Black Canary finds herself on set of "Who Wants To Become A Bimbo?"

by Master_Kind
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Shining green lights and cheesy music temporarily disoriented Dinah Lance as she awoke, groggy and confused.

"Welcome everyone to 'Who Wants To Become A Bimbo?', a game show like no other!" came an annoyingly snide voice. "Watch and delight in seeing superheroines taken down several pegs as they try and fail to match wits with me, your brilliant host, The Riddler!"

Black Canary blinked. She found herself in full costume, stuck on a raised circular platform with a buzzer stand in front of her, with no memory of how she got there. To her left, she saw Power Girl, Raven and a redhead she guessed was the new Batwoman, each on their own dais. To her right she saw Huntress, with the Riddler and a giant wheel in the distance. A strange, silver-haired woman with six arms stood next to him with a smile on her face.

"Good morning, sleepyheads! Everyone up and ready for the reading of the rules?"

Ever impulsive, Power Girl snarled and attempted to fly off the pedestal at the grinning green-clad criminal, only to find herself frozen in place the minute her feet left the circle.

"I see one eager beaver's already tried to break the rules before I've even read them! Spiral, care to explain Rule #1?"

The silver-haired woman chuckled.

"Sure thing. You cannot leave your podium, ladies, and any attempt to do so without permission results in getting punished in sexy ways, courtesy of the Punishment Box."

She winked and plucked her hand down into a nearby pink box, pulling out a glittery pink postcard.

"Power Girl, your punishment is . . . STRIPPER FASHION SENSE!"

A loud chorus of cheers arose from the unseen audience and Power Girl's costume suddenly shimmered and vanished, only to be replaced by a pair of six inch yellow platform heels, a spandex yellow micro miniskirt that barely covered her ass and nothing to cover her generous chest other than a thin, flimsy yellow t-shirt that had the bottom half cut off, leaving half of her tits exposed. The word "BIMBO!" in hot pink on the t-shirt was warped by the contours of her thick nipples and huge tits.

Power Girl blinked in shock and tried to cover herself, her face almost beet red with rage and embarrassment.

"How the hell did you little-"

Riddler held up a hand to shush Power Girl.

"Ah, ah, ah - do you want another punishment, Power Tits? I thought not. You see ladies, my lovely assistant Spiral here is magical, so I'd suggest not getting her angry. If none of you are dumb enough to object, then I'll proceed to break down the words and use small words so you can all understand."

Riddler gestured to the massive wheel behind him. It was like the Wheel of Fortune but odd phrases stood out on the wheel - phrases like "Bimbo Voice!", "Lusty Lolita!", "Bigger Tits!", "Lose 20 IQ Points", "Cum Means Yum" and so on.

"I will ask a question of you ladies and the first of you to hit the buzzer gets the chance to answer! If you get the question wrong - which I'm sure you all will, given how much smarter I am than you all - the Bimbo Wheel gets spun and you get stuck with whatever you land on! In the laughably unlikely event you actually get a question right, the wheel still gets spun . . . but you get to choose which of your fellow heroines gets the quality in question! Get three questions in a row right and you'll- oh, whom am I kidding? You'll never manage that!

Spiral and Riddler laughed along with the studio audience while the women seethed.

"Oh, one last thing - The "winner" is the girl who lasts the longest without becoming a full Bimbo!"

"Whatever this sick game is, we'll beat it, Riddler!" Black Canary said hotly. "I volunteer to go first!"

She gave the other women a brief nod, hoping she could buy enough time for them to figure a way out of this.

"Very well, Black Canary - here's your question! What is the fifteenth digit of Pi?"

Dinah gritted her teeth. If Oracle were still whispering in her ear, she'd have this creep cold. She took a deep breath and hazarded her best guess.


"No, my dear little bird-brain - the correct answer is 3! Spiral? Care to show our mouthy blonde what she's won?"
Spiral grinned, reached out with two of her six arms and gave the wheel a firm spin. Dinah's heart sank when she saw it finally stop on the words . . .

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