Queen Namor flys to his beloved Reed.

by mercury01
Storyline Transforming the Illuminati
Characters Fantastic Four Namor
Category M/M Change of clothes Body Modification Marvel Mind Control Romance
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Namor's heart was all a-flutter at the thought of servicing his darling Reed. He dressed himself in a confection of pearls and red silk that showed off his plunging cleavage and clung to his narrow hips. He may have had a masculine chest, but it was smooth as butter and pleasing to the eyes. The dress was shorter than protocol should allow, giving anyone who glanced his way a brief flash of green-scaled panties sculpted to the contours of a thick, bulging cock and heaving scrotum.

A filigreed coral diadem was placed upon his brow and his hair was styled in a fabulously bouffant updo strung with gossamer strands of polished seastones. A pair of high-heeled sandals adorned his pedicured feet, styled to show off the delicate wings on his ankles. His makeup was gloriously vampish, with feathery eyelashes and eyeshadow that was somehow glittery and smoky at the same time.

The Queen of Atlantis rose from the sea like Aphrodite, borne on a oyster shell by four strapping blue-skinned Lemurians naked to the waist. He dismissed his manservants with a wave and took to the air, lofting like an angel above the petty, gawking crowds, until he alighted gracefully on the threshold of the Baxter Building penthouse.

Reed Richards was waiting for him. He had been studying the phenomenon of the strange particles, unsure if they were a type of energy, information, chemical, virus, or some sort of hybrid. He believed himself to be immune, but that was only partially true. He was too smart for his own good. His mind was being subtly altered by the thing's assault on him, even if he was too proud to admit it.

He'd interrupted Jonnie and Benji's lovemaking, and was shocked and repulsed for a moment, but then he asked if they were feeling all right.

"Never better, stretcho," Benji 'Sweet Thang' lisped breathlessly, his moon-shaped face flushed with heat as Jonnie plowed his plump rear. Jonnie groped his pudgy lover's fleshy man-tits and grinned at Reed.

"No problems here," 'Torchy' chuckled. Reed went back to his work, but seeing those two had set off a new train of thought in him. He went to study his teammate's thought patterns on his computer, and sure enough, they were radically different. Somehow that didn't seem like a big problem though.

"Who knows, it could be better," Reed nodded, rationalizing. After all, they used to butt heads, now they were just butting-- well, in any case, they were getting along. And Namor... Reed considered Namor's new outlook. He and Namor had famously warred for Susan Storm's affections, but now that was apparently long over. And Namor did looks quite alluring during their conversation.

He heard someone clearing their throat behind him and his eyes widened as he beheld Namor with the sun shining behind him, setting off a kalaidascope of colour and light. Namor held out his muscular arms. Astounded, Reed slipped his hands around Namor's waist and pulled the Queen of Atlantis into a kiss.

Namor let out a small, vulnerable moan as his painted lips crushed against his ex-rival's. "Oh Reed..."

"Namor," Reed gasped. "We shouldn't be... I mean, Susan--" Namor's shushed him with a red-nailed finger.

"Enough, my love," the drag diva said with an undercurrent of steel. "I'll hear no more about that shrew. You are mine, darling. Imperius Regina." Namor decreed, pulling Reed into another, deeper french kiss. He lifted one powerful leg and gently hooked it around Reed's leg, emphasizing his hold (as well as his throbbing erection beneath his dress).

Reed's mind whirled. He couldn't believe that he was kissing Namor in his lab while two of his teammates screwed like rabbits in the other room. Susan could be home at any minute! In fact... Susan was the problem, wasn't she? All those years of doubt and discord seemed to crystallize in Reed's mind: her femininity was holding back the team. Reed needed to change that.

"Susan is... a problem," Reed said, pulling back. Before Namor's expression could sour, he added, "but not one that I can't handle... my queen." Namor beamed and pulled Reed back to his lips.


"Thanks for helping me at the fundraiser, Jen," Susan said with a smile as she and She-hulk rode the elevator up.

"No sweat," the titanic green beauty said. "Well, there was a little sweat, but I haven't met a tractor that I can't out-pull!"

The two friends laughed as they exited the elevator, but their voices were cut short. Both women were caught in an energy field. 

"Hello Susan," Reed said over the intercom. "I'm sure you're wondering why you two can't move, at least, you would be if the stasis beam wasn't suppressing your higher brain functions. I'm afraid I've come to a conclusion, Susan. It's the men who have done all the important work around here. Your womanhood's become too much of a hindrance, so I'm going to alleviate you of that burden. Jennifer, I'm sorry you got mixed up in this, but one must break an egg to make omlettes, as they say."

A strange gas began to seep into the elevator vestibule...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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