Something else... something Sci-Fi... MJ... Mara Jade?

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Mary Jane
Category Body Modification
Previous Chapter She merges her life with that of a heroine/villainess

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MJ looked around the apartment, she could have chosen any normal hero, heroine, villain or villainesses… but a thought had struck her.  Pete might be a super hero, but he was still fundamentally a nerd, and like the Nerd stereotype, Pete read sci-fi books.  With the run up for the new Star Wars Movies, MJ had read a couple of the Star Wars books in the book shelf.  She walked over to the book shelf and started looking…  What was the name of the author? Zahn right, Zs, Zs… No, it was a Star Wars series book, there they were all together… Zahn, there.  Timothy Zahn, Specters of the Past, Visions of the Future, Dark Force Riding, Heir, and Command…oh and the Union comic book set.  MJ went back to the laptop and started entering lines from the book for the program to integrate into her.  “Trained as the Emperor’s Sith Assassin,” “Ace pilot,” “Expert driver,” “Trained Jedi,” “Sniper,” “Mistress of all galactic dance forms,” “Complete Knowledge of bounty hunting,” “Knows all Star Wars Marshal Arts,” and so on.  She then started putting notes in there that she thought of, like, “Master at repurposing Earth tech to make Jedi and Sith equipment and repairs,” “Knows all Earth languages,” and so on.  Hitting enter the program compiled the information and she felt her head filling with information.

“Holy shit,” MJ gasped, “Still…”

She opened a menu with sliders and started making tweaks to her body.  She set her strength to Sith levels, which was almost Amazon or Gama levels but still in the human realm.  She adjusted her butt and the girls so they would look even better.  Might as well make herself more impressive than Catwoman and Black Cat while she was at it.  She improved her gymnastics levels to the point that she would be able to use all of those Sith and Jedi moves and opened a special prompt to give her Force Powers and cranked them up there.  She hit enter and the world around her exploded.

MJ wiggled her nose and looked at the Laptop, with a thought, it lifted off her lap and onto the coffee table in front of her.  Holding up her hand, her phone whipped throw the apartment from her purse to her hand.  She was giggling uncontrollably.  It was working!  Still… MJ would have to have the tools if she wanted to step out into the night with Pete as Mara Jade.  Using the Force to move the laptop back to her lap she started a new set of changes, Make an extra hidden room in her apartment and then fill it with her Light Sabers, Blaster Pistols and Rifles, Ryyk Blades, Mara Jade catsuits, weapons belts, two swoop bikes, and sets of Mandalorian Armor.  Mara wouldn’t have known about that last bit if she hadn’t used the program to teach herself.  Still giggling, MJ hit the enter key and reality warped around her again.  Using the force to move her laptop out of the way and back flipped up and off behind the couch and made her way to the hidden area that use to be her nosey neighbor’s former apartment turned Nerd-gasm workshop.  There was the catsuits, in their armored synthetic leather.  Next to it was a manikin wearing her Armor, Black with a quarter inch of bright pink trim around each of the armored plates.  MJ stripped out of her jeans and teeshirt and like a school girl on her birthday she started trying on mismatched parts and pieces of the different outfits and equipment.  Looking in the mirror she laughed at the sight of her in her helmet, the pistol belt from the catsuits, hut dancing shoes, and bra and panties.  Then she had another idea.  Putting the armor back she went back to her laptop. 

“Pete we are going to rock the foundations tonight!”

Pete never left her unsatisfied, but with her enhancements and all the training needed to be the Fem-fatale in a Sci-fi space opera he would need help to keep up!

“Time you get a pornstar upgrade Tiger!”

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