears his communicator beeping. No rest for the wicked.

"Batman here," he replies in his usual all-business tone.

"Your presence is required in Themyscira," J'onn answers curtly.

"My presence?" he asks with a slight note of disbelief. Is Diana in trouble? he doesn't dare to ask.

"Along with a few other leaguers, including myself," J'onn replies. Great, Bruce complains with a masked yawn, and I can't deal with her in this state. I may forget to act like a jerk and hug her in front of everyone. I'll be lucky if her mother lets me keep my head after she castrates me.

"Can't you send someone else?" I'm too tired to deal with anything right now, he adds mentally.

"Sorry Batman, but Wonder Woman has asked for us specifically," J'onn explains. Diana needs you, Bruce, he adds telepathically.

"Understood," Batman complies with a hoarse sigh. "What the situation?" Damn matchmaking Martian, he groans mentally.

"Wonder Woman has given no details except for the required members and that we are needed there as soon as possible." You're welcome.

"I'll head for Themyscira on my own once I'm ready, J'onn. See you there. Batman out," Bruce ends the conversation and turns off his communicator.

And, Bruce? J'onn tries to resume the conversation telepathically. I've sensed very unusual thought patterns from Diana's mind together with a lot of distress. Although your presence seems to calm her most of the time, he adds with a mental smirk.

And I said: Batman out, he finishes exasperatedly using a meditative technique to close his mind from J'onn's telepathy. A cough shifts his attention to another intruder.

"I assume you won't have the time for a proper meal, Master Bruce," Alfred says in his trademark manner.

"Surprised, Alfred?" he asks his butler sarcastically.

"Not at all, sir. But perhaps you'll take the time to let me dress your wounds and take a shower before you leave to meet the princess," Alfred continues with a touch of humor.

"It's strictly for Justice League business," Bruce tries to justify. He removes his suit and follows Alfred to the medical bay.

"Of course, sir," he replies, knowing better than to listen to his charge's constant denial of his feelings. "But this time, my boy, do mind your manners," he adds with a frown and a disapproving tone once he is done cleaning Batman's injuries.

After Alfred returns upstairs to the manor, Bruce goes take a warm shower to relax his tense body. He can't help but think of Diana and their heated sparring session from earlier that day. Or was it yesterday already? Damn distracting Amazon.

His member starts to harden as he remembers her straddling his hips. I know she was jerking on purpose to feel me up. He takes hold of his erection wishing for Diana's delicate but strong silky hands. I almost lost it when I had her pinned face down on the ground. She was so wet.

All I wanted was to tear off her shorts and start rubbing her pussy. Then I would take off my glove and shove my fingers deep inside her core. She would moan my name over and over again every time I plunged my fingers between her wet folds until she came all over the floor.

Giving her no time to recuperate from her climax, I would turn her around and open her legs to thrust my rock hard cock into her tight juicy pussy. She would pant and scream like a lioness in heat as I pound inside her. She would writhe and shudder as I make her come and squirt over my pumping erection as her juices spill out all over our groins and thighs.

As her vagina gets even tighter begging me to fill her with my seed, I keep shoving myself in and out of her slurping cunt. As she starts wailing like a banshee under my powerful humping, I grunt and growl like a wild beast when I finally join her in our shared release.

In the shower, Bruce opens his eyes having finished indulging in his fantasy. He finishes cleaning himself up and exits the shower to go put on his armor. He decides to don his sturdiest armor since he always seems to get tossed around a lot during Justice League missions.

Getting ready for combat he feels a slight pang of shame at having used his potentially-more-than-friend to fuel his dirty thoughts. Damn it, Bruce, he chastises himself, stop imagining using her like a sex doll. She's not an object.

He climbs into his customized jet and sets course for Themyscira. Fuck, I'm so fired up I'll have a hard-on as soon as I see her. And if she's wearing her short white tunic just to tease me like last time, I don't know if I'll able to keep my hands to myself.

With that last thought and his plane on autopilot, Bruce starts meditating to clean his mind and get some needed rest.

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