Use hypnosis to create a new hero or heroine, a crime wave for them to stop, so they can get close enough to gain Hypnoman's identity.

by Sirocco
Storyline The Mesmerizing Adventures of Hypnoman and Somnambulass
Previous Chapter Elsewhere in the city, an old foe plots revenge against the hypnotic heroes!

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‘I will fight fire with fire. Create my own adorably sexy little heroine who will be just too naïve for Hypnoman and Sexy Ass to resist. I’ll set up a few crimes for her to stop, and when she meets her idols she’ll be so eager to please them. Once they let my secret pet into their midst, all of their secrets will be mine! I shall finally have both Hypnoman and Sexy Ass at my knees, where they belong!’

The mighty ruler rose from the marble-lined bathtub, where a nearby attendant immediately covered her most glorious assets with a towel made of the finest Egyptian cotton. Had anyone in the room not already been under Titnosis the First’s thrall already, their attention would have been ensnared the moment her breasts surfaced from the water. The queen draped the towel around her amazingly powerful yet feminine body regally as more attendants approached and knelt before her with her preferred attire.

As she allowed her minions to dress her in the robes that accentuated both her muscles and curves, she considered her options for her plan. ‘I’ll need to be careful selecting my agent. Someone young and athletic enough to be capable of heroic acts. Yet if I use someone who has been enthralled to me for too long, there is a chance Hypnoman will recognize her… or worse, will have subconscious commands already imprinted on her.’ 

As her crown, a golden, bejeweled work of art with a raised serpent’s head set at the front, was presented to her, she realized she knew exactly who she would turn into her cat’s-paw. “Otemphus!” she called, and almost immediately a large, bald-headed man wearing her uniform appeared and sank to one knee before her. “The young woman you hired to give the royal felines the care they deserved during my last incarceration… I placed her under my thrall, did I not?”

“Yes, my Queen,” the man replied without looking up. “You were most pleased with the amenities and attention Tabitha Alley gave to your pets. She was greatly overwhelmed when you gifted her with your bared radiance as a reward, as we all were.” 

“Tell me truthfully, Otemphus. You are a virile man. I was not unpleased when you last shared my bed. This Tabitha… do you find her attractive?” 

“Compared to you she is but a lit match to the sun. She is but a hedge shrew to a mighty lioness. She is but a rubber duck to…” 

“Enough! Answer my question!” Titnosis ordered. 

“Yes, my Queen. Ms. Alley has both a more than fair aspect and a form that fuels desire. Her red-orange hair is long and full of body, and her mind is quick and clever. She would make a most acceptable addition to your harem.” 

“No…” said the villainess, with a crafty smile. “I have another fate in mind for her. Summon her to me.” 


“Okay, attention please ladies,” Hypnoman smiled as all six sets of eyes met his. It was easier to influence others when he had eye contact and their undivided attention. Since these were new criminals, he would have to alter them slightly as he had the rest of the city’s non-superpowered female criminal population. (His more powerful enemies like Maiden China, Titnosis, and Beneficent were immune to that level of permanent tampering.) He could force the new ideas into their heads mentally, but with concepts this specific it was best to do it verbally.

“First and foremost, you will never again try to harm any civilians on any future heists or criminal acts. Just the idea of hurting innocents will fill you with disgust. Killing others, regardless of their innocence, is especially taboo. All of the rules I stated may be disregarded if doing so will save innocent lives. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” six monotone voices answered in reply. Somnambulass rolled her eyes; She had heard these exact instructions given many times over.

“Second, if you ever try to harm myself, Somnambulass, the police, or any other representative of justice in the future, you will subconsciously sabotage your efforts. Taking superheroes and heroines prisoner however is acceptable. Do you understand?”

Six voices again replied, “Yes, Master.”

“Why do you always add that last part?” asked Somnambulass.

“Don’t want to make things too boring, do we?” Hypnoman replied. “Don’t knock the old ‘Seduce Your Captor to Escape’ trick until you’ve tried it honey.”

Turning back to the captives he continued. “Finally, you all find both Somnambulass and me extremely attractive. If you ever find your criminal acts thwarted by one or both of us, you will believe that submitting to us completely, sexually and without question is the proper course of action. You will not be ashamed by this; instead you will view defeat as an unwanted but thoroughly enjoyable outcome. The act of submitting to us arouses you greatly, and each time will turn you on more than the last. After we’re done, once we dismiss you, you will turn yourself into the police and admit to your crimes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Okay, you will not consciously remember me giving you these instructions, but you will always abide by them. Now, when I snap my fingers, you will all come out of your trances,” Hypnoman said. “Like… this.”

In a flash, all six women awoke from their stupor, looking around in confusion as to how they all came to be naked and standing in a line before the heroes. Very quickly however their new programming kicked in. They had been caught, and even if some of them didn’t believe they were evil, they all realized it was now their responsibility to obey the victors.

“Fine, you got us,” said ‘Sister Sophia’, running her hands down her sides seductively. “What’cha gonna do with us now?”

“First things first! Who among you is a lesbian?” Somnambulass asked.

“I am,” admitted the redhead ‘Sister Gretel’. At the end of the line, the shortest eco-terrorist, a Hispanic girl raised her hand timidly. Judging by the surprised looks on her cohorts’ faces, this was news to them.

“Are two going to be enough for you, Sweetie?” Hypnoman asked as he began stripping out of his tights.

“Oh, I’ll manage,” the heroine replied, licking her lips. “Though I wouldn’t mind if you sent the pink-haired leader over when you’re done. I saw the redhead sneaking peeks at her earlier.”

‘Sister Gretel’ gasped and looked upset, but didn’t deny anything.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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