Clark surrenders himself to his Mistress: Mindy

by male of some vintage!
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For a few minutes Clark was confused, but Mindy was smiling at him and taking his hand in hers.  Then she put her arms round him and licked his earlobe, whispering into his ear that he was the best-looking bad biker she had ever known and how she would give him more excitement than he had ever known, if he went to her condo with her. 

She began rubbing his crotch with one hand and feeling his ass with the other as she continued to lick his ear.  
Clark was immediately very aroused and began moaning her name as his prick started throbbing and leaking pre-cum.  Mindy whispered that she was going to teach him how to thrill a biker-girl, herself, and she extracted his now raging prick from his pants.  
"Forget Lois," she whispered, "she couldn't make you feel excited like this. Come with me and become my lover, you big bad boy.  Become my cock-boy and cover me with your cum."  
Clark groaned with evil passion and went with her, surrendering to her evil plan and her awesome sex. 
Lois did not enter his mind now. Only Mindy. 

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