Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CJ - 8/4/2014 3:05 AM

Soldate - I loved the new chapter you posted on the Porn Star thread.  To be honest it is a direction I wanted to go in, since I did write the option but my writing skills aren't the best with character interaction and dialogue.  Like the character of Heather and the way things transpired.I can still see things basically going in the same direction previously outlined with Suzzy/Susan having to use a LMD to replace her.  In fact your addition of Heather gives her more reason to start to feel comfortable in her new life and enjoy living it full time.  I'd love to see Susan/Suzzy building a relationship with Heather without even realizing it.  Inviting her out to lunch and dinner, escorting her to other awards banquets.  Making more appearances in public as Suzanne Sanford, possibly even setting up an apartment or house for Heather to visit and making Suzzanne more 'real' as time passes.  Humorous idea of Heather taking her to meet her parents and Sue just realizing they were dating when the parents give her the don't hurt out daughter speech.Of course there is the other option you have opened up with her fighting the contract, I especially liked the way you established that completely getting out of it was unlikely.  Still renegotiating things could be interesting, especially if Megan pushes for some concessions in return for lowering the time commitments to something she could continue to conceal.  Also might be amusnig for Sue to bring in Shulkie for legal advice.  Wonder how she would react to Sue revealing her double life.Also like the thread option with Amanda in the next room manipulating things.  Some possibilities there.  I initially introduced her as a character actively trying to destroy Susan Richards though manipulations rather than violence because Susan represented everything she hated about upper crust social circles.**********************Two possible future ideas I had for the thread were 1) that Amanda mainuplated things with Suzzy's birth control to get her pregnant by one of her co-stars.  Thereby having the truth come out that way and making Sue decide what to do with her life from that point.2) The other was Suzzy being in an accident and waking up in the hospital with amnesia.  Her friends from the Porn business helping her to regain her memories and life.  Since Megan knows her real identity maybe she was taking advantage of the situation or just didn't want to say anything since she couldn't prove it without getting the FF4 involved to confirm her ID and giving away Sue's secret life and kissing her cash cow good-bye.  Meanwhile the FF4 are looking for the missing Sue while she is recovering from the accident and getting back to work.

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by solddate - 8/4/2014 3:38 PM

CJ - I'm glad you liked it, since it was the ideas you laid out in the previous chapters that got me to write it. 

I really like the idea of Sue developing a relationship with Heather as Suzanne Sanford, both through working together on set and essentially dating as you described. I'd initially play it as Susan/Suzanne viewing the relationship as something to akin to best friends with benefits while Heather's feelings develop into something fully romantic, but on that count she is happy to share Suzanne with her family rather than becoming jealous. In fact, I'd eventually have Heather want to meet Suzanne's family and after pushing it's revealed to her that Suzanne Sanford is in fact Susan Richards.
With Amanda I love the idea you put forward of her main motivation being that she wants Susan being both a superheroine and pornstar to show the world that people working in adult entertainment should not be cast aside as social priors. However, with that, I really like that you had Amanda want Susan/Suzanne to reach the decision over her future on her own. So while she continues to manipulate Susan into enjoying & embracing her life as Suzanne, the final step is left to Sue to make. Sue could indeed decide to reveal her secret life to the world, or she can emerge into it fully and become Suzanne of her free will.
For Megan, I'd have her want what is best for her business, and that is for Suzzy Sapphire to continue being her star attraction. For the contract negotiation, I'd have her definitely wanting to avoid the courts since she knows being outed at this point is a complete deal breaker for Susan and forcing her to make the films would inevitably lower the quality of her performances, not to mention, the FF4 would most likely cause her no end of trouble. For me, Megan would be able to compromise on things like the no. of films per year, the kind of promotional events Suzanne has to attend, in counter she could demand a Suzanne set up a personal website exclusively with the studio and agree to interviews for the DVDs of her films etc, plus Heather can offer to work for Megan as part of the deal.
So, for the ideas you put forward at the end, they're not paths I'd personally go down. I don't see Amanda wanting to force the issue on Susan deciding her future, while I also don't want to cut the connection between Susan & Suzanne, since I think it's the conflict between the two lives that provide the most interesting ideas

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CorruptionCentral - 8/4/2014 7:33 PM

IMHO, Sue needs an accomplice to pull off her time away from family, even if there are more reasonable terms for the contract, but I'll get back to that in a minute. 

That being said, it can be rationalized that while filming for a quality porno movie can be done in a couple weeks, the end to end production can last 3 months.  Filming 20 **good**, well thought out porn flicks in a year, as the contract states, would be a full time job even without the public appearances.  My point being that Megan would be well motivated to settle on number of films well before Sue asks for concessions... but length of contract, not so much.  If Sue tried ***real*** hard she might talk Megan down to 6 but she would practically have to buy in as a 40% owner/silent partner to get that (and even at that she would have to pay $2 for every $1 of value she bought in at).

The use of company owned and licensed website is great and she would have to put out an average of a new photo shoot a week on there, similar to how Score does it (video and stills) but I would add an additional 'pay for play' HD option.  In a day she could probably shoot 3 of these.

Now back to the accomplice... Of course Roberta has been brought up time and again.  I think it would take a little help to get Roberta to understand Sue's need and act to protect her interests in complete secrecy.  Perhaps a technokentic like Madison Jeffries (Box) was.  Maybe a mutant that Heather knows because he/she is in the film crew.  Another could be Danger from the X-Men.  As an AI herself, Danger (who is currently roaming freely about the Marvel universe) could interface with Roberta and 'convince' her of her duty to Sue.  Either one could be snuck in via Sue's escape route and brought to the computer core where Roberta could be brought into the fold.

Well, these are a few ideas I had for you, if they are of any value.  Please continue with the interesting story :-)

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by solddate - 8/4/2014 11:06 PM

CorrCentral - You make a very good point about the practicality of the contract. Thinking on it, I'd actually have Megan come in with a fresh contract draft already done up (possibly on a tablet device), with her having predicted Susan's morning after u-turn. From there the two can negotiate and edit the terms before having it signed. 

 The tactic of having Sue buy into the studio is good too, though one thing to consider with this new contract in the first place is, does it offer any payment to Sue? The 5-movie deal was to pay for the lost filming and to buy out of the original extorted contract, so it makes sense that this new deal would involve some kind of payment. Possibly payments to charity, idk.
 I definitely back the idea of Sue finding an accomplice to help her manage both her daily home life (since the FF have to return from space sometime) and the legal side of things. Roberta does sound like a fair place to start, though I am unfamiliar with her so if she would need convincing to maintain secrecy then it would need doing. Just going to Danger herself might be a possibility, it could be that she has taken residence in the Baxter building so that FF might help her find her place in life, and when Sue asks for her help Danger does so to repay her. CJ's idea for involving She-Hulk (or so I presume from Shulkie) as a lawyer certainly sounds interesting, though I'd definitely have her do it as Jennifer Walters, although if her identity is public maybe that's a moot point.

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CorruptionCentral - 8/5/2014 8:14 PM

Just one more note of explanation on money issue... One of Megan's original reasons for sticking not letting her out of the contract was that the studio was just skating by.  If she lets Sue buy in at 40% that would put them in the black and stable, but probably just barely.  If she makes Sue pay a $2 for every $1 of value then the studio has a cash reserve to finance the new movies and keep the studio (and the full time people employed by it) stable for years to come even if some of the films flop (but with proper backing from their reserve that should be unlikely).

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CJ - 8/5/2014 9:17 PM

I like the idea of Megan having Sue buy into the company as a condition of the renegotiations over the contract.  Though it does bring up the issue of where Sue is going to get the money.  I presume at least part of the payment would be upfront and then a reduction in her pay for the rest of it.  I know the Richards are well off and could probably afford it, but can Sue access the money without her husband wondering about it?On the approaching She-Hulk/Jen Walters for legal advice regarding her contract, what do you think her reaction to Sue's Secret Life would be.  From what I recall of her character she was never sexually conservative, if anything she was quite open sexually at least as She-Hulk.  Jen Walters was a little more restrained or at least less confident in her sex appeal.Any chance of Jen Walters (perception filtered) starring in a film or at least some photos.  Maybe take advantage of the depression during one of the times she was stuck as Walters.Also with Suzzy buying into the film company, would anyone be interested in her having to take a larger role in producing the films.  reading potential scripts, interviews cast and crew, etc...  This would allow her to hire Heather and I can see the studio becoming one of the more respectable companies.

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CorruptionCentral - 8/6/2014 4:09 AM

At least up to the point where I stopped reading the comics, the entire Fantastic Four were multi-billionaires via Reed's many patents which they shared equally.  For the most part, the combined fortune is managed by their business side, Fantastic Enterprises, which Sue is the CEO of.  Getting the money requires some financial slight of hand and Reed is way too busy with his lab and adventures to look into it (as he trusts Sue implicitly).   Its more a matter of hiding the diversion of funds from government and journalists that would make it an issue.  Even so, it is simply an expansion of what she has already done to establish the Suzanne Sanford identity already.  The question is how much money are we talking?

From what I can gleen from internet searches, quality porn flicks can be produced routinely on a $400,000 budget unless you get into some grander scale things like the Pirate XXX movies (~1 to 4 Million).  A company like Megan's is probably valued in the $50,000,000 to $75,000.000 range but running in the 50% debit to equity range.  So the worst case scenario for Sue to buy in a 40% ownership at $2 for every $1 of net worth would be $60,000,000. This is on the order of 1% equity of Fantastic Enterprises. Considering amount of repair work that Johnny & Ben cause, let alone the exotic equipment and materials that Reed goes through like post-it notes, this should be something she can skim without attracting notice if she is careful.

As for She-Hulk, after Jen Walter's became She-Hulk, her views on morality took a definite turn toward the open side for sure.  Her reaction to Sue's confession would be shock and rage at the assumption of mind control, but if Sue could convince her of her emotional journey to actually enjoying and appreciating her porn career, Jen would be more open to the idea.  After all, she knows that Sue is a sexual person and that Reed does quite often neglect the hot woman's needs.

This also made me think of something for Megan.  She would probably be a bit terse when Sue comes to talk to her.  Probably open the door and quip "Oh, come to beg for release from the new contract so soon?  Who could have guessed that?"  I can see her saying things like "If you are expecting to get released or for me to strike things you've agreed to, then forget that.  I'm not taking one minute off the term of your contract or just throwing out a single one of your commitments.  You might think I'm a bitch, but you know why I'm taking this stand? Because I have watched you closely and seen how you have warmed up to your life with us.  You went from a damn near hostage actress to a valued contributor and rising star in the industry.  You are one of the most liked and well thought of actress by your peers in the porn industry.  Know why?  Because you LOVE WHAT YOU DO!  That's why, when you relax and let your hair down, you insist on a contract that would keep anyone busy 60 hours a week for a decade.  I didn't come up with the minimum number of movies, photo shoots, or mandatory public appearances... YOU did! You both love and fear WHO YOU ARE. There was no mind control last night, just a lot of booze and fun. So what do you do?  You find me and negotiate a contract that there is no way I'll let you walk on and make it public knowledge; all because you KNOW first thing in the morning you will come crying to me to try to get out of it.  Well, I'm not playing this game and if you could see it clearly through all the emotional bullshit, you wouldn't WANT me to.  Toughen up, buttercup! This is for your own good."  That would set the tone for the negotiations.  Megan as much as admits that the contract is more than a full time job, but for every reduction there has to be something she gets back.  Reduced public appearances for weekly XXX photoshoots/video sessions that go right to the new website she endorses (they are more of a themed sex scene & only take a couple hours to shoot.  For movies off she has to do some hyped game or event where the prize is a date/night/bachelor party with Suzzy Saphire.  When that only drops the movies from 20 to 14, they start talking buying in to the company.  To get it down to 6 movies minimum a year, she has to by in 40% at double the value.  You can see where this is going.

Again, these are only my thoughts and suggestions.  As you can see, I tend to get way into the weeds trying to put something together that has some viability to earn the suspension of belief.  Its why I don't write more as by the time I am ready to post, at least one of more people contribute that take the story in a direction I didn't intend and it gets quite frustrating ;-)

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by solddate - 8/6/2014 8:11 AM

CorrCentral - Hey, you're not the only one who likes to try and iron the small details behind an idea, I'd say both me & CJ belong to that group. However, if I may give some advice regarding your last point on others taking a story in direction different from what you envisioned, write what you want to write. If someone takes the story where you wouldn't then that's their path and you are not obligated to follow, you're always free to go back to any point in the storyline and write from there. It's what I do, and while I certainly won't claim that what I write is the best way forward for the storyline, I believe it's the best way for anyone to write. 

In any case, I'm definitely gonna have to give all these ideas some thought. If someone add to the line before I do, that's great and I'll definitely give it a read before settling on what I write for it next.

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CJ - 8/6/2014 8:23 PM

I agree with Soldate, you shouldn't let other writers direction effect where you want the story to go.  You can always add options, that is what they are there for.Any feedback on my idea of Suzzy taking an active role in management of the company when she buys into it.  Or will she be treated as a silent partner.  As was pointed out she does have experience running Fantastic Enterprises.  I could see her making the company into a success, I am sure the employees would love her.  Christmas blowjobs to go with the normal bonus:).

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CorruptionCentral - 8/7/2014 7:00 AM

I love the idea of Suzzy taking an active role.  Maybe at first just as a reaction to Megan being a hard ass in the negotiations (if you go that route) and insisting the give her friend Heather a contract. Maybe set up a secured VPN so that Sue can do management work for the company from the Baxter Building without anyone there knowing.  I like the idea of Sue poking around the financials early on and finding inefficiencies/problems.  With her experience at Fantastic Enterprises, she can see better alternatives that improve the way business is run and boosts the bottom line. It would be another good venue bring her, and quite happily so, into the porn family.

RE: Susan Storm's Secret Life: Porn Star - Soldate

by CorruptionCentral - 9/1/2014 9:10 PM

Added a pretty big deviation to the story.  I hope it isn't too big and adds more fuel than distracts but will understand if people would rather move on from the previous chapter.

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