Miss Frost's Finishing School

by LesLes - 11/30/2013 8:22 AM

Hope darkraven32179 is still about. I was loving where you were going with Jean and Sebastianna Shaw. Hope you'll add it back into the new branch.

Don't know if it's any use to anyone but here's the current cast of characters in rough order of appearance and with their normal Marvel universe codenames first. It's a big cast and I might have managed to miss some off. If so, apologies.

  • Cyclops - Summer Frost, daughter of Emma Frost, athletic and on the volleyball team, roommate and girlfriend of Jean Grey until Jean finds she's fucking the Cuckoos and they have a messy breakup. Her mother never liked her relationship with Jean.
  • Icemangirl - Bobbi - a pracical joker, in art class with Summer
  • Marvel Girl - Jean Grey is a  bookworm and telepath, half-sister of Rachel Grey, roommate and girlfriend of Summer Frost [Cyclops] until Summer finds her fucking Jamie Howlett [Wolverine] in their shower and they have a messy breakup. Nickname 'Red'.
  • White Queen - Headmistress Emma Frost is in charge of the school and regularly has sex with her students. Her current favourite is Kitty Pryde. A popular lottery of students selects who will be her morning and afternoon maids and thus get to dress and undress her. Teaches ethics but teaches her favourites to use and manipulate their friends. Has privated sessions for telepaths, as well as sex with at least one lucky girl per day and any she calls to her office.
  • Mystique - Nurse Raven Darkholme is the school nurse (dressing in a white fetish uniform) and a shapeshifter. Uses her powers to have sex with students and also uses mind-control medicine. Takes pictures of her naked patients.
  • Stepford Cuckoos - Celeste, Irma and Phoebe are three telepaths who share a group mind and the school's mean girls. Arrogant and think they should be Headmistress Frost's favourites. Regular fuck Summer [Cyclops] and are aware that Kitty has ruined her relationship with Jean. While messing with Hettie [Beast]'s mind they had the tables turned on them and unknowingly can be turned into Beast's primitive sex-slaves.
  • Wolverine - Jamie Howlett is roommate of Jubilee and a small Canadian girl who lusts after Jean Grey. When she succeeds in fucking her in the shower they are discovered by Summer Frost [Cyclops] who blasts them. Chasing after Jean she is psychically tricked into believing Rachel Grey is Jean and takes her back to the room she shares with Jubilee.
  • Shadowcat - Kitty Pryde is Emma Frost's wicked protege and favourite. Most students still think she's a shy good girl. She uses her ability to control the school's computers and webcams to keep one step ahead of the Cuckoos. To please Emma she ruined Jean and Summer's relationship by manipulating Jamie. Stole some of Nurse Darkholme's medicine and used it on her roommate Storm.
  • Dust - Sooraya Qadir was this morning's maid but was dismissed without a chance to dress or feel up Headmistress Frost. Blames Kitty. Roommates with Noriko Ashida [Surge]. Took pictures with her cell of Emma and Kitty naked in bed.
  • Surge - Noriko Ashida is Sooraya [Dust]'s roommate. Well known for using her electrical powers to relax muscles or stimulate clits.
  • Beast - Henrietta McCoy is a genius and roommate of Abigail Brand. Tricked by the Cuckoos into being an alibi for their morning sex with Summer Frost [Cyclops] she turns the tables on them and takes secret control of the Cuckoos.
  • Abigail Brand - roommate of Hettie McCoy [Beast] and xenophile.
  • Magneto - Maggie Lehnsherr is a big-busted silver-haired cheerleader. Friends with Charlize Xavier [Professor X] she takes her to Nurse Darkholme's office when Charlize has a break with reality. When Nurse Darkholme turns Charlize into a bimbo lesbian slut, she makes her Maggie's obedient lesbian fucktoy.
  • Professor X - Charlize Xavier is a petite blonde cheerleader who is turned into Maggie [Magneto]'s obedient lesbian fucktoy by Nurse Darkholme.
  • Bishop - Lucia Bishop is a bull dyke teaching assistant.
  • Storm - Ororo Munroe is Kitty's roommate. A nudist who likes dominance games which she frequently plays with Callisto and Kitty. Still thinks Kitty is a shy nerd. Kitty used medicine stolen from Nurse Darkholme to make Storm believe she is Kitty's sexbot.
  • Domino - Neena Thurman - "Bobbi Drake chasing a laughing Neena Thurman down an ice-covered hallway. Every time Neena slipped she'd recover improbably but shed another piece of clothing. Lucky!"
  • Armor - Hisako Ichiki is roommates with Illyana Rasputin [Magik]. A good studious girl her grades have been slipping recently thanks to bad girl Illyana's influence. Late for ethics class she's fucking Illyana with a psychic dildo in Limbo!
  • Magik - Half-demon roommate of Armor, Illyana Rasputin has a tendency to start fights and get in girl's skirts. Queen of Limbo where she has brought Armor for the first time so they can fuck. Late for Emma's ethics class.
  • Rachel Grey - half-sister of Jean Grey and roommates with Lilandra Neramani. Lusts after Jamie Howlett [Wolverine] and is using her psychic powers to try and get her.
  • Lilandra Neramani - roommate of Rachel Grey. Hustled out of her own room when Rachel comforts Jean.
  • The Black King - Future roommate of Jean Grey. Sebastianna 'Sebie' Shaw has a dark reputation she shares with her friend Joanna Wyndegarde.
  • Mastermind - Joanna Wyngarde is a friend of Sebastianna Shaw with a dark reputation
  • Mr. Sinister - Miss Essex, teacher, subject unknown. Jean Grey was supposed to be in her class for first period.
  • Marrow - student in Emma Frost's ethics class.
  • Mercury - Cessily Kincaid is a student in Emma Frost's ethics class.
  • Dr. Strange - Stephanie Strange provided a small red amulet with a silver eye that allows Emma and her ethics class watch Magik and Armor fuck in Limbo
  • Hope Summers - looks like a blend between Summer Frost [Cyclops] and Jean Grey

RE: Miss Frost's Finishing School

by LesLes - 11/30/2013 8:28 AM

Damn, did forget at least one:

  • Jubilee - Jubilation 'Jubilee' Lee is Jamie Howlett [Wolverine]'s roommate and a pro at getting pictures of girls. Took the pictures of Jamie and Jean running naked through the school that the students have been sharing on their cellphones.


And here's a shorter recap of the story so far, as I see it.

Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Girls is an all-girls school where all the teachers and students are female mutants. In many cases familiar X-Men have become nymphomaniac X-girls. And, perhaps most importantly for the story, all the teachers and students are unashamed and uninhibited lesbians. Sex is uncomplicated and frequent, whether between teenage girls in their school uniforms or teachers rewarding their eager students with experienced tongues and fingers in their tight wet cunts.

* * *

One apparent exception are the dorm mates Summer Frost [Cyclops] and Jean Grey [Phoenix] who have been monogamous for months, much to the disapproval of Summer's mother the headmistess and surprised gossip of the school. But today the truth is revealed. The athletic Summer sets out on her morning run and a secret rendezvous with the Stepford Cuckoos in the school caretaker's shack in the woods. There she has sex with the Stepford Cuckoos, and it is revealed to be a regular tryst. 

For her part Jean has remained technically true to her girlfriend (except for being tricked by the shapeshifter Nurse Darkholme [Mystique]) but the short Canadian girl Jamie [Wolverine] has had the run of the red-head's body apart from her vagina. This morning, in Jean's shower, the temptation is too great and Jean relents allowing Jamie to fist in her rough sex to orgasm after orgasm.

* * *

The two cheerleaders Charlize [Professor X] and Maggie [Magneto] arrive at Nurse Darkholme's office. Other students have had brief visions of another life, but Charlize is having a full-blown breakdown, believing she's a man and a professor. Nurse Darkholme has just the hypnotic medicine to cure her.

Maggie strips her best friend and then sucks her fellow cheerleader's breasts and laps at her pussy as Darkholme instructs the drugged girl. Charlize is a girl, a bimbo who loves tits and pussy and being the best lesbian fucktoy she can be.

The nurse decides that Maggie needs a reward for helping her sick friend. Her final orders to the bimbo cheerleader turn Charlize into Maggie's own personal obedient fucktoy. Then the shapeshifter lets the enthusiastic Maggie suck on her big blue cock.

* * *

Charlize isn't the only one having their mind altered this morning. To establish an alibi while they fuck Jean's girlfriend Summer, the Stepford Cuckoos have trapped Hettie "Beast" McCoy in a psychic illusion in their minds. Within the psychic construct Beast believes she has turned Phoebe and Irma into obedient primitives and recruited Celeste as her helper. In truth Beast is lying unconscious on the floor of the shack in the woods while the Cuckoos fuck Summer.

However, when the Cuckoos reveal that right at that moment Jamie is giving the all-too-willing Jean a fucking in the shower Summer dashes off in a fury.

Returning to their psychic construct the Cuckoos find that Beast has turned the tables on them. Realising her fantasies were an illusion, Beast had the simulated Celeste hugely speed the passage of time in the astral plane giving her time to prepare. The traitor Celeste and savage Phoebe and Irma are part of the Cuckoos' minds and have become vastly stronger. With Beast's help they are now in control.

Returning to the real world Beast reveals that she's in charge, savage Irma and primitive Irma sleeping within the respective girls and Celeste a traitor to the Three-in-One. With this power she makes the Cuckoos forget what has happened.

* * *

Kitty Pryde [Shadowcat] awakes in Emma Frost's bed. After months of resistance she has become the headmistress's eager wicked little protege. This morning it is Sooraya [Dust]'s turn to act as maid to the headmistress and Kitty enjoys the Afghan girl's sex show before Emma awakes to fuck Kitty. Kitty reveals that to please Emma she has a scheme in motion to break Summer and Jean up.

Kitty is the one who arranged for her enemies the Cuckoos to seduce Summer, and she has encouraged Jamie to seduce Jean. Now her plans are coming to fruition.

Kitty remains the master of computers and has hacked student and teachers' computers alike. From the headmistress's office she scans the webcams attached to the computers and reads emails and collects sex videos and porn photos. She finds evidence her plans are succeeding, but even better discovers what is happening in Nurse Darkholmes's office.

As the nurse fucks Maggie, Kitty phases through and steals some of the mind-control medicine. She plans to test it on her dormmate Storm. Ororo believes that Kitty is still a sweet nerd and it is easy for Kitty to ambush her once Ororo's morning lover Callisto has left to study in the library.

Now Storm is drugged on her own bed and awaiting her mind-altering instructions.

* * *

Eleswhere, Sooraya is furious at having missed the chance to dress Headmistress Frost and run her hands over Emma's lush body, maybe even lick her breasts and pussy clean. Sooraya blames Kitty for having her dismissed from her duties early, and having to win the lottery amongst students for her next chance.

Sooraya's dormmate Noriko [Surge] consoles the crying girl, massaging her with her electric powers before they have sex in a while of sand and electrcity. Sooraya declares herself Kitty's enemy, but she does have one reward for her work. On her cellphone are the pictures she took of Emma (and Kitty) naked in bed.

* * *

The furious Summer bursts into the bathroom of her dormroom to discover that Jean and Jamie really are fucking. Enraged she uses her optic blasts and burns Jamie, but Jean uses her telekinesis to restrain her brunette girlfriend.

Headmistress Emma Frost enters the ruined room and dismisses her daughter's attempts to lie, but reveals to a now equally furious Jean that Summer has been fucking the Cuckoos. In tears Jean flees the room naked pursued by a nude Jamie.

Jean makes it to her half-sister Rachel's room ahead of Jamie and closes the door in her face. She borrows a uniform from Rachel's laundry basket and persuades Rachel to use her pyschic powers to get rid of Jamie by pretending to be her. It turns out Rachel is only too happy to do so, having a crush of her own on the short Canadian girl. In Jamie and Jubilee's dorm Rachel prepares to make a move on Jamie.

Jean can't return to her destroyed dormroom or her now ex-girlfriend. Headmistress Frost has assigned her a new room with the feared Sebastianna Shaw and, excused class, Jean heads there unaware of her half-sister's planned betrayal.

* * *

Jean and Jamie haven't managed to run through the corridors of the school unseen. Jubilee has managed to capture sexy photos of the naked redhead and her raven-haired pursuer. On their way to Headmistress Frost's ethics class, Hisako [Armor] and Illyana [Magik] are gossiping about what happened when Hisako reveals she has copies of the photos. Hisako takes the opportunity to feel up her friend as she's turned on by the hot photos, eventually persuading the other girl they have plenty of time before class.

Illyana takes Hisako to Limbo and reveals her demonic form as they stand on a dead island in a magma lake. It barely gives Hisako pause before the Japanese girl is pumping a psychic-armor strap-on into demonic pussy.

Emma takes roll at the start of class and is annoyed to find two absent without explanation. She uses an amulet gift from the sorcerer supreme Stephanie Strange to show the whole class where Illyana and Hisako are and what they're doing. Teenage hormones do the rest and her class are quickly masturbating or more to the unearthly porn they're watching.

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