Wasps discovers a way of finding Ultron

by LesLes
Storyline Rule of the Watcher
Characters Wasp
Category Marvel Corruption
Previous Chapter Wasp fucks herself with metal offic supplies

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Janet van Dyne almost screamed in frustration as she hurled the hard metal ruler away in disgust. Her repulsive human body had heated it, had leaked on it, rendered it useless despite the feverish speed with which she had thrust it in and out of her twat. Her eyes fell on the stapler again with lust. It had felt so good clicking inside her, it's complex mechanism making it so much sexier than the simple ruler.

Janet moaned as she imagined Ultron's mechanisms sliding into her. Hard metal against her soft tits, a cold length drilling into her hot cunt, shining metal made slick by her kisses.

"Ultron! Ultron, fuck me...", Janet pleaded as her fingers rubbed her clit. It was useless. Flesh on flesh was repugnant. Even the fantasies of hard cold metal dominating soft warm flesh repulsed her almost as much as they aroused her.

Crazed with lust, Janet stood on shaking legs from the seat in which she had been typing. Her panties were already halfway down her legs. She tore them off completely. Soft cotton revolted her now, as biological as her own inferior squishy body. She tore at her fashionable blouse, buttons pattering to the floor as she climbed onto her computer desk to lay in front of the monitor.

"Ultron, android, robot, computer," she mumbled to herself. Ultron was her ultimate fantasy, but there were so many other fuckable machines out there.

The glow of the computer screen made her glistening skin, sweat still oozing through pores, less hideous. She pulled her bra down, her nipples diamonds of glorious hardness set above repellent softness. One hand picked up her keyboard, the other after too many moments searching beneath her hateful writhing body found the wired mouse by its cord. She spread her legs and sighing with pleasure pushed the mouse slowly into her wet cunt as she began to rub the keyboard against the hard crowns of her titties.

"Yes, yes, fuck your slutty user! Use me!"

The sound of keys clacking as she mashed her breasts into the keyboard was almost as pleasurable to Janet as the feeling of the keys batting her nipples. The feeling of the mouse inside her as she squirmed was less good. Plastic was as inferior to metal as flesh was inferior to plastic. Nonetheless it felt so good as it stretched her tight cunt.

Janet pushed her hips into the air, her body straight from neck to bent knees, and looked down her own length as she hugged the keyboard to her boobs. A white wire trailed out of her twat. A twat that glowed a soft blinking red from the device buried inside her.

For a brief moment Janet van Dyne could imagine she was an android.

It was enough to finally push her over the edge. A brief ragged orgasm sent her hips thrusting towards the ceiling before she collapsed back on to the desk with a thud.

* * *

Janet stood naked in her kitchen. The doors and drawers were pulled wildly open and much of their contents were strewn across the counters and floor. She shivered at the arousing sound of an electric motor in motion. She pressed the chrome handle of the hand-blender harder against her clit, the whirring of its motor electric pleasure. Her other hand pulled a stainless steel spoon from her leaking cunt. She replaced it with a fresh one from the cutlery drawer, one her smelly warm wet body hadn't fouled yet.

"Oh, so hard and cold. Yes, yes, yes."

Janet had let a half-dozen devices have their way with her perverted bio-body now. She'd found a metal cord for the stapler and it hung from her neck, snug between her bare breasts. It had been her first, had taken her virginity. She understood now that people were meaningless; bags of revolting meat. They didn't count. She'd let vibrators fuck her, of course, but they were only imitations of biology. Not the real thing at all. They didn't count either.

"So close, fuck."

Janet twisted the spoon inside her, searching for her g-spot, even as the speed setting slider of the hand-blender pulled at her clit. Her hip bucked, her hand jerked, and she came with an ecstatic cry.

Slumped against a marble counter in her kitchen Janet found she could finally think again. She needed to find Ultron so that he could scoop her mind out of this primitive body and into a hard metal... God, she was getting wet again. But if she, or her misguided friends in the Avengers, had any idea where to find Ultron they'd be there right now. His whereabouts and plans were a complete mystery to her. And could she really face him like this? All soft and warm with juices leaking out of her pussy.

"I'm not worthy."

Janet shuddered as she looked at herself. She smelled of the raw biology of mammalian sex. She was soft and pink. And the clothes she owned were no better, all natural fibres or with cuts designed to emphasis her squishyness. Her eyes caught a box of aluminum foil and a temporary solution immediately presented itself to her.

Moments later, Janet van Dyne, the most fashionable of the Avengers was wrapped tight in a new costume of aluminum foil. It might not be treated with unstable molecules but the way it sounded as she moved threatened to drive her wild with desire again. She looked like an android, so hot and sexy, she looked like...

"Jocasta!" Janet blurted the solution out-loud.

Ultron had made the android Jocasta to be his bride, had made her by copying Janet's own mind. But the Avengers had stopped him before the process could complete. The fools! But Jocasta might know the process and if not there was another way she could help. Years ago the Avengers had captured a copy of Jocasta, one that Hank was convinced could be controlled secretly by Ultron. He'd installed his own overrides but it was just too risky and the female android had been put into storage.

Janet's wings buzzed into life. If Hank was right then when she switched the Jocasta on Ultron would know. And even if Hank was wrong the overrides he had installed would allow her to control Jocasta.

Janet van Dyne was no longer straight. Fibr's changes had made her a nymphomaniac robosexual. And soon the Winsome Wasp would have her very own fembot, her own fuckbot.

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