Anyone up for this?

by Shendude - 11/8/2012 4:13 PM

I'm aware that the quantity of my posts has declined dramatically recently, due to a combination of Real Life getting in the way (family gatherings, being sick, the damned hurricane) and certain congenital problems (laziness, poor time management, short attention span). Still, I want to keep adding to the Addventure.

The problem is, I'm not comfortable simply adding to my own threads, and I'm not sure my tastes are in-line with that of the rest of the folks here. I'm not really into domination, corruption, and transformation, which seem to be the primary interests 'round here. What I like is re-imagining our heroes and villains in a hypersexualized setting, where there are no sexual taboos or monogamy, everyone is sexy and ready to fuck anyone at any time, and where the female population drastically outnumbers the male, resulting in gender-bending and more importantly, harems. I really like harem fantasies.

Anyways, I've been informed that my penchant for worldbuilding is a problem, that my habit of constantly making various "elsewhere" posts that briefly touch on what various characters are like in these settings makes it harder to create proper stories and such. I imagine my tendency to lay on the exposition and poor skills at writing sex scenes also contribute to the fact that most of my threads end up floundering.

Anyways, I have found that I do my best work when I have some sort of already-established story structure, and reliable collaborators, which ameliorates the abovementioned faults. I was therefore wondering if anyone was interested in working with me on writing a "Sexheroes" story of some sort, with the caveat of bouncing ideas around here for awhile, making sure we're on the same page and know where the story is going to go, before the story-writing begins.

My current thought is to do a tale wherein a character (a straight male, probably a good guy, if not necessarily a superhero) is sent from the "conventional" DC or Marvel Universe to a hyperseuxalized version, as described above, and after exploring the world and having many erotic encounters, deciding that they prefer it.

RE: Anyone up for this?

by Evva - 11/10/2012 4:06 AM

I know how do you feel, people here seems to be quite obsessive with their tastes and the quantity seems to be a real "popularity" termometer on this site. For years my taste was considered "out of the standards" and it took a while till I had any of my posts followed and continued by someone else.

I like the worldbuilding and sex as part of the story but not the story itself and I always liked your ideas. I even tried to add my 2 cents at the sexheroes story. Well, I was wondering why not we keep going the DC Sexheroes world moving, or we do a new version of sexheroes?

I have one or two ideas which could work. One of them is a sexheroes world without the hookers point of view. It is the world where the girls has the same sexual appetite of the men, pregnancy were harder to happen and the sexual freedom had started at XIX century. A world where the girls take charge and they are on proportion of 4 to 1 with the men. A world where if a girl want to be kissed she has to flirt, seduce or conquer the one which she wants, or she kiss another girld because both got unlucky.

RE: Anyone up for this?

by Shendude - 11/11/2012 11:19 AM

You may be confusing the "Superhooker" threads (Marvel: and DC: with the "Sexhero" threads (Marvel: and DC:, which makes sense as they're somewhat similar.

Regardless, I have no objection to continuing an existing thread; I simply thought it would easier to start from scratch, and to have a tighter plot.

If you are interested in resuming the existing Sexhero threads, may I ask which one? There's a Wonder Woman thread ( that went on for a bit, a Batman thread ( which did not, and a VERY short Superman thread ( spun-out of the Batman thread for some reason.

As for starting anew, your idea sounds fun, though it isn't QUITE how I envision the "Sexworld" working; in my head, they've always had sexual freedom, girls and men have greater sexual appetites than IRL, everyone is bi and enjoys both men and women, neither gender is dominant (although the fact that women outnumber men by a considerable margin means that there's more lesbian sex than gay sex, and that men are more likely to have harems than women). Still, I wouldn't mind playing your version.

I actually have some specific thoughts about what some superheroes and their supporting casts are like in the DC sexverse; should I share, or do you have your own ideas?

RE: Anyone up for this?

by Shendude - 11/18/2012 1:22 PM

So, I'm impatient, and decided I might as well start talking about my vision of the DC Sexheroverse. We'll start with some general thoughts (which actually apply to my view of the Marvel Sexheroverse as well), and then discuss individual heroes.

To begin with, I like picking and choosing from various continuities to ensure the maximum number of females. For the same reason, many heroes are instead heroines, and most villains are instead villainesses. Likewise supporting characters and sidekicks. I do however feel that there ought to be at least one or two males in every supporting cast; everyone needs a chance to have both heterosex and homosex (though there is obviously less m/m than there is f/f).

Another thing I do is play around with names a little; I don't feel every name needs to be changed, but those that end in man/woman/boy/girl have those replaced by sexier equivalents, usually words describing a sexually attractive or promiscuous person. For instance, the "Trinity" is Superhunk, Batstud, and Wonder Whore. There are exceptions to this rule though; for instance Catwoman becomes Pussywoman, while Power Girl is Power Tits (or Power Jugs, or Power Rack, I can't always make up my mind which sounds better); I've also gone through periods when I have portrayed the Cassandra Cain version of Batgirl as the submissive Batslave, due to her costume's vague resemblance to a gimp suit.

Another thing is that battles between heroes and villains have a sexual component; the villain/esses want to fuck the hero/ines as much as they want to kill them, and that feeling is mutual. I'm not entirely sure how to incorporate it though. I used to say that, after defeating a villain/ess, a hero/ine would ti said villain/ess up and have their way with 'em, but in more recent days I've gotten a tad uncomfortable with the rape-y overtones of that. Any alternate suggestions would be appreciated.

Finally, each charcater's personality remains largely the same, except when it comes to sex. Thus, even though they'll fuck anything that moves, Superhunk is still a boy scout, and Batstud is still a grim avenger.

Anyways, on to individual heroes, I've devoted the most though to Superhunk and Batstud, and also thought about Wonder Whore a bit; pretty much everyone else is in flux, asides from little details like Captain Marvel remaining male and the Flash (who is female) having great legs. Let's start with Superhunk. His costume is, in addition to being skintight, crotchless, assless, and sleeveless; I have at times also gone even skimpier.

Now, despite there being no monogamy in the sexverse, there is marriage, and Superhunk is very married. As Clark Kent, he is married to Lois Lane, of course, but also to Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris (the mermaid who was his college sweetheart in the Silver Age), and Sally Selwyn (a girl he fell in love with in a Silver Age story when Red Kryptonite made him lose his powers and memory for an extended period; in the original story, the Red K wore off, but he lost his memories of the time in between; obviously things happened differently here). As Superhunk he is married to Super-Babe (Super-Girl, originally, from a Silver Age story intended to test the waters for the Supergirl we all know and lover, when Jimmy used a magic totem to wish for Superman's perfect mate, who ended up sacrificing her life; obviously things went differently here) who lives in the Fortress of Solitude; Lyla Lerrol (Kryptonian movie star from a Silver Age story where Superman went back in time to visit Krypton before it's destruction; she didn't make it back, but obviously...), Lyla (from the "Superman: Godfall" arc a bit less than a decade ago, a female alien who used her telepathic powers to make Superman think they were married, among other thing, for reasons to complicated to go into here; obviously things happened differently here. I'm thinking of changing the spelling of her name so as not to mix her up with the Silver Age character), and Loana (from the Justice League Unlimited version of "For the Man Who Has Everything", the woman Superman was married to in the Black Mercy-induced hallucination of a life on Krypton, who is essentially a hybrid of Lois Lane and Lana Lang; no idea how she came to exist here, but I like her) live in Kandor; Luma Lynai AKA Superwanton, protector of the planet Staryl (from a Silver Age story wherein Supergirl plays matchmaker, Luma is essentially an adult version of Supergirl; in the originally story, she and Supes couldn't be together because she couldn't survive under Earth's yellow sun; obviously, a way around the problem was found) and Maxima, Warrior-Queen of Almerac (from a number of stories in the '90s, a lady who wanted to marry Superman for eugenics purposes and was rejected for obvious reasons; she died in the "Our Worlds At War" storyline, but obviously...), who commute back-and-forth between their respective homeworlds and Earth.

In addition to his wives, Clark is also screwing his coworkers at the Daily Planet; cub reporter Jenny Olsen, editor Peri White, and fellow reporters Rhona Troupe (a female Ron Troupe), Stacy Lombard (a female Steve Lombard), and Cat Grant. Then there's STAR Labs' Dr. Emma Hamilton (a female Emil Hamilton), Sharon Vance AKA Strange Visitor (very complicated; look her up), Joan Henrietta Irons (a female John Henry Irons) AKA Steel and her niece Natasha, the sorceress Traci 13, and Kristin Wells, the time-traveling Superwhore (the Bronze Age Superwoman).

Then there are his family; his adopted son Chris (a little boy who is biologically General Zod's; Chris has been aged up to adulthood in the comics, but not here) and his his dog Krypto, who help Superhunk keep his harem satisfied. Back to people he's screwing, there's his clone Conner AKA Supertoy, the latter because Superboytoy is too long, who also assists in that task. And there are his still living adopted parents, who are still sexually attractive and sexually active despite their age.

And of course, there are the Supergirls, which in addition to Super-Babe include; his cousin Kara AKA Supernymph, the protoplasmic Matrix (a shapeshifter from another dimension from the '90s; not entirely clear what happened with her) AKA Superslut, the Earth-Born Angel Linda Danvers (also from the '90s, got her powers by merging with Matrix, then got separated, no idea what happened afterwards; obviously things went a tad differently) AKA Supertart, Cir-El (from the early '00s, thought to be Superman and Lois' daughter from the future, turned out to be an unknowing fake as part of some trick; no idea what happened to her either) AKA Superskank, and of course, Power Tits, an older version of Kara from an alternate universe.

Superhunk also does his part to assist the dozen or so men in the bottle city of Kandor to satisfy the city's thousands of women, including Kara's mother Allura. He also periodically bestows his attentions on random women in Metropolis. Pretty much all of his villains are instead villainesses, including the bald but lovely Lexa Luthor, though I haven't given them much thought; he often ends up screwing them too. Then there are his superheroic allies/fuckbuddies. There are also probably some other people I'm missing.

And that's all the time I have. I'll go on about Batstud at some other time.

RE: Anyone up for this?

by Shendude - 12/12/2012 8:44 PM

So, Batstud, my take on a sexhero version of Batman. Note that, unless otherwise specified, Batstud can be presumed to be banging any character named other than himself.

First off, you know how as Bruce Wayne, he's always got a couple hot chicks hanging off his arms that he never actually has sex with? Well, in the sexheroverse he does. In addition, he's still dating most of the various love interests he's had over the years, of which there are too many to list.

He lives with his butler, Winnifred (a female Alfred), and his son Damian (the same brat we all know and loathe, except sexually active), who is the current Robin the Fucktoy Wonder. The first, of course, was Dick (because I'm not about to genderbend the sexiest man in the DCU), who's Nightwing these days. The second was Janice Todd (a female version of Jason), who is a crossdresser; she died and came back as in the comics, and is now the Red Hood, and has a sidekick of her own named Scarlet. The third was Kim Drake (that's a female Tim, obviously), who is now Red Robin, and for a very brief time, the fifth was Stephanie Brown, who is now Batbabe.

The original holder of that title is Barbara Gordon, now Whoracle, who runs the Birds of Prey, of whom I will not be giving a full list, as I can't recall them all. Neither is to be confused with Cassandra Cain, who held the title in between and is now known as Batbitch (which I like better than Black Bat), or with Betty Kane, AKA Bat-Doll, the sidekick of Kathy Kane, Batwanton (the Silver Age Bat-Girl and Bat-Woman). The latter is also not to be confused with her cousin Kate Kane, AKA Batwench (the modern Batwoman), who is bi but prefers women, such as her frequent lover, Renee Montoya AKA the Question. It should be noted that the previous version, Viki Sage (a female version of the original Question, again, obviously) is still running around, and sleeping with Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress, one of the Birds of Prey. The name "Huntress" is also used by Helena Wayne, who is the daughter of an alternate version of Bruce (that's the original Huntress); it's a long story.

This rounds out the core Batclan; there are a couple of lesser members, such as Jeanne-Pauline Valley AKA Azrael, Orpheus (cannot think of a feminine version of Gavin King, so I won't try) and her girlfriend Onyx, the various members of the Club of Heroes/Batman, Inc., and a bunch of other others I can't be bothered to recall ATM.

And of course, there is the GCPD, represented by Barbara's mother, Commissioner Jamie Gordon. Then there's Selina Kyle, AKA Pussywoman, and her sidekicks Holly Robinson and Kitrina Falcone, who both go by Pussygirl; as in the comics, they are sometimes an ally, sometimes an enemy. The same goes for Talia Al Ghul who vacilates between her mother (I do not know what the proper feminine version of Ras Al Ghul would be) and her beloved; please note that rather than killing the treacherous Jezebel Jett, the sexhero version of Talia keeps her as a sex slave.

As with Superhunk, most of Batstud's rogue's gallery are attractive females, with the exception of Bane, who is very much male. Haven't given much thought to them either, really.

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