She decides to make a quick detour first

by Gorel
Storyline Slobby Heroines
Characters She-Hulk
Category Marvel Growth Body Modification
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"Just gotta keep it together girl, just a bit longer til you get to Reed's place." Huffed Jen as she walked down the street to the Baxtor building. Even though the added weight didn't slow her down it certainly did a number on her composure, every move made her expanded bust wobble back and forth along with the wide bubble spheres of her ass. Somewhere off in the background she heard someone whistle but tried to ignore it, if anything the one problem she had right now was her stomach and its raging appetite. Stopping at a red light several people couldn't help but stare at the now VERY voluptuous She-Hulk but recoiled when her stomach growled like an angry lion.

"SHUT UP YOU!" Yelled Jen at her plush middle as she shook it with her fingers. No her appetite had returned in full force and it took everything she had to resist appeasing it.

"Just a few more blocks Jen just a few more... 'sniff' Is that? 'Sniff sniff'.... IT IS!"

Pressing her stout frame against the glass window of the New York buffet she drooled as she noticed the 'all you can eat' sign dangling idly at the door. "Screw it, this should tie me down til I get to the Baxtor building." Squeezing her bulk into the door she stepped in, in just over half an hour later people were running and screaming out of the building.


In a strange swirling room of colours and coat hangers the 5th dimensional being Mr. Mxyzptlk giggled to himself as he watched his latest plaything step into the buffet. He was watching the whole affair as he sat on a floating couch with a bucket of popcorn in both his hands as a television screen showed Jennifer Walters eating the entire tray of spaghetti as customers looked on in shock.

"Ha ha, this is soooo much more fun that that blue-tights wearing goody two shoes." Laughed the imp, tossing another kernel into his mouth.

Off in the corner of the strange room floating in mid air as if laying on her stomach was his drop dead gorgeous wife Gsptlnz, reading a fashion magazine while a brush painted her nails for her.

"Honestly hun why are you bugging the mice again? I thought you had it in for Sups?"

"Because I'm tired of being foiled by that red caped boy scout, he stops all my fun before the good stuff happens, Oooooooh and speaking of good stuff!..."


Sitting on her wide rump on the floor and covered in food stains Jen sighed in bliss as she finally felt full, every last crumb of the buffet had been eaten by her in less than half an hour. Nothing was safe from her greedy stomach as she ate even the salt and pepper from each table she passed by along with the ketchuip, mustard and vinager. NOTHING edible was left in the dinning area as she gave a light burp and wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

"Have we had enough miss?" Asked the currator of the buffet as an entire group of angry customers stared up at her ample frame, her belly so full and round it looked like she swallowed a small couch.

"Mmmm... Yup, won't be doing that for a little while."

"GOOD! You've eaten my entire stock of food you big green cow! Do you even intend to pay for all this?!"

"Ya just gotta... Um..." Looking over the tight leotard that squeeked and groaned under the pressure of her curves and stomach she found that in her haste to leave and find help she forgot her belongings and money. "Heh... Can I give you an I.O.U?"

"What? WHAT?! Why you fat pig I'll sue the entire Avengers for what you did to my business!" Poking her stomach to make his point he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks as he and the entire restaraunt heard Jen's stomach grumble and groan. Clutching her sides She Hulk moaned before letting loose a belch so load and powerful it sent the currator flying against the wall and shook the walls of the restaurant. But as the belch kept going her stomach began to shrink, until it finally went back to the soft padding it was before she went on her binge.

Then she began to grow.

Reeling back she first felt her breasts swell larger, growing heavier and rounder until her leotard snapped open to show off her expanding cleavage. Her hips creaked as they grew wider just as her thighs and ass grew larger and thicker, the leotard pulling tight until it was like a thong. Every second that passed made her more and more curvy but that wasn't the only thing growing. Moaning from the sensation she was growing taller! Her large but powerful legs knocked tables over to make room as she grew out bigger and bigger, pawing at her expansing curves until it finally stopped.

"Wow that felt great! Hey where did everybody go?"

Standing up she bumped her head on the ceiling, her leotard had given up the ghost and tore up into a thong bikini that looked painted on her massive bulk. She had to be over 12 feet tall now and well over a ton, feeling up her now massive curves and belly she felt worried about another growth spurt and remembered about finding Reed and the others.

"Gotta get outta here, find the Fantastic Four, they can fix all this." Bulldozing straight through the doorway and walls of the restuarant she stomped towards the Baxtor building, car alarms squeeling off as she walked by.

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