Second round

by Arcalian
Storyline Terra seduces Changeling
Characters Teen Titans
Category DC
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For the first time, Gar did more than hesitate; he balked outright.  He had been raised somewhat unusually, but while he had heard of anal sex as a concept, and seen it once or twice in porn, he had never even thought about trying it.

"I...." he gulped and swallowed.  "Wow.  Didn't that hurt?"

She smiled at him from mere inches away, their bodies still joined.  "It woulda without lube," she admitted, waggling the bottle in her hand.  "But the crew I was running with were smart, they wanted me to enjoy it."

Wanted to make sure you turned into even more of a whore, he thought to himself.  Not that he was in any position to complain.  "Tara.....I never....I haven't..."

"Yeah, I got that impression," she gave a cruel laugh.  "Don't worry Gar.  I'll teach you."

Even as his skin got goosebumps of fear and his mind protested, his loins had a different opinion.  He was  quietly horrified with himself for even being willing to consider it, but if he refused, would she reject him?  Certainly she would be disappointed in him.  "Tara, I'm--I'm not sure I can do this."

She just grinned wider.  "Sure you can.  Oh wait," her eyes widened in understanding.  "Is that a little protestation of morality I hear?"

He looked away, embarrassed.  His cheeks burned.  "Something like that," he muttered.

She sighed and smooched his forehead.  "Well, don't worry.  I'll take care of that.  I've got you now; I sure ain't gonna let you slip away.  Besides," she went on, affecting a pout, "You already felt me up, then came to my room and fucked me.  Without protection," she added.  "I told you to let the animal out, and you did.  You already crossed the line, Gar.  You know you did.  Besides, once you start, you won't wanna stop."

His manhood was beginning to stiffen again inside her, even as his heart was chilled.  She's corrupting me, he realized with amazement, and she's winning.   I don't want to stop.  Well I do, but I don't want to lose her.  And as much as this makes me sick to my stomach, my cock likes the idea just fine.

She could certainly feel it stiffening again inside her by now.  She grinned and winked.  "See?  You're coming around already.  I promise, in five minutes, you'll never feel bad about it again."

He had run out of words; he hung his head.

"Aww, so sweet!" Tara laughed, honestly touched.  "Don't worry Gar, you'll be a bad boy in no time."  She slipped off him with a sensuous, serpentine movement, popped open the bottle, and squeezed lubricant onto his already stiffening dick.  She was mildly surprised at his resistance, but the idea of him refusing never crossed her mind.  She had him, and if he tried to refuse she would have kept up the pressure until he cracked.  Not that much pressure was required.  Tara had never been such proactive seductress before; her previous sexual experiences had been with horny men who bordered on the brutal.  But she enjoyed every second of it.  The fact that she would cure Gar of the last vestiges of his prudishness into the bargain was a nice bonus.

After she had squeezed enough lube onto his cock, she gave him a gentle but firm handjob, spreading the gooey gel all over his manhood.  He groaned, and his hips bucked involuntarily.  She chuckled knowingly, and grinned at him.

She did not lube herself, which she could have done; she was nasty enough, and he was lubricated enough, that she was willing to take the risk.  In this, at least, his reluctance would work in her favor; he would be gentle until she was ready for him to push harder.  She was in control.  But then, she had been from the moment she decided to set her hooks in him, really.

She turned away and got on all fours, cute butt swaying invitingly.  "Point of no return, green-cheese," she taunted him.  "I'll say it again; if you want it....take it."

For a moment he actually did resist; his muscles locked.  But his hormones were stronger.  He made a noise somewhere between a sigh and a groan, and straddled her, mounting her.  She reached back with one hand and pulled the left butt cheek aside; he likewise pushed aside the right cheek with one hand, and--trembling a bit--guided his cock to her asshole with the other.

The head pushed against the sphincter, and for a moment there was resistance....then it relaxed and let him inside.

Slowly he pushed it in, groaning in guilty pleasure.  "So....TIGHT...."  The chill in his heart was fading before the warmth from his loins.

Tara closed her eyes and grinned.  "Ahhhhhhhh......yeah, that's iiiiit....I knew you'd give in to what you really wanted."

He bent over her, unable to reply, slowly pushing it the rest of the way in.  She's corrupted me; she's won.  I can't stop.  I don't want to stop.  He gripped her shoulders and pushed a little harder, sliding the rest of the way in.  His balls flattened against her butt.  "Oh God, Tara...."

She squeezed her butt, then flexed it.  "Good to have you in there, honey....ahhhhhhh..."

His hands slowly, tremblingly shifted from her shoulders to her breasts and squeezed, then he began to pull out again, about to halfway, then pushed it back in, faster.

Tara still had her eyes closed; she licked her lips.  Her body had already adjusted, faster than even she herself had thought.  She pushed back, eagerly.  "That's it Gar.  Fuck.  My.  Ass."

And he did.  With an angry grin on his face, he began to ride her, squeezing her breasts in time with his thrusts.

Gar stared down at her willing body arched below him as he plowed into it.  Then stared out the window at the lights of New York City.  It was almost too much sensory input for him to take; he wanted to close his eyes, but couldn't.  Instead of losing himself, as he had before, now he felt more real; more solidly anchored in the present, then he ever had in his life.  The lights were so bright, her body so warm...time seemed to stretch out.

For Tara, this was more routine, but she was certainly enjoying it.   She moved with him, pushing back against him as he shoved it inside of her, helping him to penetrate as deeply as possible.  She also was glad he was getting into it.  As she had suspected, Gar was a lively one once he cut loose.  Underneath the jokey personality was the sort of man she wanted as a lover.

But she stopped thinking about it and started getting caught up in the moment herself.  Yes, this was going even better than she had hoped....

Neither of them said anything else; instead they simply panted and gasped, and as the movement accelerated, those gasps began to be in time with one another, and then to merge into one sound.

Gar had found his sexual stamina, and Tara had found her rhythm.

They moved as one, and would have thought as one if there were any thoughts to think.

She came twice over the course of eleven minutes, and at the end of that time he positively blasted inside her, deep.

Then he collapsed atop her, passing out; and she lay willingly beneath him, a smug, satisfied smile on her face.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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