Miranda breaks free but does have new desires

by Ranger54
Storyline Mass Effect: The Illusive Man's Revenge
Previous Chapter A Trap for Operative Lawson.

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Miranda was dragged through the back of Stacker's club, head still splitting with pain from the club soundtrack. She was helpless as she was taken down a set of stairs to a lower level and into a room. Inside was a large amount of machinery, all organized around a central chair with restraints and a open face helmet that descended on whoever was sitting in it.

The bass of the club was muted here and Mirandas head slowly started to ache less, though she could still not muster her biotics or any strength to resist as she was forced into the chair and restrained at her ankles and wrists, her legs spread wide and open by the restraint positions. Miranda shuddered at the vulnerable position she was in, her latex catsuit the only thing she had for protection against the men's hungry eyes. Then things got worse. 
Oriana, Oral-Slut, stepped up to her, preening and with a sweet, idiotic smile on her face. 
"You're going to be just like me soon Miri! Then we can share all the big, hard dicks we ever want! You'll be so hawt too! And always turned on", says the girl with a giggle as she rubs a pair of fingers on the front of Mirandas crotch, the older woman biting back a groan as she's touched. A cold anger siezes her at what's been done to her sister, her head beginning to clear more as the head thug speaks.
"Alright, enough wasting time." He pulls Oriana away from Miranda, then pulls the helmet down onto her head till it snaps in place and molds to fit her tightly, a pinprick feeling going through her as needles enter her head and the machine prepared for the conversion. 
"Lets get this bitch to be all smiles and sweetness too, then we can use her after we're done with her little scank of a sister."
He hits a button on the chair, and the needles start to him as they prepare to go deeper into Mirandas head. Meanwhile, he and the other thug with him grab Oral Slut, feeling up her curves and tits, one giving them a lick, as the other pulls down her bikini bottom to access her wet snatch. Ori was happy and all smiles the entire time as they each drop their pants and she's bent over, one cock going towards her mouth, the other to her waiting pussy. 
Miranda can only look in horror as this happens. Her head has finally cleared itself of the clubs music, but now she's hooked up to this machine and going to be an airheaded bimbo too soon. She has to escape, now. 
The needles are starting to drive themselves deeper into her head, causing her brain to start to hurt as they enter it. First its just physical pain, then it changes. She can feel herself losing intelligence, math, history, science knowledge, all slipping away, one fact at a time. In their place are new ideas, desires, images. Scantily clad women, all servicing men's cocks or riding them. One of them is her, a doey, mindless smile on her face as she screams in pleasure from being penetrated. 
Her mind gets fuzzy, the machine also inserting the thought of just allowing it to happen in her mind. She's Miri Lawson after all, a slut, a whore, Stackers loyal bitch. All she lived for was to suck and take cocks. She was a good, happy little.... no. No, she was Miranda Lawson. She was a smart, proud woman that didn't do these things. She was supposed to be perfect. The perfect mind..... a empty, giggly, NO. She was intelligent. She wasn't a bimbo. The perfect body, with a soaked snatch, perfect tits, a round pert bubble butt....... yes she did have all that. And she loved showing it off to men, all the boys that came calling to her door. But she wasn't a bimbo, she wasn't anyone's slut. She was herself. And she loved her sister and had come here to save her. 
At that last thought, Mirandas mind clears enough despite the machine to glow blue, letting rip with her biotics to tear off the restraints, then kick out and hit the button on the chair. The drills stop and pull out of her head. She yanks the helmet off as soon as they are out of her skull, and jumps forward, eyes burning coals as she glares at the two men that just finished violating her sister. They couldn't even rise before she crushed one's head with her biotics, while the other had her heel on his throat and twisting, snapping his neck.
Miranda breathes hard, looking between them, eyes drifting down to their naked waists. God their cocks looked so nice and juicy, she really wish she had been able to.... no no. She had to get out with Ori. Now. It was just the reprogramming, it would wear off. 
She yanks Oriana to her feet, the bimbo confused at what's happening, but following her sister. She's too stupid and lacks any will to do otherwise now. 
Miranda heads for the back exit and steps into an alleyway behind the club. She's in a car with Ori minutes later, on her way to the space dock. 
She was going to get the hell out of here, get Ori somewhere safe, and figure out what had been done to both of them and fix it. Then she was going to come back and kill that fucker Stacker, with his weasel eyes she'd pluck from his eye sockets, fat body that would be like a pillow if you laid on it, and suck his cock till she was all full of his cum and.... goddamn it. No. She wasn't going to do anything but kill him. There were plenty of other nice boys she could have. She was Miri Lawson and any guy would drop their pants for her and her perfect body. She pushes Oriana off as they arrive at the space dock, the bimbo having trying to feel up her sister this entire time. 
After stepping out, Miri pauses, a nagging thought in her mind. Why was she leaving? She needed to take care of Stacker. She needed to kill..... serve him. No no no..... she wasn't his slut. 
......was she?

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