Felica gives MJ an enima.

by cronosphere
Storyline She Venom
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson She-Venom
Category Bondage F/F Female Dom
Previous Chapter Mary Jane gets punished for taking too long.

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Felicia squeezed her own breasts, and thick gooey milk squirted out of them and splashed against MJ's face with surprising force. "Mmmm," Felicia moaned to herself, forgetting the redhead for a moment. "I guess this suit really does adapt its self to the needs of the wearer." She licked her tits with her long she-venom tongue, enjoying her own taste.

Mary Jane, still upside down, whimpered softly as the blood rushed to her head. The noise brought Felicia away from her momentary distraction. "Oh yes, I almost forgot that my little slut needed to be severely punished."

 The tentacles of the symbiote lowered Mary Jane until her breasts were rubbing against Felicia's and her long read hair was near Black Cat's shins. Felicia reached up with her hands and gripped both her own breasts and Mary Jane's, squeezing and mashing them together so that milk kept squirting and dripping down the redhead's face.

"Your breasts don't have any milk in them, do they? Oh it must be a shame not being able to feel yourself squirt like this," Felicia teased her victim. "I'll bet you would love to have milk inside of you, wouldn't you pet?"

Mary Jane had the horrible image in her head of Felicia literally stretching her nipples open and pumping milk into them. "Oh no Feli-Mistress. Please don't fill my tits with milk. Please, I beg you. Anything but that."

Felicia's eyes flashed angrily, and for a moment she considred shoving her entire leg into the rebelious cunt's pussy. But then she got an idea, and she smiled wickedly instead. "Now now, my little slut. I didn't say the milk would have to go in your tits. I asked if you wanted it inside of you, and of course the answer is always YES when your mistress asks a question."

"Yes mistress, I want the milk inside of me," Mary Jane said hurredly, "And I will gladly drink of your milk."

Felicia pinched one of Mary Jane's nipples and teased it painfully. "I will fuck your tits with my own nipples and fill them with milk if that is the best you can do. Come on, MJ. I know you can give me better dirty talk then that. Beg like the slutty whore I know you are."

MJ flushed even more, but she did as she was told. "Please mistress, let me suck on your tits. Let me nurse on them like a bitchy brat. Please, let me drink of your milk an be filled with your juices as a slave must be of her mistress. Let me pleasure you as you give me life food in this naughtty and forbidden way. I beg of you, make me your whore and let me feast upon your perfect breasts."

The symbiote sent a wave of fierce pleasure through MJ's body, and she let out a low animalistic moan. "I knew you were a whore," she moaned in delight, and she licked Mary Jane's snatch with her long tongue.

Mary Jane shivered, delighted that her words were having the desired effect on her old rival. "Let me worship your perfect breasts with my lips, mistress. Let me taste your sweet nectar upon my tongue. Oh please mistress, your little fuck doll wants it so bad."

Felicia shivered, and so did Mary Jane. "Yes, you are my little fuck doll, and I will do with you whatever I want."

A tentacle extended its self from Felicia's crotch and shaped its self like a ball gag in Mary Jane's mouth. She gave a startled muffled yelp.

Felicia went on as if she had heard nothing. "You are mine to reward and punish as I wish. And I will reward you for your delicious begging. Your tits will have to produce their own milk to be full like mine."

MJ, grunting muffled sounds of confusion and worry, was repositioned by the tentacles that bound her so that she was facing away from Felicia bent over.

Felicia still continued to whisper in a seductive voice uninterrupted. "But I said that I would punish you, and punish you I shall. I will not reward your lips with my milk. It is too good a treat for you to taste."

She-venom bent forward and rubbed her breasts up and down MJ's ass while her clawed fingers teased the slave's clit. Mary Jane realized what was about to happen, and violently protested. It turned Felicia on even more.

"Oh yes, slave. There is only one part of your body that is getting milk. And I know you want it in this ass, becuase you have already proven what a nasty whore you are." Felicia licked her lips and set her right breast with the nipple barely tipped into MJ's ass.

"Tell your mistress you are going to be a good slut and hold her milk inside of you," Felicia purred.

MJ made a muffled noise that mattered little what it meant, and Black Cat squeezed both her breast and MJ's snatch hard at the same time. The milk sprayed deep up MJ's ass, and she screamed into the ball gag with wide eyes.

Felicia kept milking herself up MJ's ass in rhythm as if she were fucking it, playing with her whore's cunt knowing that eventually the other woman would experience an orgasm tied to the unpleasant sensations in her body. And then, Felicia thought, she would give her the fucking of a lifetime!

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