Felicia captures and seduces Mary Jane

by cronosphere
Storyline She Venom
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson She-Venom
Category F/F Female Dom
Previous Chapter Black Cat goes to see Peter but only MJ is home.

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The symbiot stretched out from Felicia and wrapped its self around Mary Jane, pulling her back in front of the platinum blonde.

Mary Jane struggled against the symbiote in panic. "Felicia, no! What are you-"

Black Cat placed an finger gently on Mary Jane's lips to shush her. "I'm not going to hurt you MJ. I am trying to talk with you reasonably, so I will make you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Mary Jane asked warily. The tightness of the suit was a little arousing, but she didn't want to let on that she felt that way.

Felicia smiled innocently. "If I can convince you that me being She-venom is a good thing, then you don't call Peter. If I can't convince you, then I will let you call Peter and wait for him to come back. Does that sound fair?"

Mary Jane kept up a brave face. "And what do you mean by 'Convince' me? Are you just going to take my mind over or beat me until I agree?"

Felicia pouted with a hurt expression. "MJ, I am TRYING to play nice here. I promise I won't touch you the entire time."

Mary Jane sighed. "Fine, I will hear you out. So why should I be happy that you have the symbiote? What are you going to use it for?" The answer she expected was crime-fighting.

"Sex." Felicia said matter-of-factly.

Mary Jane blanched. "SEX?!?!?!"

"Oh MJ, you have no idea!" The symbiote costume began to writhe on her body sensually, tightening and loosening around her breasts while it revealed and then covered up patches of skin in rhythm. The heat on Felicia's crotch increased along with some vibration, and she purred in pleasure. "This outfit was made for sex! Any toy, any shape, and size, and number!" She purred again with her eyes rolled in the back of her head.

Mary Jane tried to squirm despite herself. "You...uh...what are you doing Felicia?"

"Don't worry, sweetie," Felicia cooed. "I promised not to touch you, and I won't unless you ask me to. But just imagine what I could do to you if you let me."

The symbiote was cheating, of course. It was subtly stimulating MJ whenever she moved, even for breath. It wasn't enough that she could notice, but it was enough to encourage her to accept what Black Cat was saying.

"I want to touch you so bad but you're going to have to imagine it for me," Felicia moaned. She moved her body back and forth as the symbiote visibly played with her, and savored Mary Jane's eyes as they followed her every move.

"You want to lick me don't you?" She purred. "All over my breasts and neck. Suck on my tits.Mmm, and you could suck out a little sweet milk if you wanted."

"That's rediculous," Mary Jane protested. "I'm straight. I'm married, for crying out loud. I have never wanted to suck on another woman's breasts."

Felicia shook her head. "I know you do...I bet you dream about licking my hot pussy too while I rub my palms up and down your body."

"Felicia, you are being rediculous," Mary Jane protested. It would have been more convincing if her voice had not broken a little on the last word.

"Mmmmm," Felicia purred. "I wish I could drop to my knees and lick your statch while I play with your juicy pussy. I want to reach under and rub your asshole with my other hand, and finger fuck you until you squirt juice right onto my breasts."

Mary Jane shook her head violently in protest. "That's creepy and wrong and not at all something you should say if you want to convince me that you having that symbiote is a good idea."

Felicia ignored the protests. The symbiote was rewarding her body for the dirty talk, and she wanted to keep it up. "Then I want to tie you up, your hands and feet and lay you down! I am going to use one of this suit's tentacles as a vibrator and stick it against my clit while I rub the rest of my pussy all over your face."

A tentacle slid inside of Felicia's pussy and she gasped and moaned. "I love the idea of being in control of my pleasure on your body. When I'm ready to cum I am going to squat over your face and let it flow all over. I am going to keep humping your face till my voice is raw from screaming. As I cum the first time I'm going to squeeze my thighs against your cheeks."

"Maybe if I were the one on you," Mary Jane started to say. Then she realized what she was saying and shook her head. "I mean, you are telling me how you are going to make me YOUR sex slave, and that is supposed to make me want you to have the suit?"

"Oh I'm not done yet, my horny little redhead," Felicia purred. "I am going to turn you on your knees and cram that same tentacle I had on my wet clit up your ass while I suck your tits and jerk you clit off with some more tentacles."

Tentacles appeared around Felicia's crotch and gave MJ a visual of what they were capable of doing to that region of a woman's body.

Felicia began to speak more quickly as her pending orgasm built momentum. "When you get close to your orgasm I'm going to stop and enjoy myself spanking you. I'm going to masturbate on your leg while I smack your ass. Then I am going to flip you over and rub your hips and thights while I lick around the tentacle in your ass." She let her symbiote tonge, dripping with drool, stretch down and lick her own clit and moaned. Mary Jane let out a small whimpering sound.

"Then when I've had my fill of your sweet taste I'm going to turn you on your back and reverse cowgirl ride your hips and trib you." Felicia continued. "I'm going to videotape it while I bounce up and down on you massaging our clits together. I'll hand you a glass dildo and force you to shove it deep inside me."

The symbiote told Felica that Mary Jane was now wet and that her squirming was more to feel the symbiote rub against her erogenous zones. Felicia was delighted. She had always known that Mary Jane was a slut. "I am going to let you cool off, then stretch out four tentacles to spread your legs wide and pin your hands behind your head. I'll have tied you up and tell you to beg for me to let you cum while I roughly harass your body." The symbiote demonstrated this to Felicia's unexpected delight, pleasuring the Black Cat as a visual aid while Mary Jane was forced to watch.

When the tentacles stopped, Felicia had not orgasmed yet and it was driving both of the girls mad. Felicia decided to step up the dirty talk. "Finally I want you back on the bed. I'm going to bend you over and blind fold you like the bitch you are- my bitch!"

The symbiote reformed to a tight dark blue dominatrix outfit complete with a strap on dildo. Mary Jane gasped, her eyes darting back and forth from the dildo to Felicia's breasts that were spilling out of the top.

"You like what you see, don't you bitch?" Felicia purred. "Once your blindfolded and bent over, I am going to wrap my arms around you to play with your breasts and then I'm going to slide this strap on against your ass hole. I'll put some hot oil on it and drive it right into your wet pussy."

Mary Jane blushed at the thought. "You make it sound like that would be a good thing..."

Felicia smiled. "Oh I know I do, bitch. You can go wild while I cry out in pleasure- every one of my thrusts into you slamming my clit. You tell me that you are my dirty whore, and I'll fuck you soooo hard. You tell me how much you love your nasty minded mistress and how she owns you, and I will tear into and fuck you so good!"

Felicia started to fuck the air, and Mary Jane moaned. "I am going to let my sweaty Tits bounce on your lower back while I grunt and groan and fuck you."

The symbiote folded its self into a body doll of Mary Jane in the air where Felicia was miming, and she started to fuck the doll violently. Mary Jane was panting now, not even noticing that the symbiote was pushing her clit in rhythm with Felicia's thrusts.

"You want to cum don't you?" Felicia purred as she watched Mary Jane stare at her. "I am going to grab your hair and growl into your ear and command you to cum with me. I know I can make you cum so hard!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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