Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 7/1/2017 9:30 AM

So a crank idea that has been floating around in the back of my head for a while is to have a Dick Grayson as Robin era Batman be confronted with all of his possible successors (Damian the Batdemon, Helen Huntress Wane, Terry Batman McGuinis, and more).  I want to run this kid past the crew here and see if you folks approve.

Princess Martha Hippolyta Wayne, The Batwoman (or Princess Bat depending on how snarky the other guy in the conversation is).  6 foot 2 in socks, black hair, blue eyes, vampire pallor.  In Manor wear tends to wear "Retro punk" (vinyl, plaid, boots, listens to 'classics like the clash'), Wears designer label suits for Wayne Foundation and Wayne tech functions, has vinyl Chitons for Amazon functions, And as a Batsuit she wears skin tight black with gold and silver piping, shit kicker boots that add 4 inches, and wields a silver 'Whip of punishment' that acts like Ghost Rider's Pennence Stare when she had you wrapped up in it.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 8/23/2017 12:43 PM

Continuing Martha Wayne with some back story:

The daughter of Bruce Wayne and Princess Diana, she was the result of a fling between the two that Diana instantly regretted and viewed her pregnancy as a punishment from the gods.  At this time, she convinces Artimis to take over the role of Wonder Woman while she tried to have an abortion and get back into shape.  When the attempts at a secret abortion failed, Diana hid from Mortal and Amazon society only allowing Artimis and Donna to know about her pregnancy.  Six months after birth Diana was ready return to her duties as Crown Princess and Champion of the Amazons, only to be confronted by Queen Hippolyta and Bruce.  She denied any wrong doing but Bruce had presented a case that Diana had born his child and had gone to great lengths to deny that child, life, a place with its family and a place with the Amazons.  Queen Hippolyta as the supreme judicial figure of the Amazons orders Artimis and Queen’s Guards to bring the child before her.  The baby is recovered and before the entirety of the Amazon Island Queen Hippolyta names the child Princess Martha Wayne second in line for the throne of Themiscara and signs a decree granting Bruce sole custody of the child on the grounds that he will never deny visitation of her maternal family and allow the girl to spend Devine holidays with her Amazon relatives so that she may grow to be an immortal amazon.
Growing up in Gotham and spending holiday brakes on Themiscara, Martha loves her grandmother so much she will call her mother, views the military amazons as her sisters and shuns the “Wonder”.  In Gotham, she views Dick and the other Robins as her brothers, while she views Selina Catwoman Kyle, Kathrine “Batwoman” Kane, and Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon as “Aunts” and surrogate mothers and the other Batgirls as adopted Sisters.  As a result of Diana leaping with joy at the chance to replace Lois Lane in Superman’s life after she was killed by her half kryptonian pregnancy, Martha hates the Kryptonians as well and sees no difference between Donna Troy, Kara Kent, the Joker, or Killer Croc.  Rumors are that Martha almost killed the previous Wondergirl Cassie Sandmark in a training ring.  And more than a few Amazons believe that Martha will kill Diana and Lara Kent a coup should anything ever happen to the Queen. 

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 8/30/2017 1:37 PM


Bruce Pennyworth (formerly Bruce Wayne Junior)

The son of Bruce and Kathy Wayne, Sergeant Bruce Pennyworth, formerly Bruce Wayne Junior or BJ is currently serving as an enlisted Military Policeman in the United States Army.  He has done multiple tours of duty in the current League Wars against League of Shadow dominated territories across Asia and Africa.  He stands as six foot two, black hair, green eyes and the build of an angry linebacker.  When not in uniform, he normally hangs out in most of his uniform since he is deployed as often as he is back state side.  But when not deployed he will wear cargo pants like the IACU pants, boots, a tee-shirt and a cap.

Shortly after the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Colonel Jacob Kane and his wife, Elizabeth, moved back to Gotham to take Martha’s place at the head of Kane foundation and Kane Industries.  While Martha had more immediate family, most were engrossed in other pursuits and were regarded as untrustworthy, causing her to seek out her fourth cousin.  There attempts to adopt Bruce and bring him into their home as family were cut short when the first of the proto-super villains killed them during an annual charity gala being held by the rich and powerful.  Little did they know that the plan would come to fruition in a way they never expected.  Bruce would grow up to become Batman and after taking young Richard “Dick” Grayson as his ward and sidekick Robin, Kathy would end up joining Bruce’s nocturnal missions as the Batwoman.  Bruce and Kathy’s relationship became more romantic and the Wayne-Kane marriage had more viewers than any royal wedding before or since.  With the disappearance of Dick and his death at the hands of Lex Luthor, Bruce was forced to recruit a new Robin. 

Jason Todd and Carrie Kelly were recruited to be the new Robin and Batgirl.  And shortly after they took up their positions Kathrine retired from Batwoman when she announced her pregnancy.  As Bruce Junior grew up, Jason and Carrie took over the roles of Batman and Batwoman.  To everyone’s surprise Bruce Junior was actively against becoming a Robin, and while Bruce and Kathy assumed it was him being a little rebellious, when Bruce turned eighteen he told his parents he was going to college, instead he changed his name and went to US Army Basic Training as Private Bruce Pennyworth.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 8/30/2017 1:40 PM

Catwoman Beyond (Alternate Batman Beyond protagonist without Terry Batman McGuiness)

Holly Wayne-Kyle

The illicit daughter of Bruce and Selina, Holly has one of the least stringent moral compases of the Children of the Bat.  The self-appointed guardian of Gotham’s Forgotten, she has little interest in stopping no violent robberies against rich homes and apartment buildings, but if you harm a parent or a child she will claw your face off.  A modern street girl, she spends her days out and about in the latest street fashion, at home in her apartment she wears a sweater dress and leggings.  She wears her natural black hair dyed blonde with pink tiger stripes and will often wear green or red cat eye contacts over her natural blue eyes.  Standing at five nine in her socks, she will often end up in heels and boots that make her over six feet tall.  Catwoman wears an enhanced replacement for the Batman Beyond powered armored skinsuit.  It takes the appearance of a black rubber catsuit complete with full head hood, gloves and built in boots and is covered with deep blue jaguar rosettes and dark grey tiger stripes creating a black on black night camo pattern. 

Early in Batman’s career, he encountered a mysterious thief that seemed able to penetrate any security, known only as the cat by police and PR types, little else was known aside from a list of cases attributed to it.  Not until the cat’s return to Gotham was it even known that the Cat was a woman.  One chance meeting between them would radically alter the course of the Cat’s life.  Coming home that morning, Selina announced to her roommate, friend, and protégée Holly Robinson that the Cat was going public as “the Catwoman!”   Catwoman became the flashy queen of thieves in Gotham and Batman’s greatest tormentor.  In the mean-time her alter-ego ditched the call girl cover to scout out the homes of the rich and famous and instead reinvented herself as a solicitor for various animal and environmental charities.  In this fashion she met and fell for Bruce Wayne.  The pair would realize quickly that each other’s dual identity and Catwoman would tone down her nocturnal antics and focus more on protecting the ladies of the night and other “less dead” of Gotham.  After a time Holly took over the role of Catwoman when Selina became pregnant with Bruce’s daughter.  For the next few years Holly and Selina would trade duties as Catwoman to protect the secretes of Selina, Bruce, Holly and Holly Wayne-Kyle.  While the legally recognized heir of Bruce Wayne, Holly was never put on public display.  However, tragedy struck when a neo-Marxist group used a helicopter supplied by the league of Shadows to kill Bruce, Alfred and Selina on their way to a city event in an attempt to kick off a class war. 

As the silent partner in Wayne-Powers and Fox Techa, Holly never has to worry about money and spends her days supporting Splicer Rights and is a vocal member of the Daughters of Mafdet cat cult, a religious group that preaches feminine feline divinity, female bi and homosexuality and that the Catwoman is a messenger of their goddess.  In the evening she can be found in a club with a new kitten or cub each night.  But while everyone is trying to guess who she took home that night, they don’t realize that she is in fact roaming the streets of Gotham in her catsuit.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by C.King - 9/3/2017 1:03 PM

 Interesting. But you could also have it be the kids of Batman, any version, with any potental love match. Someone did a Ranma fic like this, including crossover kids. Maybe part of the old and gone Anime Addventure.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 9/3/2017 1:37 PM

Well, I am looking to do Bruce Batman Wayne, Dick Robin Grayson and brand new Barbara Batgirl Gordon get met by a half to a dozen future bats and the fallout of having so many potential future in one spot.  Others I plan on having are the Dameon Batdemon, Batman Beyond, Silver Age huntress.  I am trying to figure the rest of the future kids so if you have an idea of a hook up or fast forward please let me know.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by colleem - 9/3/2017 3:43 PM

Laughing bat

Crazy bat
Or my favorite mad bat

RE: Childern of the Bat

by C.King - 9/3/2017 4:39 PM

 Flittermouse, an old name for Bat.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 9/3/2017 5:40 PM

Ok now how did we end up with Flittermouse the Fruitbat, and what is the character breakdown?

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 9/4/2017 4:17 PM

How about this,

Harley and Pam kidnapped Bruce Wayne as part of a "Make Men Pay" scheme, but Pam used to heavy a dose of her "Horny" pheromones and Harley ended up having sex with the restrained and compliant Bruce.  Bruce is rescued by Dick in the Batman suit, Robin and Batgirl and the twisted twosome are taken away to Arkham.  Months later Bruce and Gordon go to Arkham at the request of Harley Quinn who is pregnant and as her due date nears she is suffering a strange inversion of Post Pardon Depression where she is being driven sane and is regretting everything she has done.  When the child is born Harley will surrender it to Bruce and forfeit all maternal rights and privileges.  
How do we want to work Joker into this?  How much would "sane Harley" realize about Bruce and the Bats?  Ideas on the alter ego of Flittermouse?

RE: Childern of the Bat

by C.King - 9/4/2017 5:30 PM

Interesting. Sounds like an erotic fic I read. Other then loosing his toy, the Joker might not care. Harley was insane and lazy, not stupid. She could put it together, most could, but if the sanity came with better focus... Even sane, Harley was off. So could the child. Functional Insanity.

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 9/5/2017 9:11 AM

This is taken from a Feminist Rewrite of the DCU where if the character is supposed to be liked by the audience (Hero, anti-hero, the “good villain”) they are either a bisexual woman or a full on lesbian and the “disgusting Villians” are all men.  This is based on a number of feminist pitches to redo other properties, most notably the demands for the NETFLIX Legend of Zelda to have female Zelda and Link but a CGI Male pig monster Gannon.

The daughter of Arthur Brown and Bryce the Batwoman Wayne, Stephanie was the latest in the long line of Robyns in service to the Batwoman.  Blonde, Blue eyes, and five and half feet tall, Stephanie has grown into the best hope to replace Batwoman should she ever falter in her duties.  An out and out lipstick lesbian Stephanie wouldn’t be caught dead in public in anything less than the finest feminine outfits and heels, and is often noted as appearing at her mother’s side for Wayne events in either a black leather skirt suit or an edgy leather gown.  Blondebat as her grown up alter-ego has been dubbed in the media is a black and purple side paneled catsuit with black Bat gauntlets, shin guards and cowl, Black leather thigh boots and opera gloves, a golden utility belt with thigh drop holsters and a gold bat on her chest.  Notable are her lack of a cape and her blonde hair flowing out the back of the cowl.

Following the death of her parents, young Bryce Wayne was taken by her guardian Angela Pennyworth to as many social events as possible in order to keep her from spiraling into complete madness.  One such event was a Mensa meeting for young local candidates.  To everyone’s surprise a young man by the name of Arthur Brown was there.  While not unheard of for a man to join Mensa, being a merit based group, it was rear that men could rise to the occasion and in Brown’s case, completely unexpected since his parents were both regarded as dimwitted tools.  The slick bastard seduced Bryce with his charm.  Some of Angela’s fears played out, as Arthur left the girl pregnant and heart broken.  His ability to charm her was a test to get him a job as TV presenter which he wanted more than the Wayne Millions.  Bryce would have her daughter but was set on the mission to punish the wicked of Gotham.  Shortly after taking to the night as the BATWOMAN, Bryce would adopt Roxane “Dixe” Grayson who would become the first Robin, then Jennifer Todd, and finally Tiffany “Tina” Drake all would be adopted sisters to the growing Stephanie.  Tiffany and Stephanie would become more than adopted sisters however, and like Dixe and Barbara Gordon before them would develop a romantic relationship. 

A proud member of Gotham’s lesbian community she stands next to her mother and her wife Selina “The Catwoman” Kyle at all of Gotham’s LGBT events, but will never understand her mother’s latent bisexual attraction to men.  She sides with her cousin Kate “The Vampire Bat” Kane in being lesbian only.  Many of the villians that the Bats are forced to confront are men, the Joker, Ridler, Scarecrow, Penguin, even her own father, the failed gameshow host turned costumed villain Cluemaster.  Stephanie has trouble understanding why men go rogue in a matriarchal world, and at times assumes the old saying that men were the source of original sin and naturally corrupt to be true.  She hears but doesn’t understand Aunt Holly’s and other’s lessons about how the marginalization of men by women is the cause of much of their troubles. 

RE: Childern of the Bat

by Evva - 9/6/2017 9:18 AM

I liked this version of Stephanie, by the way where did you got this version of Batman rewriting? By what you said it is the kind of fanfic I like to read. 

RE: Childern of the Bat

by gothamalleyviper - 9/6/2017 10:07 AM

Evva, honestly it is from an internal project.  It stems from the Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers and and interview he did for the bonus material.  

"It is not enough to wave your finger and say NAZIs are bad, you must show them how bad a functional NAZI society is so they can see how horrible it would be." -P. Verhoeven.
And like I said it took that and applied it to the push by "Geek Girls" pushing Social Justice and 3rd Wave inter sectional feminism into comics.  In the last decade DC has taken numerous head line ladies and either done a full on lesbian make over or declared them bisexual.  And then Marvel is putting it's self out of business by alienating it's customer base in favor of SJW critics who aren't buying their titles.
If you want I can put more of this up for you.  I don't really have anything in a plot format for publication, I mostly just have cliff notes on characters and how they came to be.

-RE: Childern of the Bat by Evva - 9/6/2017 11:33 AM
--RE: Childern of the Bat by gothamalleyviper - 9/19/2017 6:17 PM

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