Namor is still jealous

by Burke.Rakers
Storyline Transforming the Illuminati
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"Frightened? Worried? Don't be...because it's not done yet. Hold on tight, and say good-bye, Susan..."


Boy, was he confused.

"Suzie? Come in here dear, and attend me."

Suzie stood and lumbered ponderously into the chambers of his masters. He moved slowly...because he had to. His husband Jen was a big, muscular man with a nice pair of tits - a she-male, Master Reed called him - and in amny ways, so was he. Suzie was very strong...very powerful. But...Suzie was also very hungry. He could clearly remember that he'd always been hungry. His brother Jonnie had always made fun of him for it. Not that it mattered, because Suzie just couldn't stop. When Queen Namor had called for him, Suzie had been doing what he always did when left to his own devices ; he was eating. A box of rich candies was alwats found in his station, just waiting for him to open and devoure. He was so hungry...always so hungry, was Suzie Walters.

Well...hungry...and one other thing.

"Cumin' yer Queenship." shrilled Suzie in the same high, nasal voice he'd always affected when derving the Richards. The voice was affected, but...the stupidity wasn't. Suzie was a dull-witted, illiterate clod, and knew he always had been. Jonnie's pat name for him had always been 'Stoopid Suzie the 2-ton dud', and he lived up to it.

The creature that waddled gracelessly into the room was a great, globe of pale blubber squeezed into a very tight, latex maids costume that left his massive tits wobbling and huge, errect cock visible. He almost looked like a real woman, except for that cock...and his mannerisms. His face - still very much the face of Susan Storm - was thickly painted in wild, garish makeup in immitation of Mimi Bobeck and Divine at his most outlandishly drag queenie. His hair was huge and dyed very blond, sprayed into a great rising tower. His fat hands ended in ridiculously long, bright red nails. His fat feet were perched into a pair of outlandish red heels. Pounds and pounds of fake, gaudy jewelery clattered and jangled as he waddled, and once he saw Namor...he paused and gushed "Yes, yuh Queenship? Big ol' Suzies' heah t' do yuh biddin' an' stuff."

Namor gestured, and the ridiculous creature - unfit for duty in the royal chambers but allowed in his capacity as both Ladies Maid and Court Jester. Affecting a wild wiggle, he sway/bounced to Namors side and began to fawn over him in fluttery, squealing tones. In Suzies over-the-top affectation of all things feminine, he seemed all the more masculine. Anyone who saw the former Susan Storm would assume that he was obviously a man. Even Susan thought so. All memory of being female had been boiled out of his mind, and replaced with memories of being an obese, effeminate fat man who loved colors, make-up and servitude. Suzie loved everything about Namor now, but knew he wasn't worthy of the magnificent Queen. After all...he was just a Brute. He struggled against it...but he was a Brute.

That's what Reed had told him, and he knew better than to argue with the brilliant King. Reed had explained that society was structured in levels, with Kings (perfect males) on the top, Queens (feminine males) below them, Bois (girlish males) under them, and at the bottom...Brutes. Brutes were always big and strong, but also stupid. Jen was a Brute...and Suzie was a Brute. Suzie accepted this. The only thing Brutes had to offer the better people was their strength...and their bosoms, wich were huge and sloshing with rich milk, which was useful for feeding the youngsters.

Obviously Suzie had NEVER been the mother to little Princess Franklin, who now sat on the lap of his REAL mother Queen Namor. He was a darling boy, who'd be a lovely Queen some day. He wore a beautiful dress of sea green and brushed his long, blond hair with dreamy, elegant strokes. Such a darling boy. Suzie was proud that his milk had fed the little Queen durring his growing period. It was so...so...

So wrong! Fight it, Susan! You're Susan Richards, and this is all a lie! You...you...

"Suzie! Attend me!

Suzie blinked, the shrilled nasal laughtere as he giggled "Sorry 'bout dat, yer Queenship! I hada brain fart. What'cha feeds, huh? Y'know I LUVES servin' yeh an' stuff."

Namor smiled at the buffoonish creature, knowing just who Suzie had been. He'd made the suggestions that had reduced the former heroine to this level, and id delighted him to see her face inside this cartoonish creature. To hear her voice bubbling and gushing as 'Suzie' waddled about and fawned over the boy who had once been his son. Namor was very pleased with how well Franklin had adapted to his new position, and delighted to hear the darling boy call Namor 'Mother', and giggle at the antics of the foolish Suzie.

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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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