Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by CorruptionCentral - 2/21/2014 9:32 PM

I thought I would take an opportunity to start a discussion of the 'sleazy reporter' variant of the "Susan's Secret Life" Storyline.  I thought this might be a better idea than posting extremely long potential chapters as the story progresses.  The first thing I thought might be helpful is suggestions of how to keep Susan's family out of her business now that she is so heavily involved in stripping engagements and practice for several weeks. As I can see it, there are two ways to accomplish this.

The first method of keeping everyone out of her business would be to come up with an airtight reason she is missing 6 nights a week.  Here are my thoughts on that:

  • Sue could have a Medusa of the Inhumans provide a fake excuse that she is needed there either for defense of their people, negotiations with another culture, or possibly as a contributor to an interstellar conference on female rights. (I don't recommend defense as the whole family would be constantly looking for any excuse to look in on them to make sure Sue is OK)
  • Sue could have someone like Black Widow or Ms Marvel  tell the family that Sue is on a secret mission for SHIELD
  • Sue could set up with the Avengers to be a late night monitor duty for several weeks.  Instead of actually doing the work for the Avengers she could send a Life Model Decoy of her while the real Sue does her stripper work

Another method is to set up each of the Fantastic Four men with things that will occupy them:

  • Reed:
    • A long term project to observe a new universe about to be born via its own big bang.  Sue could talk to Dr Alyssa Moy, a colleague of Reed's that also use to be a girl friend of his long ago.  Alyssa would jump at the chance and Reed couldn't resist the project as long as Sue was OK with it. (normally she wouldn't be, but with the drive her being drugged is causing she might push her normal objections out of the way to continue stripping.
  • Johnny
    • Set Johnny up with a lady extreme sports promoter who has been after him to go on tour. 
    • Get Johnny a role in a Hollywood movie production that will take him out of town for a couple months
  • Ben
    • Set up on a long trip with his girlfriend
    • Set Ben up with one of the other strippers friends that has a thing for him & will keep him too busy to notice Sue's late nights
    • Get Ben a temporary spot on one of the remaining west coast/Hawaii '50 states initiative' as a team lead/instructor

I just offer these ideas in hopes that it helps.  Thanks to the originator and the contributors for giving  us something to enjoy and look forward to :-D

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by CJ - 2/22/2014 12:25 AM

I think it would be best to mix and match the two methods.  I kind of like the Medusa option but it comes with the issue of how does she convince Medusa to do this for her.  I don't know the character very well and wouldn't know how to write this.

I really like the working for SHIELD option as well and have thought of a was to spin it.  One of the options tacked onto the latest chapter with Suzanne costume shopping has Sue encountering another heroine while stripping, this would give Sue leverage to get cooperation from the other heroine and also brings up the possibility of Ralph asking for her services in the future after Sue slips up and mentions her when talking about her excuse.

The option with Reed and the other scientist he used to date would roll well with where I see the story going in the future.  I had the thought after a slipup resulting in a one night stand (which she enjoyed) that Sue was scared straight from guilt for a while and then after Reed neglecting her she would seek out the 'Suzanne' life again and actually escalate by being open to prostitution.  Could easily have it to that Reed misses an anniversery or B-day dinner that Sue went through a lot of trouble to arrange only for her to find him in the lab with Alyssa (maybe standing too close or even better she tripped and he caught her in a suggestive pose just as Sue walks in).  Sue in jealousy and spite turns to her secret life for sexual relief and people who give her attention.

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by exidor455 - 2/22/2014 5:27 AM

I like the idea that Sue encounters another heroine or villainess while stripping, then they would discover her secret and would provide a coverstory for her, in return for certain "favours". The cover story would work better if it was a heroine, but it could be more fun if it was a villain because that would open up new areas of corruption for Sue. She could be blackmailed into porn/prostitution etc, and find that she likes it.

Thanks to everyone for contributing to the story and keeping it bubbling along. I'm also happy for people to go back and open up more avenues for the story if they like!
BTW, I notice that my "demonic whore" chapter for the Mephisto strand has no score. Was it crap? Any suggestions on how that should go forward?

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by CorruptionCentral - 2/22/2014 8:44 AM


I like where you are going.  I could explain how to work the Medusa option, but it sounds like it wouldn't help with this story at this time anyway. As to heroine strippers, I had an idea for Volcana, a heroine struggling to make it in New York, might be a stripper to make ends meet; however she has no connections that would help Sue.  Volcana would make a new girlfriend for Ben and as clinging as Volcana is she would keep Ben more than busy enough for a very, very long time.

For other heroines that could be strippers, Wasp and Tigra jump to the top of the list and they might help Sue just because they would love to share their dirty secrets with her. I could see Scarlet Witch doing it too and using her hex magic to cover her guilty pleasures. Shield agents are and interesting topic... Most of the ones that didn't start out as heroines may have done stripping while they were in college simply because willingness to step outside social moral norms is a plus in fieldwork.  Anyone with a little power might work out as they would be able to cover for Sue, but the issue there is that they would be as likely to blackmail Sue as the other way around.  One possibility that merits thought is Agent Cheesecake.  This character is a Life Model Decoy designed to seduce targets.  Cheesecake might consider stripping to be honing her seduction skills and might buy that Sue was doing the same as the heroine's hotness has distracted major villains in the past.  Cheesecake might helps Sue out as a professional courtesy without even realizing she was being used.


I for one love the demonic variant of this storyline. People tend to contribute when the story fuels a passion within *and* they have vision that throws gasoline on that fire. As long as that is happening, the muses and the author are really working hand in hand to turn out chapters. Sometimes a story will take a turn that may leave one author without as much inspiration. It isn't the fault of the other authors nor a comment on the quality or worth of the story. It simply means that author has less to contribute until they either adjust to the current direction or find another deep seated passions to pursue within the current direction.  That is where I find myself at the moment and in my experience it is better to apply the ideas I do have for that story to proposed chapters and message board topics than to try to force out a chapter as my forced chapters tend to derail others as well.

I also feel guilty of derailing Colleem earlier on by shaping one of his expressed ideas about Johnny in the story. I honestly felt I was helping at the time but it definitely took away from what he was planning to write so I do feel badly about it and apologize again.

My suggestion to you is not to wait for me and to keep writing.  It is a good story and a lot of fun. 

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by colleem - 2/22/2014 8:53 AM

CC :) dont worry. I really liked your Setup with Johnny and you shouldn´t feel sorry about it. The Story is interessting to read. I won´t write anything for the next time. Still fighting with me if i should write a new chapter for the Masterplan... or not :)

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by exidor455 - 2/22/2014 9:08 AM

CorruptionCentral - I'm glad you're enjoying the Mephisto storyline. Any ideas for a direction you'd like the story to go? I'm kind of trying to hold off on Sue giving in completely to the dark side as long as possible because once that happens, I'm not sure where else it could go. But she has to give in a bit or there would be no fun and games. I welcome any ideas! :)

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by CorruptionCentral - 2/22/2014 9:28 AM

OK, some ideas on the Mephisto storyline:

  • Kingpin wouldn't have brought Hellstorm in unless he had something that he could give Hellstorm for services rendered... Like the use of MJ and the Seed of Sin within her.
  • With the Hellstorm breaking Mephisto's connection with MJ and trying to bind her to himself (which may or may not work), Kingpin is calling Reed to tell him that the hero has a choice.  He can finish Kingpin off or he can get his ass and as much backup as he can arrange to Mephisto's realm to save his wife; that is unless he wishes to kiss the harlot goodbye.  As soon as Reed is off the phone, Kingpin turns evidence of Reed's attack over to SHIELD and has his lawyers put leans on all assets of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four for damages to his property, savings, and reputation.
  • Reed needs to deal with his rage, what he has done, and what he is going to do.  I would have Dr Strange appear immediately to act as the voice of reason to try to get Reed thinking straight (maybe it works, maybe he blows Kingpin to Kingdom Come, but if he does the latter he damn well better have a plan for dealing with Mephisto in his own realm as no one will go with him).

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by exidor455 - 2/22/2014 9:43 AM

Good ideas! I'm not really familiar with Hellstrom but am more than happy for you to pick up the story and write something along the lines you suggest. It would be nice to see MJ getting further corrupted too. :)

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by exidor455 - 2/25/2014 5:31 AM

I've carried on and made a couple of additions to the Sue & Mephisto story line. 

I think it might be fun for the FF, Strange and Doom to fall into a trap and be confronted with the new evil Sue. Maybe she could undergo a demonic transformation after taking Mephisto's "Dark Communion", but I think I'd rather she stayed in her normal form, only a more sexed up, evil version. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions! :)

RE: Discussion of Susan's Secret Life

by exidor455 - 2/25/2014 9:44 AM

I've added another chapter to the "sleazy reporter" story line too. Please feel free to ship in with new chapters and/or ideas. :)


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