Crystal and her little friends do some shopping

by lessonunlearned
Storyline The Manipulator
Characters Spider-Man Crystal Mary Jane Watson Storm Psylocke Elixir (Josh Foley)
Category M/F
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The adult store was lined with Dirty Magazines, DVDs and Sex Toys, The air was hot, musty and thick and Peter had a hard time gulping down his breaths, blushing heavily at the embarasing surroundings. He clung to his aunt Crystal like a scared puppy as she browsed the selection of Dildos.

"Ooh, this one looks nice, don't you think, Petey?" She held up a massive double ended, blue rubber dong. It must have been as thick as her arm. "Wouldn't it be great to shove this in my pussy as you plow my butthole?.

Peter's face went bright red.

At the rear of the store, Franklin and MJ were taking note of the more unusual services the shop offered. "Ooh Franklin, look!" cooed Mary Jane "They've got glory hole booths!"

"Are you feeling the need to show off, MJ?"

"Don't pretend you don't want to see your GF be a dirty whore, Frankie. You wanna see me fill my lil mouth with strangers' cum."

"Its a joy to watch you perform MJ, and I'd like an opportunity to work on the sexual liberation of the general public too."

"Well it's settled then, for the good of the general population..." MJ smirked and whipped off her sunglasses. A few gasps came from the men in the store who recognised the pop star. "Gentlemen!" She called out "Dirty old men! Aren' t you sick of blowing your loads to DVDs and magazines and internet smut? Do you crave a filthy slut to take your dicks balls deep in her hot... wet... mouth?" MJ stuck out her tongue and placed a finger on it before sucking it lovingly  until it *popped* from her lips. "Well for one day only, you get the privilege of getting your dirty cocks sucked by not any old high school whore, but Mary Jane Parker, idol of millions."

Franklin noted the amount of patrons who had suddenly come out in a sweat. "If you'd all like to follow me to the back room, I'll be waiting..." Mary Jane span on a heel, clapped her hands against her ass cheeks and sauntered into the back room.

There was near silence for a moment. The a stampede of Johns jostling for position. Franklin followed them, pausing briefly to look at Crystal and say "Watch the door, auntie."


MJ sat in the central booth of the glory hole room. on each wall were several padded holes each occupied by an unwashed cock. MJ was spoiled for choice, looking around at the different lengths, the colours, cut, uncut, thick, slim, curved, straight, all shapes and sizes. Franklin entered the room, and leant against the door behind him, watching Mary Jane take in her surroundings.

The redhead girl ran her hands gently over the members, feeling them with her finger tips, enjoying how they twitched for her, drooling precum.

Franklin made a quick alteration, giving her the same protection from STIs he'd given himself. He nodded as she looked to him, and she ran a finger through the clear dribble on the stranger's dick, then licked the slimy trail from her digit.

"mmmmmm" She moaned, lowering her mouth to the chubby prick and slipping it between her plump teen lips.

As she slurped on the stranger's cock, she reached out and grasped two more members in her hands, starting to stroke them as she hollowed her cheeks.

Franklin focused his powers on the men his girlfriend was manipulating. He took their inhibitions and dissolved them, he took their sad little lives and made them happier, filled with a need only for fucking. These previously average and below average men would now find themselves more attractive to potential partners, more capable in bed, their bodies changed, becoming healthier, removing diseases, removing everything that got in the way of their spending their lives in a sex filled haze.

Confident in his changes, Franklin relaxed and just watched his little whore MJ go to town. Strings of spit dangled from her mouth as she pulled away suddenly and the first recipient squirted thick ropes of jizz onto her tongue...


Prodigy, Elixir and Hellion found themselves locked in a classroom with Storm and Psylocke, both of whom seemed strangely bedraggled. "So, said Elixir, cocksure as ever, "What kind of extra tutoring are we talking about here?"

"Ms. Munroe and I thought you young, fit men would benefit from some private, much more intense physical education." said Psylocke

"What, like some sessions in the danger room?" asked Hellion.

"I uh, I don't think that's what Ms. Braddock has in mind" Said Prodigy as the teacher sauntered over to him, and began to unbutton his shirt. "Ms. Braddock, I don't think this is really appropriate!"

Elixir let out a surprised "MMF!" as Storm drew him into a kiss, pressing down into his mouth, as she was somewhat taller than he.

"Man, shut the fuck up, David!" Said Hellion, grabbing Psylocke's ass through her skirt, making her hum in approval.

Elixir broke the kiss for a moment "Yeah, David, Me and Julian don't usually agree on anything, but come on!

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