Someone else was with Miranda.

by darkraven32179
Storyline Mass Effect: The Illusive Man's Revenge
Category F/F Mind Control Romance Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter A Trap for Operative Lawson.

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Jack growl as she shoved another sex starved man off of her. "Told ya before asshole I'm not one of those strippers now either get the message through your thinck skull or the rooms about to get a new coat of red." the crazed biotic said, her body shimmering with her blue biotic glow as she watched the man run off before resuming her place against the wall.

"Miranda is so gonna pay for making me do this." the bald woman said as she watched the former operative walk in, shoving some of the other whores away. Though the two had set aside most of their differences against each other after their little sucide mission she still thought the cheerleader deserved some form of punishment for being so high and mighty, though rather then wanting to fillet her alive she'd rather go for something more sexual with the operative. Her eyes lingered on her ass watching it as she made her way up to Stacker.

"Excuss me." Zero's mind was quickly pulled away as she saw the two men approach her, both of them were very well off and could have gotten into any girls pants if they wanted. "How much would it be to get you out back sugar cakes." the second man said as the two flashed some credits.

Jack only smirked as she walked up to the two her hands rubbing their pants, a moan escaping from their lips before she grabbed their balls squeezing them hard with the help of her biotics. "Sorry fellas but I'm a little busy at the moment but hey, drop the credits now and I'll let you leave with your miserable lives." Jack spoke anger running through her voice as she watched the two drp their cash, she threw the two back and watched them get to their feet and run off. "Idiots."

Turning back she watched as Miranda was dragged off by Starkers men and a girl that looked similair to Oriana follow them. "Shit turn my eyes away for a second and the girl decides to take a nap" Jack grumped as she headed after the group intent on sheading some blood.


Commander Shepard layed on her bed up in her private cabin on the Normandy. She watched as the stars went by as the ship traveled to it's next destination.

After talking with admeral Hackett and how the alliance would be calling her soon she had Joker and EDI drop her crew off where ever they wanted. Garrus had gone to Palavan, Samara and Zaeed went to Omega both wanting something to shoot at, Grunt went to Tuchanka Wrex told her he'd be in good hands and would know what it ment to be krogen when he was through with him, Legion and Tali returned to their fleets wanting to unite people together and fight the reapers, Mordin met up with STG on the Citadel and Thane, Jacob and Kasumi just left saying they would find where they were needed.

Now her crew were just down to her, Joker, Gabby, Ken, Kelly and Chawkas the four had wanted to remain deciding it best to stay with their commander when she faced the alliance. The red haired spectre wished they could have stayed but she knew that her friends needed to go back and try and do something before the reapers came.

"Commander you still up there." Jokers voice rang out snapping her from her thoughts.

"What is it Joker?"

"Just wanted you to know were entering Hagalaz's orbit and the shuttles ready to take you down to great our favorite blue broker."

"Alright Joker keep the Normady on alert while I'm gone." Shepard spoke as she got up from her bed, dressed in her Cerbeus uniform, only the logo had been torn off, and exited her room.


"Shepard" Liara spoke as the asari pulled the red head in for a tight hug. "It's so good to see you again, my spies told me you had made it back from the Omega four realy saftly and.... something is wrong isn't it?"

Shepard only offered liara a small smile before kissing her blue lips softly, "Lets just say I've been busy since I returned from the relay and I could really use some help right now."

"Of course Shepard let's head to my room and we can releive some stress together."

"Yeah I'd like that."


"Ms. Lawson I am very dissapointed in you." the Illusive Man spoke though his holographic uplink as his blue eyes on his former Employee as she lay strapped to the seat, wire running along her naked body.

"You asshole, when I get out of her i'll make sure you never lay another hand on my sister ever again." Miranda growled as she struggled against her restraints, her biotics still being surpressed by the music.

"Please Ms. Lawson when your reprograming is done you we be nothing but a sex hungry slut just like your sister." the old man spoke as he took a drag from his ciggerette. "After all this is what happens with those who cross Cerberus." With that he pressed a button on his chair watching as the machines around Miranda lit up and procedding with their programing. "It's been a pleasure Ms. Lawson."

Miranda continued to struggle as she felt her mind begin to deteriorate, her vast intelligence slipping away as nanites were pumped into her body. As her body started to change her mind held onto the last hope she had, 'Jack please I need you.'

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