She flies to her apartment.

by Gorel
Storyline Slobby Heroines
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Growth
Previous Chapter The DC Universe. Wonder Woman wakes up to a whole new world...

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Arriving at her apartment with no one around to see her, Diana entered through her balcony and sighed as she walked through the sliding doors and into her living room. Stripping out of her cloths she stepped into the washroom and drew a hot shower, sighing in bliss as she scrubbed away the sweat and grime of her previous fight. While her eyes were closed she day dreamed, images of vast tables brimming with sweets and foods piled over each other made her moan, her stomach growling again at the pleasant fantasy just as she finished getting cleaned and stepped out in a towel. Walking down the hallway back to the kitchen she looked inside her refrigerator for anything to nibble on, finding a pie she had purchased days ago for special occasions she cut herself a slice and close the fridge behind her.


Stabbing the moist treat with a fork she pulled it up to her mouth and gasped.


“By Hera! This is the most delicious pie I've ever tasted.” Taking another bite she brought it to her lips and ate another helping, then another, and another, a look of pure bliss on her face as she finished the slice in seconds. Reaching back into the cooler for another, she pulled the entire pie tin out and ate from it on the counter. Each bite was like heaven to the warrior princess, a moan escaped her lips as she enjoyed the desert down to the last crumb. “Mmmm oh my that was delicious, I guess I was hungrier than I thought.” Hearing her stomach growl again she looked down puzzled before shrugging and looking back into the refrigerator. Pulling out a salad she dipped her fork into the glass bowl and bit into the green leafs, her eyes widening with the flavour as she started digging straight into the bowl again. Feeling thirsty she pulled out a carton of milk and drank straight from the carton, guzzling it down as she finished off the salad bowl.


“Ooh now that was filling, I don't think I could eat another... 'burp'.” Pressing her hand to her lips she stifled the small burp and giggled as she felt a strange tingle surround her body. A pleasant warmth that enveloped her body and made her shiver, looking down she made a face as she tugged at the towel around her body. The thing feeling strangely tight across her bust as she pulled it loose for comfort. Then her kitchen was filled with the growls of her stomach, just as demanding as it was when she came out of the shower. “Well... If I'm hungry I might as well eat until I'm not.” Reaching back into the fridge she simply pulled out what was nearby and started eating. Lunch meats, cheeses, fruits, drinks everything went down her ruby lips like she had never tasted such amazing things in her life. The floor was cluttered with empty jars and wrappers as she cleaned out her refrigerator and started going through the freezer, smiling as she found a tub of ice ream and started scooping out mouthfuls with a spoon. “By the gods I'm full...” Moaning as she set the tub down she rubbed the slight curve of her belly before she felt a gurgle move up her chest, followed by a good solid 'Burp!”


Feeling the same tingle return she moaned as it filled her very being, closing her eyes to savour it just as her towel popped off and fell to the tiled floor. Looking down at herself she was surprised to find her breasts had swollen a cup size, feeling down her belly had lost some of its definition, her hips and rear now slightly larger. “Huh... I guess I should get dressed.” Walking back to her cloths her stomach continued to growl with renewed hunger. “Yes yes, I'll fill you in a moment!” By the time she had pulled on her tight boots she winced pinching at the wedgie her costume was giving her, her cloths were tight all over and her breasts were pushed into a deep cleavage that threatened to tough her chin. Her growling stomach echoed over the room, reminding her of what was important as she moving back to her kitchen and renewed her meal.


After an hour she had finished off every crumb of food she had in her apartment, nothing was spared as even the butter tray and salt/pepper shakers were left empty. “Almost!... Almost there!” Opening a final can of tuna she panted, licking her lips as the lid popped off and she downed the whole thing. The tin thing tossed over her shoulder as she swallowed the watery meat, feeling the familiar gurgle she let loose an unladylike burp that shook her cupboards, giggling as she felt the next part happen. Biting her lip she moaned as the warmth filled her again, her rear swelling rounder and wider as her bottoms flossed between her cheeks like a thong, giving her a full on booty. Her boots creaked as her ankles thickened, her thighs growing thicker until they met in between. Her stomach was now a paunch that made her cloths squeak and complain, her belt being pushed down to give her expanding gut more room, her bust nearly twice its size as it threatened to snap her breastplate right off her. “By Aphrodite I could learn to love that...”


Hearing her stomach growl again Diana laughed as she rubbed her round gut, there was nothing left to eat and yet just like before she was starving. Getting an idea she decided to head out to eat, moving down the hallway she walked by her full length mirror and looked at her reflection. Where once a lithe muscular amazon should be standing there was now a plump curvy woman staring back at her rubbing her belly and hips. Blinking at her reflection her mouth opened as she looked herself over. “I'm... I'm...”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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