Fire and Ice think of a game

by Sailor Mercury
Storyline The Pink Lanturn Corps.
Characters Ice Fire Harley Quinn
Previous Chapter Harley becomes a slutty clown

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Fire and Ice, both moaned in pleasure, as they felt themselves become even more powerful, from turning Harley into their slut. Not only did their natural elemental powers grow, but so did the power of their Pink Lantern Rings. Unlike other Lantern rings, they didn't need to recharge their rings, as the power source itself was the wearer's lust.

Harley had torn her costume to pieces, as she ripped it off of her self. All she wore now was her jester hat, mask, and gloves. Harley's face was still painted white, like a clown. She began to take of her hat, but was stopped by Fire.

"Ah, ah, ah. You will keep that on, you are to keep that on, at all times, unless we tell you otherwise."

Harley stopped and kept it on. "As yah command, mistress Fire. Please, Harley's horny. Harley needs ta be fucked, like da clown slut she is!"

"In a bit, there is something I want you to tell me and Ice first. How did you get here?"

Harley told her about the big Arkham break out, and how every last inmate had escaped.

"Hmmm, interesting." Fire said, then looked over to her fellow Pink Lantern, Ice. "Did you hear that?"

Ice was having her pussy licked by Superman, who was fucking Lois Lane at the same time. "Yeah, I heard her. But what about it?"

"It means we might be able to get a bit further along with this. Since Arkham is empty, of all prisoners, Batman will not have time to check on the Asylum!"

"OH! I get it. While he is capturing and returning them to Arkham, he will unknowingly be supplying more sex slaves for us.

"I think Harley could prove useful." Fire said. "Since she is one of the escaped inmates, she can get in easily."

"Plus, with a bit of an 'alteration' to her, she will be able to easily take over Arkham!"

They both used their rings to create a sort of 'aura' around Harley, and said their Pink Lantern oath.

"With kinky fun!"
"In hottest night!"
"To spreading lust we set our sight!"
"Endless sex is such a delight"
"Thanks to the perversion of pink light!"

Just like with Lois Lane, Harley's body started to transform. Her tits became much larger, as her ass expanded.

"There, we go. A sexy, fuckable, slutty, body for a slutty clown. Now before we let you get laid, there is something we want you to do.

"Sures, mistress Ice." said Harley, she said as jumped for joy. Her enlarged tits, jiggled fiercly. "What cans dis slut do for yah?"

"In addition to your more fuckable body, we have given you the ability to turn others into our slaves." Ice said. "All you have to do is kiss someone who has yet to be converted to the pink light, and you will be able to turn bring them into our slaves."

"Ohh, sounds sexy mistress Ice!"

"That is why we want you to get back to Arkham, that way, when the other inmates are captured and are brought back, you will be ready to welcome them, by filling them with endless lust!" said Fire.

"Ohhhhhhh, I likes da sound a dis mistress Fire!"

"Of course. You will be able to command them, while we're not there. You will also need to take over the Asylum, and enslave the guards and warden."

"Kay'." Harley said with a giggle. "Can I has my pussy fucked, before I goes?"

"Fine." Ice said, with a smug grin. She created as strap on made of cold, cool ice. Sliding it into Harley's pussy, she began to fuck her, until she orgasmed. Then Harley got back on her motorcycle, and started heading back to Arkham, so she could help spread lust, to the others, and to the guards.

Soon after, Guy Gardner and Booster Gold arrived.

"Hey girls. What's up."

"Guy, know how, your a Green Lantern?" Ice said.


"Well, me and Fire have become members of a 'special' lantern corps. The Pink Lanterns." Ice said, as she and Fire showed them their Pink Lantern rings.

"I haven't heard of them before."

"Oh, you havn't" Ice said, pretending to be surprised. "Well, Pink Lanterns like us, have our rings powered, by the ultimate emotion." she said, as she and Fire exchanged a quick grin. "And that emotion, is Lust!"

Before their boyfriends could react, they were hit by a pink blast came from Ice's and Fire's Pink Lantern rings.

"Ohhhhh, need to....to...f...fuck!" Guy said.

"Then follow me." Ice said, as she led him into the warehouse. Guy followed her, having been completely taken over by lust.

"You to." Fire said to Booster Gold. He too followed.

Fire and Ice, quickly stripped, and began ridding the cocks of their boyfriends, or rather, their boytoys would be a more accurate term now.

"Ohhh, yeeeesssss! Fuck me! Fuck my arctic ass!!" Ice cried out as Guy fucked her.

"Harder, BG! HARDER! YES! THAT'S IT! FUCK ME!" Fire cried out as Booster Gold fucked her.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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